19 August, 2010

Game Master

Are you a game master? Tell you a SECRET, my hostel has many game masters...

What is the role of game master? In my explanation is teaching new player to play the video games, computer games and any other games.

For example, when I play the new game, I do not know how to play or not expert on it. ATTENTION!!! Game master at this time will appears and rescue me. Standing behind my back and give proper instruction and strategy. I quite "ok" with the master guide. If always given the guide I will feel boring and I will cast my "TOXIC MOUTH" skill.

From my observation, I feel that not many people like listen to the game master.Especially the game master is comes to give help by willingly without the player request.  Maybe they feel that they are too or professional in most of the game, so the new player should follow his or her guide. Somehow, the people who given the guide, that guide not always helps player win the game, sometimes it helps new player to lose the game. At this time, game master is really shameful, isn't it? (See, the sacrifice part of the Game Master)

The game master might think all he did is most logic and proper way to win the game. In reality, different people has different thinking. Although is playing a game or video game.I believe there is a lot of different technique to win the games, isn't it?

For the best result, the game master should only give proper guide on the new player. The later game should let the player to think on themselves, develop then. Furthermore,if the player already know how to play and like to play in his way. The game master will interrupt and said that the player technique is not right and should follow his strategy. Well, not many people like to listen unless he has request the game master to do so.

Anyway, if want to play a new game, do not worry about too much the knowledge on new game. There will be at least a game master around you and given the proper guide to play.

Enjoy the excitement of the game, all players :)  



  1. should leave the game for yourself to explore. who knows you might develop a strategy that beats the 'game masters' themselves?

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