28 August, 2010

Talk with Stranger

Actually what I want to express is - 搭讪 (da shan). I do not know that the "flirt" can be used as this mean or not...搭讪 means stranger on the road or any where who take initiative and chat with you. Do you ever feel this or face this? No matter is he or she...

(*flirt start below as the mean of 搭讪...)

From most of the TV show, if they are beautiful girls or handsome boys, the probability of be flirted is high. Unfortunately, I am less and less met this kind of situation. (not handsome what, but i still met) I believe there must be pros and cons.

When shopping in the shopping center, it might be face this type of case. Like when you are stand alone there, there might be have somebody go your direction and start talk with you. Example like "Wau, do you see that? There are so big discount there!" "Today weather not bad." "What are you doing here?"....

The good thing is you not going to feel boredom, have a person come chat with you freely. Otherwise, need to take initiative for find other stranger to chat with. I am not that 80% can do like that. I do not have many courage.

Sure. There is some special case. It might be like:
A: "Hi, you look quite good today."
B: "oh thanks. (^_^)"
A: "How about take a look on this paper?"
B: "oh. (cheh :( )(It was an insurance/Amway/Cosway...)"

Flirt (here) is it a good/benefit case for a person? I feel sometimes the dangerous alarm appear in my mind...swt

*Quiz answer: So, what is the cat replied? The cat said: "Meow...Meow..."


  1. No one have ever "da san" me before. Maybe I look fierce in some way. So sad. lol

  2. dun feel sad lar...is my opinion only. If u really look fierce then always bring the smile on ur face lo :)

  3. i dont speak when i dont have to haha

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