24 August, 2010

Group Assignment

When I step into the university, there will be a lot of group assignment. So, when the group assignment comes, it is not able to follow favorite friends always, due to group member number constrains.

I think if really no choices, the other one left really have to go find other groups in order to do the group assignment. It might be feel upset if cannot mix with the group members desired.

For my case, for my hostel (our whole house is same course, 10 people). They are 4 people included me are majoring Software Engineering. The other 3 are majoring Networking, the other 2 are majoring Multimedia, and the last 1, who is very independent, brave, courage and find his personal own path on himself, majoring Information System!~

Our 4 people, 1 already always group with his girlfriend. So, left our 3 people. When facing the member chosen problem, like we need to find 5 members, or we need to work in pair or any incident which cannot be in 3 members. If stand on every members' mind to think, it is hard to make a decision. Thus, 1 have to "sacrifice", which have to mix in other group. When mix in other group, some members might throw complaints. However, I am seem like not the one who want to sacrifice...selfish I think.

Haiz...it seems like no choice. If really have to "sacrifice", then that person have to learn independent and learn to mix with new group.Thus, for that house mate who is solo, he sure do not have this problem ,seem he is so independent and brave...same as my another girl friend, solo, independent.     


  1. ermm...
    am i the 'girl friend' u mean ??
    btw try to find others like the malays la..

  2. haha...y-e-s.
    Ok, will learn that and adapt it. Thanks!

  3. dont b stress ok...we got the same prob too...although we dun knw each other, but we cn still share prob...same goes to u..i also got alot of assignment n im on my way doing it...so dun gve up n try the best...

  4. yea dudx that guy iz ryt.... :D


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