28 December, 2010

Baby Instruction

Since this week is the last week of 2010, I want to share this instruction to every reader and have fun. 
Do not know why, I will laugh when I see these pictures even repeat. These pictures I was get it last few years. Enjoy!  

In conclusion, don't do this with baby XD

26 December, 2010

The Pirate King

Am I a pirate King? Identify yourself :P

When I was in form 4 (secondary school), I owned a CD-RW writer at my house. Suddenly, I have a business inspire - I started to run my private business in my class, for friends and other few classes.

Most of them said my writing is nice on their CD interface XD
That moment, I was buy a lot of CD-R, 50 pieces 1 set.I just promote new songs and ask friends who want to have their own favourite music CD. So, I give them my latest song list or the singer name. They wrote a song title list to me. It is just like "order" from customer.Normally, they can select 19 songs Chinese, English or other language songs,based on the song's length.

A Plain CD-R
How I charge for a CD? That moment, I make a CD and collect RM3 for each person. After few months, some friends of mine said it was so expensive. Then, I was reduce to RM2. Not more and less. It was really nice and easy to earn the money. Cost is RM1.50. Then I earn RM1.50 for each CD. I could get 30 pieces orders above at that moment.Then, some of them were want to order again after their first order.

My private business was stopped when form 5 after Chinese New Year.(Focus more on SPM) I was lazy to make the CD.I need times to do. However, there are still have some little orders from friends that they ask me to help burn/make the CD for him/her. I accepted and earn fews again.

The CD quality is the best!
This type of business is really prohibited.I stopped this after all. I only do for my own favorite usage currently.This new world, mp3, usb, pendrive, and a lot of I-phone, Smart-phones are the focus for most of the users to listen their favorite songs...    

25 December, 2010



刚才更好友聚一聚,忽然聊到2012的事件。所以像Facebook说的,地球将开始进入另一个轨道。然后,许多灾难将会发生。就连磁场影响力也会变大。可能到时会搞到许多人心情非常低落,甚至闹自杀。。。很恐怖 。算命这些程序,也将会改变。。。或许我们不再看到金木水火土。


何谓分别 人其实是平等的,但人就是爱竞争,比较。。。





23 December, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, I am not Christian, so not going to celebrate Christmas.I just enjoy the day!

Tong Yuen just happened yesterday. Guess how many Tong Yuen I ate? Da...da...da...Five only. Really little right? I am busy with my works at Secret Recipe. However, I still have chance to eat a lot of fried chicken, nugget, fried kuey teow and a lot of delicious home cook foods.

After 2 days then the Christmas is arrive. I am not able to go anywhere, I will be trap in Secret Recipe to serve customer. Double paid when Christmas. So, I choose this path. Somehow, I quite admire mine friends can celebrate it with their friends at Christmas night or day.

Just forget about that, working when Christmas quite worth in another way too, like knows more customer, exercise (might be busier than normal), earn double paid......Recently feels so delighted, a lot of new staffs said my age just like them, 17 or 18 years old :) (I ask them to guess) Well, my mom and other staffs told me that they just want to let me happy only...cheh~

Merry Christmas!!  

22 December, 2010

Guys' Play

Should guy play jokes over the range especially on body part?

Since enter this university, I knew a lot of interesting friends. One of the friend, he like to touch and "molest" friend's ass. Me, is one of the victim too.Few weeks after when first semester of first year, my private part being touched too. (*not naked) Currently, this trend tend to be missing in my life. I even doubt he is gay or not. However, he is not. He is just like to touch here touch there.

This year, the jokes are evolving. Can you imagine that when you sit on a chair, and play your laptop's game. Then, suddenly, he can come over my seat and sit on my chair at the back (on same chair), and acts he was f*ck me at behind.He claimed that

"We just play around only".
"Maybe you play too over."
"But I like."
"You gay?"

Sometimes, he will keep play on the other guys too.Some guys refuse, some suit with him, with the feeling on the face, some he did not dare to do it.Anyway, I only revenged by touched back his private part and ass. He gave me the response "Wow, so nice!" -.-''Sometimes, I will think about his action might disrespect gay.

The most hate part is they always play my nipple. My nipple is bigger than other guys. (I think is not the disease) If I topless, he will touched my nipples or pressed it. Although it is the joke to him. 

Is that normal to play jokes like this? So "interesting" isn't it?...


