17 August, 2010


Anti-social is just like anti-virus. Kill all viruses with no mercy. So, anti-social will be kill all social with no mercy?

Mostly, I am anti-social. I like to stay at home, playing computer games, Playstation 2 video games, eat, drink, play and etc. If ask me to join some activities, I reluctant to join that activities.

For few years ago, my big brother asks me to join the Taoism activity. He said can play with a lot of new friends in the activities. Then, I was no interest at all. I reject his offer. However, I seem like do not have the choice. I have been pulled by him to go that activity. Well, the activity was fun, but most of the time, I am silencer in every game they hold. Of course, there is a lot of Taoism knowledge applied to our mind through our activity. Looks like brainwash huh…

Recently, I was invited by my university friend to join the SGM narration in UTHM. About SGM, I was listening before since in secondary school. I do not have any interest at all. At last, I reject her offer. Well, that is volunteer activity. Not because of the study matter, it just like I do not want to participate the public activity. I am not like others, like to join many activities out there, can know a lot of friend. Thus, my friend was not many.

Again, if i mix with new social circle, i will seldom speak or chat with them. I just take out my hand phone, and type sms, or games...

How to solve my anti-social attitude? I really do not know, I willingly to do what I like more than these activities…


  1. haha my lover is an sgm member. too bad he indulges too much in it and neglect his studies. i am putting a restriction on his activities soon.

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. [Jino]-Ya, the balance of activity and studies is important. That is my opinion too. Not need restriction lar, just reduce it is enough ah...hehe


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