23 August, 2010


Friends, in japanaese called : tomodachi :ともだち。In real life, we need friends. If do not have any boyfriend/girlfriend, at least get a normal friend. Somehow the best friend of your might be found.

What is friend? Friend is a human.(Not need explain...lol)-----In your term, why you need friends? In drama, even the best friend, will betray also. Sure, this happen in real life. Why need to lead the consequences like this?

Friends, can be very useful in your life. I still remember my secondary school girl class mate said loudly: "朋友就是拿来互相利用的。" which means friends is using between each other. If people launch this rule, this is too over for the friend.(I know that she is joking, she is nice person.) We need a win-win situation, right? (So, I using you, you using me. lol) Oh yeah, sometimes we need friends to remind us to do something. If always do, the friends might be feel frustrated...

When we have friend, we have friendship. The friendship is our right to choose. We can select friends which likes to be together. Some friends can in a beyond friendship status. I do not know if beyond friendship is until what degree...

No one is an island.We need friends, then life will have fun. Especially when you found the friends who have common interest with you.Subsequently, we need to treasure,maintain, or develop the friendship...  


  1. surprisingly, i have ever said this too --> "朋友就是拿来互相利用的"..
    what a shock for me!!

  2. Then you same as my that friend lo! haha~

  3. Somehow friendship lost its glow when the common ground or the dependency is lost...

  4. 朋友,对我来说,是拿来出卖的。。。哈哈哈开玩笑。
    a level ahead of friend and below lover, is bromance. brother romance? bad romance?

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  5. lol...I saw it before on your post-bromance. hehe...In my opinion, your answer is depends...hehe


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