29 June, 2011

Name card

It will be great if I own a name card for myself.

Yesterday, I had been receiving the name card from the tutor of my MDeC course. When receive name card from someone, we need to have correct/appropriate response. So, what kind of response we need to act?

"Cheh, it just so so only..." - *This is totally rude 
Just directly keep the name card without any response. *This is average  + little rude
"Walao!! this is very awesome!!" *This is too hyperbole
"Mine is famous than you." *This is too arrogant.

What we need to say actually?

We just need to speak the name on name card, not very loudly, to do the confirmation. "Oh...Na-ta-lie Port-man" Then, Natalie Portman will be very happy and feel proud of it. You just speak her name!

(I'm feel glad for what you did :) )

That's how important if we do the correct response on time. :) 


27 June, 2011

Anthony Neely's Autograph

Yesterday, Anthony Neely came to BP Mall [Shopping Mall], his autograph for every fans.

Credited to 木子李
Actually I did not plan to go there at first. Then, after thinking deeply and I made decision - to go there watch the spectacular view.  
Credited to Yeo.SC
Definitely, the place is really crowded. As he planned at here with fans at 2 p.m. He just arrived at 2.30 p.m. Besides, he is really handsome and well talented. I simply selected a location that I can view him clearly. His sang at live just same as the CD!! No different at all.

The moment he perform the songs.
He performed the songs -
1. Sorry That I Loved You (Personally Most Like 5/5)
2. Happy Armageddon [末日快乐]
3. Farewell's Hug [散场的拥抱] 

My Location...really crowded!
What I did at there yesterday was take photos and videos. So hot the place. Finally, I purchased his album at there with the discount price (RM35). Then, asked for the autograph and shake hand with him. I just can't believe what I did!!! It was just not like me at all, mostly I only view singer sing, then I just walk away. Maybe for my personal life's memorial......>.< Unexpected, my cousin (girl, married) bring her little girl to join this show also. She said she would like to purchase album at the time...so I...

The second original album I own in my life!
Indeed, this albums are thumbs up. :) 

Here is the video of his performance ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRTYC22UYEA


22 June, 2011

Just 2 in Cinema

Just surprise I had two times to watch movie in cinema, two people only in whole cinema hall...>..<

First time watch was with a friend (guy), the movie name - [Shaolin]. Second time with a friend also (girl), the movie name - [The Green Hornet] - [The Green Lantern]. In additional, both movies are high rating, worth for us to watch.

Where can get this chance to watch movie just 2 people only? I went to same cinema two times (opened since April 2011)in same local shopping mall.

How is the feeling? Sure, the feeling is very good. The cinema hall just play the movie for two people only.

Hopefully the cinema keep launch. Then, I will have the chance again to watch with only two people include me. >_<

18 June, 2011

The Liver

Why we need to care our liver? Is that so important?
Modern night life make us do not want to sleep early, night activities always exciting. For my case, since I entered University, I started to learn bad habit - late sleep (over 12am to sleep). I think the sign show up from my body is correct. My liver is totally "hot". If I do not take care on it, soon I get a lot of illness.

First sign I think is the pimples. My face was full of pimples, maybe it presents the liver condition. Next, I feel my whole body no feel so comfortable as before, feel weird. I am not think too much. It is the sign from my body. Liver alarm me "I too hot, please, let me cold, I going to dried up soon!!!"   After consult doctor, their advice and solution was sleep early, drink many water.

Many of us sleep lately, but do not show any sign yet, please do not so happy about that. Get our body healthy right now, and do more exercise.  

16 June, 2011

I need Money!!

Long time no visit here already...quite miss my blog lol 

For upcoming months, I need a lot of money! For my all living expenses.
House rent, fees, favorites and so on.
Finally still have to work as part time before my internship start.