21 August, 2010

Being Late

That day, I was listening from my friend. He said that he is long time already do not going class on time. I can see him how desperate want to go class early or on time before the teacher or lecturer comes.

I believe that, our Chinese race is well known on being late. (Overall rating) We can see most of the Chinese wedding ceremony, it stated 7pm start. However, many guests will attend on more than 7pm. Mostly, the people who arrived before 7pm is 10% for that wedding ceremony. Do you agree?

My memory comes to me again. When in tuition center, I will try to attend half hour before the class start, or sometimes 15 minutes before. That time, I just feel that I need to go there early in order to get ready to class. After form 3, this scene not always happens. My big brother fetches me to go tuition centre. When I request I need to go early, he will replied “Why you go so early?” “Since 3pm start, 3pm I fetch you go.” I do not have the choices. Then I have to follow his order and of course, late in tuition class at last.

Now turn the sight to the class. Don’t you think that the moment of late enter the class? Friends or students in the class will know you and even the lecturer, all eyes on you. Should feel honor at this time?

I do not know why people like to be late. Is it the reason of lazy? Or it is not necessary to go there early, because lecturer late also? Why cannot go there early or on time? Many question marks on my head… 


  1. hah...i think the main reason for this is us being lazy o...XD

  2. [beryl]-Agree what oh? Being late? haha

    [shelyn]-oh i see...

  3. not only chinese la... it's more accurate if put "malaysia"..

  4. it doesn't matter others are late or not. as long as you don't be late and don't keep people waiting, you have done your part.

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