25 August, 2010

Fierce Face

I believe most of the people has look "fierce" face friend, right? From my analysis, my surrounding friends who are own "fierce" face is around 3 to 4.

How do you treat this type of "fierce" friend? Remember, the "fierce" here mention about the look, actually he is funny/gentle/talkative/small gas/blah blah blah...So, what I do is seldom act active to begin talk with this kind of friend. The reason is I feel scare.

While, they might look fierce, but actually they are easily to mix with. When I step into the social life, the "fierce" look will increase in my social life, and I need to adapt it and have courage to face it. I prefer friendly smiley face :) Easily to mix with.

As I know, the people who has fierce look, which can means strict look. Their preexistence is really a good kind, generous guys or girls. Thus, they are honor with the fierce look, in the mean time can protect themselves. As a result I need to learn to have courage...


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