21 December, 2010

Pet Phrase

An interesting topic come across my mind. Pet phrase!

My friends have their favourite pet phrase. Example: Let's say.../ Actually / 其实 / 是这样吗?/ 严格来说 / 我喜欢不可以?/ 吊 / Jibet / Whatever / Oh my god / 傻眼/ 炸到......

I think my pet phrase will be :

1. 你什么意思? (what meaning of you? )
2. Jibet
3. Diao / 吊
4. Holy Shit! / Shit!
5. Oh my god!
6. Maybe
7. 是咩? (ya mie?)
8. 炸到

No.1 will be my famous pet phrase. Especially when friend shoot me. Pet phrase is just like own identity.

What is your favourite pet phrase?

20 December, 2010


We, as human, have angry, feeling, hatred and so on. When somebody steps on your tail, you will be very angry, right? The story goes on...would you forgive him/her after your angriness was gone?

For me, if people steps on my tail, I will be very angry on him/her. I can directly turn myself to silent mode and island mode. If he or she talk with me again, I am not going to bother him/her. No matter they said me i very diao, lan xi, ignore them. Well, I am not going to ignore people if that person not stepped on my tail.

I will forgive that person depends the degree of case.If very serious, I can said directly broke the bond of friends. So far was not. My angriness mostly last 2 or 3 days. After that, I will forgive him/her and give advice.

I do not understand why I need so miserable to angry that person just he/she stepped on my tail. Angry is harmful, it makes you feel so miserable, not comfortable.Hatred might turned to be after all.I makes some people angry too. I am feel guilty after that, even hate myself why I did that. If that person will forgive me, I will be very appreciate and not to do it again.

If a person can easily give forgiveness, that person really have a broaden heart.I wish I could have more broaden heart than now.
Would you forgive someone who stepped on your tail/even hurts you so much? 

Forgiveness, is just so noble

19 December, 2010

Rapunzel 3D

Last week, I had watching the movie Rapunzel 3D at BP Mall with my friend.

Rapunzel 3D movie is totally beautiful, shining, and funny. The storyline is fun, colourful. There has some touching moment too, when Rapunzel and Eugene watch the flying lantern on the boat. Next, it will be Rapunzel willingly to sacrifice her freedom in order to save Eugene's life.

The Disney Story is nice, most of this type of movie will attract me to watch. Actually, I do not have interest to watch Rapunzel, plan to watch DVD. However, a lot of friends said that Rapunzel is nice movie, many good comments are spreading everywhere. So, I invest again my RM15 on this movie. It is worth :D

Surprisingly, when the movie end, we heard the song of a group boy sing "Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you..." I turned my head to watch behind my seat, they hold the White card each person (Maybe is Happy birthday letter?). The main character (birthday guy) who sit at last row, was touched then cried. At that moment, I feels like the guy so lucky, having a so good friends. If is me, I will cry too. This is my first time which saw the scene to give birthday surprise in cinema hall!

18 December, 2010

My Feeling - Think Too Much?

Since young, I quite sensitive on my feeling. I always believe my feeling was correct. If something changes a little if compare to last time, it will makes me think a lot and have a rush that want to find out the reason why those scene will happen.

Slowly, now I am already 22 years old.(Some people still say me I am 18 years old lol) I still believe what I sense and the observation I did.

Example, I have a friend who has good relationship and we are always chat with each other. Due to some cases, we are argue, ignore each other.After that, we were pay sorry for each other, then our bond seems like recover.However, the bond is not good as before. It was slowly started to show good friend -> normal friend.Although he did not say anything, I can sense that we are something wrong, from the observation I did.Even he said me I am think too much. I do not know my sense is correct or not, cause it is so strong in my feeling.

I started to wonder if my every senses are think too much actually. If it is, should I delete/ignore all my senses (sometimes it will be sixth sense, seriously) in order to reduce my annoyance? I just totally cannot bear with it and used to it for the changes that I have observed. I even try to persuade to myself that I just think too much, the senses that I felt is just so wrong and inaccurate.

Maybe the observation I did is not important anymore. I still sensitive on what have changes in my daily life, especially the social life.The SECRET books said that what you think of it will attract to you. Maybe I should need to think about "There are just normal as always, everything was fine." blah blah blah positive thinking.

In conclusion, I think I need to learn to adapt my social life changes. If compare to last time, my social life changes is do not matter to me. I want to keep going on with my own life's target as long as I am healthy as always.       

