19 February, 2011

Memory Loss!

From my life until now, I realized one things.

I scared those who will have memory loss (especially soon enough) in one day!

All the things you made, promise, all will be vanished in a moment.

That's how the horror of the memory lost.

Pros: The things that you did bad is not going to be remembered.
Cons: The things that you did good, 'sacrifice' and a lot is turn to be worthless.

Gotta do something for memory lost.

*P/S: Just found out that smoking can cause memory loss.

09 February, 2011

Referring URL/Sites

As one of the Nuffnang user, so I able to use the function of referring URL.For blogspot.com, the referring sites/URL not really details, personally feel.

What is Referring URL? That is the URL/website address like http://blah.....com/xx/... something like this which is the last page and link to the current page. Let's say I am browsing www.google.com, then I link to the www.yahoo.com.So, the referring URL of www.yahoo.com is www.google.com, the concept.

Recently, I soon get interesting on this services. I want to see mine referring URL/sites. That is mean who visit zidaneex.blogspot.com from which sources.Sometimes it just somebody's blog certain post, then I get to read it.Feels so weird, the topic is just discuss in my society, then the post will show up in referring URL.Is this a secret attraction rules? or someone want to let me more clear on the situation or the past of someone?

Referring URLs

Referring URL is really a good service anyway. Sometimes, it might be the clues to let you find out something that you never know.    

08 February, 2011

Weight Gain Method












07 February, 2011

Get Ready!



1. 少玩些电脑游戏。
2. 一点点的时间在Facebook.
3. 每天研究和写程式-我的Final Year Project (FYP) (不放弃精神!)
4. 全力以赴所有的Quiz, Test, Presentation.
5. 换新造型!
6. DOTA偶尔避不了@@
7. 公平待遇地对每位室友。
8. 得到最后的好成绩。
9. 多花些时间让自己更"男人".
10. 散散心~更不要再胡思乱想。


Get Ready!! 

Funny History Essay

Haha, I got an email who shows secondary school student write a History essay, in Malay/English/Cantonese/Chinese version. It is quite "funny".(for me)

Hope you can understand this essay...(The writing)
Click it to enlarge the picture, so you could see what is all about. Have fun!

Thanks for reading :)

05 February, 2011

[最强喜事] 2011

Yesterday night, whole family members date together and watch movie - [最强喜事2011]/[All Well End Well 2011]. As summary, I quite enjoy this movie, it just so funny! This is my first time to watch movie with whole "kampung", haha...

Actually, this kind of funny/humour movie, we should bring the "only laugh" feeling to watch this movie. Do not focus on the story too much, or try to know what the scene is going on. The whole movie is just want to let you laugh, it can be suddenly mix this scene, then interrupt with this scene, and so amazing funny. If you focus on story, I can said this movie is totally not nice and no meaning.

My father do not like this kind of movie. So, he is not quite enjoy this movie. He said "吐口水" (throw saliva). He thought the Donnie Yen is going to play his Ye Wen Punch or any gong fu movie scene. (Got ah, he helps women make up that scene lol) Whatever, my big brother laughed most exaggeration. I laughed normally.

Anyway, enjoy this movie as the content is attractive and creative. Louis Khoo, Donnie Yen, 张柏芝,and a lot of strong casting actors! Besides, many bikini girls scene, sweet girls, beautiful girls...wow, guys will feel comfortable with this movie lol

I like this movie anyway, it has continue his funny way just like before! In conclusion, I want to learn make up for myself after this lol

02 February, 2011

The Making of Fried Bud Mushroom

Today is Chinese New Year Eve...

Everyone sure knows Fried Bud Mushroom right? It is crispy, and delicious, just like another type of potato chips. It would be more healthy than the potato chips. Fried Bud Mushroom is called [炸芽菇]. I believe most of the people like to eat, especially when Chinese New Year.

Fried Bud Mushroom

How to make it? Normally, we can buy it with a container, RM12++ at market. If you are hardworking or want save money, you can do it in your own way!

A 2kg Bud Mushroom cost RM4 only. It can make a lot, 3 to 4 container (medium) size.

1. Peel the skin of bud mushroom. Be careful on doing this.
Done the peel, and the green food sharpener
2. Then wash it with clear water.
3. Using food sharpener to slice the bud mushroom while let it enter the cooking oil.
4. Until golden color, take it out, and filter the oil or using newspaper/tissue to absorb the oil.

Filter the oil, let it dry
Wait until it get cool, then put it into container
5. Then success!

It seems like easy, but the working process is quite tire, and need few hours to done it. Well, it is so delicious. Anyone want to eat? Come my house this new year and get free to eat, hehe :)

01 February, 2011

On Removing Whiteheads - Blackheads

Sometimes, do you feel that your face have whiteheads? The white colour "bug" can be pressed out from face surface if using right method. If no settle it, it will turn to blackhead. 

So get ready to remove whiteheads? Especially for oily face.

STEPS TO REMOVES Blackheads/Whiteheads on face!!!

1. Using Johnson baby oil
2. Using oil away facial cleanser on face
3. Using hand and Johnson baby oil wipe all the face.
4. Wait after 10 minutes
5. 'No name' finger and 'small' finger press from inside to outside massage 
6. Around 30 minutes, all comes out…
7. Using tissue to absorb the baby oil from face surface. 
8. Using oil away facial cleanser again.
9. 2-3 times a week.

Normally, nose is the place with most whiteheads.  

Just knew this CNY first day will going to have full day raining. Besides, UTHM have flood now, just do not know is serious or not. Hope everything will be fine.God bless all.