08 August, 2010

Talking Rubbish

Are you the one is always “rubbish” talking?

Here I mean, talking to a friend with a content, and seems like that content is zero content. Get what I mean? It is just like say = no say. 

Unfortunately, I was the one who always play this kind of trick. Maybe I not clever in talking, repeat and repeat, many grammatical error in Chinese speaking…(even worse in English). Until at university, I was realised my friend and housemate do not like me to speak this way, is very annoying, “so lame”. I was giving the excuses that I just want to make life more fun. It seems like more “LAME” words paste on my face lol    

Besides rubbish talking, I was always repeated my sentences, really annoying. Me feel the same way too, but do not know why I still speak this way…maybe already my habit. My housemate always said me I always “lo lo suo suo”(咯咯嗦嗦), my family members said me too. My 22 years bad habit…urgh…

Example of my rubbish talking(Chinese):

A: “你知道这个洗脸霜在哪里买有折扣吗?
Me: “不懂哦。--好像是在BP Mall有折扣。。。

B: “今天你觉得我有什么变化?
Me: “变得比较美咯! 我觉得啦!


I realised that most of the secondary school mate have same speaking way like me…maybe I imitate them (blame people :P) . Last, before making an decision, think really really really really wisely…if not, it will be easily said by others that “You are release a big aeroplane” or “You are aeroplane King” and so on.

Times to move on…I need to reduce my rubbish speaking way. When people ask me questions or my decisions, do not hesitate that why I will respond or reply so slow…because I’m try to think all the possible side quest, surrounding, personal, problems in order to reach a perfect decision without suddenly changes. Otherwise, I have the potential to become “Aeroplane King” in this world!    


  1. its fun to do so if you are talking to bunch of people that type.

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. I tend to be too quiet at times and wonder how people can get the skills to talk non stop... good ice breaker.

  3. [Jino]-For me might fun, for other might not.

    [pikey]-Maybe just keep express your thinking without shy..then i think should be no problem. Sometimes i too quiet too, till my parents said me "gold" mouth.


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