10 August, 2010

My University

Today I have the feeling that I want to introduce my university. My university seems like in evolution! I am a third year student, a final year student. (So lame…third year then baru introduce the university :P)


My university – UTHM which stands for University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. It seems like the name going to change again. So far this is the latest name. Well, I feel some weird things, funny…when people ask me where university you study? I wonder what I going to answer. First time, I will reply: “UTHM”. They reply back: “UTM? Where? Never hear before.”  Thus, I was changed my response. “I study at Kuittho, at Parit Raja, Batu Pahat, Johor there.” Kuittho sound just feel little bit hamsap…haha..In another episode, my friend has call it as "shithole"...   

Some special case, they will direct answer: “Oh I see, is ittho!”

Not KuiTTHO anymore!

Never mind. Most of the time, they will add: “Oh so nice, then you will save a lot of money, since your university is near your house (25KM above). You are very lucky.” To think positively, I was very lucky. If change perception, just like example below:

“I study at UKM, at KL.”
“Wow, UKM! You are so smart. I bet you are very good in your result. ”

See? That is the difference. Why they do not say about “House so far, sure spend a lot of money and other kind words.” Anyway, I was very lucky, with STPM science stream (physics) result 2.26 only, I still can enter this university. I very glad about that. At least, I can step into society late few years. About the lecturer, all can considered nice. Some are responsible, some are play play, some are always class cancelled, some are beautiful, some are handsome, some are……

Recently, the new library was build! If interest on library, feel free to look at here: UTHM Library. Besides, the other new buildings were built. The rumours said about the swimming pool going to appear in this university. I will wait and see.   
This university is not so big, like UKM, UM or etc. It is just a small university. However, I feel so far if walking from big gate to the far away class like G3 building, and even the new library.

The latest status for my course mate and me...
In conclusion, this is just my simple introduction to my university. All the services are provided. Like WIFI, stadium, arked, Café, Bank and etc…


  1. better than utar...

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  2. [Jino]-I do not know about UTAR...


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