17 December, 2010

Secret Recipe - My Story #7

Foreign Friend

I started make some foreign friends since I worked here. We were using English to communicate with each other. Sometimes, we used Malay also, Malaysia country.

The first friend I make was Shyam. Nepali, he is a bit fat, but cute. He was the senior who work in Barista. He was my teacher. He taught me on how to make different drinks. He was treated me so good. I love to work with him, as my partner. He was working fast. He cannot remember my name, so he keeps called me “Friend”. He is added that my name is hard to remember.    

Next comes to Hoopy, Nepali, since Shyam was left here. He is my second senior at barista. He is quite straight mind, cannot so flexible, he is just like me. *My mind cannot so flexible
When he was almost finishing the contract, at last few months, he hugs every guy who worked here every day. Ann was said to him: “You one day no hug can ah?” That was my first enthusiasm hug from guy I never had before.

Nick, Nepali, a first kitchen guy at here. He cooked Japanese Soba is the most nice ever, but I have no chance to try before. Then, he was shifted to floor station. He liked the computer things. So, he will ask me about technology things in Malaysia most often. I had made him lost 3 pen drives (2GB each) and a pack of cigarette because the thief snatches my bags from my motor on the way to Summit Parade shopping centre. I lost my favorite green colour bag L I even pursuit with my Honda 70 motor at that time. However, it is impossible to win a motor model SS2. He same as Hoopy too, hug every guy here so enthusiasm. He is same contract as Hoopy, they are cousin anyway.    

Binod, a kitchen staff, Nepali. He always easily fights with Nick. They both are handsome. They have problem in communication. They can talking until halfway then began a fight. They even not talk to each other after the fight.   

Shyam - BINOD - Nick
Colin, a cake counter staff, Nepali. He is most tall at here. He is funny and always have joke with Shyam. Due to some cases, he was forced to resign at here and worked outside from the Johor.

Harri, a temporary barista guy who inherit Hoopy places, Nepali. He is so adorable and friendly face. Most of the staff said he is handsome. I don’t know him so much as I work with him just for 1 months.

Bajra, a cake counter guy who inherit Colin places, Nepali. He taught me to write the messages on the cake more creatively and beautiful. His writing is most beautiful I ever see. Due to some healthy problem, he was forced to stop his work at here. He worked here for half years, if I not remember wrong. We as local staff, we like to use their foul language like laro, puti, maciknei (the meaning similar like hokkien)...he will scolded us and asked us do not said about this.   

His creative writing message on the cake.
Buddi, a current barista-floor guy, Nepali. His face is always look angry while he is not angry. Sometimes, he will scold people. He is friendly. He always have wet dream as he told me. He almost worked full-shift last time for every month, he argued say :”I am robot, that’s why I can work full-shift.” Now he is already used to it. His face looked alike Chinese.    

Tej, a current kitchen-man, Nepali. He is a funny guy. Recently, he is like to say choleh (masturbate), so I can heard this word every day. He is always smiling. Work in kitchen is hard, especially the busy moment. Have to cook always, the hand muscles will grow and tired. Crazy jokes always happened around of us and other staffs.

Tej - Yung Ki - Buddi
Mon, a barista-girl who comes from Myanmar. She is look like Chinese. I still remember when she first time come, she never had training before, then communication problem. She is hard to communicate with English. We speak very slow and try to make body language let her understand. That moment I think she is very brave and courage. A lot of mistakes were made at first, sure. Slowly, she was used to mix with us and started to say understandable English and Malay to us. She praise me handsome lol (Myanmar girl’s opinion like this? Or she just wants to make me happy? ) After 2 years, she left too.    
Mon & Tew
Win, a kitchen girl who comes from Myanmar. She said to me last time about when she saw me makes her think about his young son who in Myanmar. She is pretty and tall. She was comes after Mon.

Supartini, Indonesia, she has a lot of experiences working at different country. She worked in Hong Kong before as she said. She can see ghost with her eyes. (Ghost whisperer) She said she saw it before at upstairs’ room when during 7pm. She has high speaking tone. Most of the staff does not want to stay so closer with her. The clear reason I do not know. Well, she is fine with me. The period she worked here just like Suryati.       
I learned a lot of foul language from them. Anyone has interested to learn? lol  In conclusion, I love the work here, and this might be the last time I working here. I am going to venture for new type of job after I graduate.