29 August, 2010


I know i know...after next week, the two weeks holidays for us is coming. What a delightful holidays for Hari Raya Aidilfiltri.Well, a lot of plans has created and imagined in my mind...for video games, games, mix with old friends, watch new movies...and unwanted task-Final year project development initial stage, and study a lot of subject. After two weeks...continuous test is coming...so horror combo!

Argh!!!!When think about this I am very annoy...Take time to relax first! My friend introduce this game - Bloxorz which can play directly online. (Miniclip)

It is a puzzle games. Really use mind and strategy! I was attracted to it. However, I know how to control not to play too much...so far I only reach level 6. Noob right? hehe

Enjoy the picture below and here is the link to play -
(Do not worry about this link, it is not virus content, 100% guarantee ^_^)

Enjoy the games and take a "teh-o" break time for yourself! :)


  1. hohoho...
    nice game right ??
    i just thought to post about this game..
    who knows... u post jor...
    i have downloaded the game so that i can play anytime..
    i am at level 13 le..^^
    sometimes really cant stop playing it..

  2. ya, nice game! U can post too...no problem d lar...maybe i will download it after few days...haha
    U wait, i can win you d :P (joking)


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