08 June, 2013


Previously, my youngest brother was entered ward. It's already 2 months in ward till now. 

The brain tumour result was out too. It is called "Medulloblastoma". First time heard this. After asked google, it returned me result:
1. This is bad tumour which is active
2. This tumour is follow patient since born. It happened at age 9-14. 
3. The cure method is chemotheraphy or radiotherapy.

Credited from Google, Medulloblastoma, bottom part the white color.

In this two months, he already did operation 4 times after tumour removed 80% operation. It cannot be removed all due to many system nerve will affect some organ part. The operation like change head tube to extract out the water resided in brain, open small hole on throat side to extract phledgme easily, and last one was changed tube to internal body and let the water flow from brain to stomach. 

He went in ICU few times too. Recently a bit awake but still keep fever every late night, till 39 degree celcius. However it will be back to normal temperature when reach morning. In additional, he cannot talk now due to hole on the throat part.

Credited from Google. Hole in throat surgery.

Recently my routine in ward is arranged as below:
Monday to Thursday: 8pm - 11.30pm
Friday and Saturday: 12am - 10am next morning
Sunday: 7pm - 11.30pm
That's the reason I mostly sleep during weekend when day time. 

There are only 3 family members take care of him in KL included me. My mom and eldest brother take care him most of the time. Sometimes my cousins, auntie, helped us to take care him too. We all very appreciate their volunteer to help. 

Back to topic, chemotheraphy is very painful to patient, again he is a boy yet. We are not decide to do that. Heard rhat it just like using lighter to burn your skin, but it happens inside the body. Luckily eldest brother was found a way called "originate point" which is origin from China, founder at year 2009. This method have to run after he discharge from hospital. So, we still waiting the time he discharge, easier for us to take care him. 

Most of the hard time was experienced too in the ward. I believe everything will goes well and discharge soon.