31 August, 2010

Step Up 3D & Pua Chu Kang

Today was a fairytale. Nope, is national day! Malaysia Merdeka! I just has the only hope that our country can maintain the peaceful world, zero racism,co-operation with every citizens and so on...

Last Saturday, I was (again) going to watch movie alone. This time I do not want to date any friends, or house mate, want to have personal lonely "trip". Maybe I was eagerly want to watch dance movie and enjoy the music! That's it - Step Up 3D (not 3D). Pua Chua Kang in my list also.

Dance on the water! 3D effect...

No regret after all. Both movies were nice and suit my feeling! After watch Step Up 3D, what I feel is the movie stage same just like Step Up 2. Dance story movie. This movie shows the natural of dance. By dancing, you can relax yourself, to find your real me, and so be natural. People like to dance.

                         LUKE                             NATALIE

I really want to dance with them together when watching this movie lol Oh yeah, the main character Luke is so handsome, just like Ricky Martin.The Natalie, more beautiful when she is dancing, especially the tango part :) Robot dance inside there too! Funny, humor characters are all inside.Thus, this movie is not boring at all. They face the disaster together, and rescue it together, by motivation...Then, I was addicted to the song - This Girl - Laza. This song was played when Luke & Natalie play the bubbles above the "fan", red color mix with green color...wow...it is just so romantic!

I mean this scene!

Pua Chu Kang - The Movie. It was famous funny drama from Singapore, Gurmit Singh and Irene Ang. (Main characters) The movie was nice and funny! (Somehow has a feel like not worth to watch in cinema, should watch special effect movie in cinema only...haha) In this movie, I only smile instead of laugh from the starting. Until after 1 hour and more, I start to laugh ^0^ The funny background just like in Singapore & Malaysia, so familiar funny scene.

I feel that Rosie is so "colorful" at first, and want "vomit". After she said she has a lot of guys fall in love with her, and be demanded a kiss. I start to feel that actually Rosie is beautiful...gagagaga The most familiar sound "I tell you ah! Don't play play!" not going to miss in this movie. A little touching story at last oh >_<

Happy National Day! 
(Haiz, this public holiday I have to do projects and assignment, not whole day enjoying...anyway, keep smile :) )




  1. movie alone! me likey. student price lagi bagus...

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. seldom people like to watch movie alone...ya, now student price hard get lo, older and older now...haha


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