11 August, 2010

Wash Toilet

I believe most of the people do not like to wash toilet. Anyway, it just looks like the responsibility of using toilet. Is that so important?

In family, wash toilet mostly done by mother, father, elder brother, elder sister ,maid or etc. For the younger members in family, mostly they are not required to wash toilet. Except they are very understand about the responsible matter.

In my current hostel, there has 3 toilets, 2 at upstairs and 1 at downstairs. For the guest room, there are 3 mate sleep together,1 of the toilet exist at here. Then, they are responsibility, make a duty roster in their mind to clean toilet at certain time, take turn. That 3 roommates really make a good role model.

Another 1 toilet which located at upstairs also, outside of the room B and room C. Currently, all house mates has abandoned this toilet, due to so many bat shit, which is considered very toxic. In addition, water volume is small, but enough to flush urine and shit. Last month i was clean it by myself, to make sure there is no more bat shit, make a testing(but house mate said I just 'dulan' so i wash that toilet to release my angriness-i do not care). Besides, i was lazy to go downstairs toilet every midnight. After 1 week, bat shit comes again. Actually, it can be said that if want to use toilet upstairs (bat shit), the users have to clean toilet once a week. Well, who will going to do this house chores?

Here it goes. Downstairs toilet is most popular. Guess how many people use it? ...There are J,A,C,L1,W,L2, and me. 7 house mate are using downstairs toilet mostly. If for small matters, mostly all using downstairs toilet. Since there are so many users to use downstairs toilet, every users seem like waiting each other to wash, or in their perception there is not required to wash toilet, somebody will wash it finally. Is that true? That is what i'm thinking.

Normally, based on my observation, L1,C,and me will wash toilet sometimes. For me, when the dirty degree is beyond my patience, i will automatically wash it.Why i have this kind of behaviour? The other users seem like just treat it as "touch and go" services. Can't just give it a hand to wash toilet when it was dirty? Sometimes they will joking said "We want to make you "dulan" then you will go help wash toilet!" =.=''

I was thinking before to make a duty roster, and paste on the wall which state that who is need to wash toilet at that time. For the fair matters. Well, i believe there will be many complaints and unhappy condition exist if i do so. Thus, my mind just think about any users who can 'sacrifice' the little time to wash toilet.

Currently, i am learning not to have "dulan" feeling, because 'dulan' is not function and so waste. Think wisely, and alternative ways."dulan" would not make the effect for most of the case. On the other hand, it just emphasize that I am a small gas person. Most of the people do not care what your feeling and only think for themselves.

In conclusion, i think wash toilet is very hard, and such a wasting time. So, better not waste time to wash it, let every users enjoy the unclean toilet.Last but not least, this is just small matter only, do you agree?


  1. Sounds a bit complicated for me on yr toilet usage, lols... and so terror one.. got bats!

  2. [pikey] - haha...the bat build its home at the top of the toilet. Then the bat shit always drop on the floor of toilet. That is the reason the toilet be abandoned. Now, bats seem like disappear.

  3. haha...so funny la u all.....anyway, i dun thk tat u should leave the toilet unclean, when the toilet uncleanness is over ur limit line, im sure u ll go wash it, haha...n this is my point too...

  4. yalo, we are very funny. I'm just like the "toilet cleaner". I try left unclean, do not worry about it. Thank you, anonymous.

  5. as a matter of fact, i believe killing those bats is way more effective. unless you have tried killing them, why don't give them a try?

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  6. [jino]- lol...jino jino...i not dare to kill bats...the roof very very high was broken a hole, then the bat will fly in...anyway now that toilet let it lock better. haha


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