09 August, 2010

Follow or followed?

So, do you follow other people to do favourite things? Or follow others to do the same thing together? Or you are followed by others to do the same things/together?

These entire situations seem like conflict. When you are choose to follow your favourite friend do the same thing together, he or she might do not like you to follow him or her to do the same thing. If you are followed too over, it will be considered annoying.

That is the reason why freedom given to everyone. You have the right to choose whether to follow or just do it alone. However, the things do not turn out perfectly. This has to consider two way direction and consideration. If both were agreed, then there is no problem. Thus, I think we might need to ask the permission for the friend who you want to follow like “Can I follow you in/to bla bla bla~?” Some will replied “Stay away from me, thanks." to express the rejection. 

For me, I will follow friends, but sometimes I will alone. Sure, if someone wants follow me, I am happy with that…especially he/her name is in my personal name list ^^ 

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