22 August, 2010

Are you popular?

Do you ever think yourself that you are popular?

No wonder Popular Book-store business so good!

Recently, I was thinking about that am I popular in my friend world?...Sometimes, it is, but sometimes is not.I have a feeling that I easier mix in girl's group, means I like to talk to girls. (Is that sound of "hamsap"?) However, the topic we chat mostly is homework, assignment and so on. Seldom will be focus on private chat.

At this time, I start to think about the personality. The personality is determine the degree of popular. That is my opinion. Let's say you are a "happy go lucky" person, I bet that he or she will owns many friends and popular in the social world.

Popular is that very important in life? Just like when you go to everywhere, there will be someone calling your name, like superstar. Is this feeling nice? I wonder...

And yet, my personality will auto-change, but do know when it happens.No one likes to be lonely, isn't it?...



  1. popular is not that important if you wanna have a simple and normal life..
    i used to wish that i am a popular person..and i think i nearly did it but not really such "popular"..the only kind of feeling when you are getting popular is : "I have a lot of friends..(if you consider those, who will only say HI to you when meet with each other, as FRIEND)..but I (may be not you) don't have any GOOD/BEST friend or 知音..."
    somehow, i wanna be just as simple as possible for now.. as normal as nobody will know or recognize me when i am walking on a street or anywhere..too, i am enjoying this kind of feeling now..
    so, not all "popular" is enjoyable..sometimes, being alone is still the best..unless you have found your gang and your gang is just beside you..

  2. oh got it le...logic thinking :)

  3. i am very low profile. not many knows my name in class, in uni, in work. in another word, no one can notice me if i keep quiet. and i am a quiet guy ^^

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  4. Sometime low profile can make you mysterious though~ :)


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