29 November, 2010

Grass Is Always Greener

Grass is Always Greener - So, most of the people like the new things instead old things. So, how about people? We might like the new people and hate the old people?

It cannot be denied that most of the people love new things, new people or try the new things that never try yet. To be truth, we as human, we are always make friends from time to time.As the life goes on, new friends were added in personal name list.

This time, what do you do? Start be good with new friends, and forget the old friends? Well, if me, I never forget who friends with me, and I will follow the current friend of current time. Some old friends will ask me about "I thought you have new friends then you already forget about me." I replied: "No, I still remember all of you, just the time to meet is hard, so I just join my current friends."

As you know many friends, your social network will be started to expand.Friends, it let you be more knew each other as the time goes on. You started to knew him, buddy with him...In addition, special identity of friends will be added in friend list too...

New friends come old friends go, is that truth that happened on everyone? If me, I prefer friends who can go well with me, increase the compatible.

28 November, 2010


Tattoo is cool, right? Especially crafted on the body. Somehow, if you are superstitious like me (I am 80% superstitious), it is better to get away from tattoo.

Many people make the tattoo on their body, i believe most of the reason are for decoration body, looks cool more than others.Tattoo, is pain when carve on the body part, as I heard my friend said. They select back side, ass, leg, hand, arm, face and so on. Once tattoo was carved on the body, it is hard to remove from the body surface.

Why cannot make tattoo if you are superstitious? They said tattoo just like seal your exit. What exit was about? When people after die, their soul will come out from the body. Here is the exit mean, we need the exit to get out from the body. If not, people are going to be trapped inside the body and might not get into another world. 

Tattoo looks cool, however it needs very clear thinking to make the decision...

25 November, 2010

3 People Photo

The myth about cannot take the photo of 3 people/friends inside one photograph. The myth said that the center one will be eliminated/crowed out by the left and right hand side friends.

Is that true? Since primary school, a lot of friends already said about we cannot take a 3 people photo. It is just like the curse. I did take 3 people photos in my life, and quite many, because of stubborn. Maybe some photos show true, I am going to be crowed out by the left and right hand side friends, if I am very superstitious. Some are not, maybe the time is not yet arrived.

However, we could see a lot of superstar band like S.H.E, they are only 3 girls, and the center one will going to be crowed out? Who knows...And also for American band.I hope I can find this source of this myth over the internet.

Do you believe this? I hope this is fake, sometimes 3 people are very good friends then they cannot take the photo, it is quite sadness.

20 November, 2010

Firework - Katy Perry

I believe everyone like to watch the firework in the sky, isn't it? It is so beautiful, spark and shine.The hidden meaning of firework was performed by the hot superstar, Katy Perry!

After watch the music video of Firework by Katy Perry, I was surprised that this music video is encouraging people to have confidence! Besides, Katy Perry in this music video is beautiful than the other music video (California Girl, I do not know how to comment it, do not understand at all what she want to express). Really, this music video can watch through www.youtube.com.

[Cause there's a spark in you,  
you just gotta ignite the light,  
and let it shine,  
just own the night,  
like the fourth of July
Cause baby you are firework
come on show them what your worth...]  

This chorus really surprised me and make me like this song especially after watch the music video. She has release the power of her singing through this song. Her catchy song [Peacock] the music is nice too, but quite "itchy" of the lyric...From the music video of Firework, everyone has firework ignite on their chest! Amazing, feels like going to boom on the chest!

I like to watch encouragement, storyline and special effect music video. Some music video just show the artist sing sing sing from the start to end, just admire his of her face from head to tail. It is very boring. In addition, this music video let me flash back the music video - [Beautiful - Christina Aguilera]. This both music video might can be said has common point, encourage people to have own confidence. [Beautiful] express the meaning that, no matter who you are, just believe that yourself are beautiful, no matter skinny, fat, troublesome and etc. I like this music too.

Last, I have to tell [Beyond] that, I change my mind and collect the Katy Perry new album - [Teenage Dream] lol

19 November, 2010

Address the Name

How a person should address his/her friend’s name? Address the nickname? Address the full name? Whatever as long as “I know you are calling me”?

Recently, I was studied finish a book – XXX by Carnegie. What he mentioned was the people name is very important. When you addressing people with full name, he or she will be more respect you and rather to listen what you said. 
Since young I was been taught not to call friend’s full name always, this is because it looks like so formal and not respect to friends. Example, my friend’s name called Tan Ah Fang, then I always call him as “Tan Ah Fang” “Tan Ah Fang”…… This is not good in some way, right? If I call him as “Ah Fang”, it will be better much more.

I wonder maybe the English name and Chinese name is quite different, even the addressing method. English name like David Archuletta, Taylor Swift and some even very long English name. If their name can be addressed as completely, they will be happier. Well, in term of Chinese name, is that people will feel happy when be addressed the full name? Isn’t it just like want to pick a fight in another way of the speaking style?

Whenever I heard friend address other friend name with full name, I will feel that they are in argument or they are going to have a fight @@ (Well actually is not, their addressing style) Maybe the conclusion I can make is, when is friend, address nickname or the last name are enough. When different level people met, maybe the full name is required or suitable called. 

Today, start to remember all friends’ full name. Challenging leh~

18 November, 2010

Look Alike

Haha...recently I found out that many friends said one of my course mate look alike me. Really? Let's look the photo...

My Naughty Action :P
So, look alike no? His name called "Kopi" who initiated by Ah Kiat since enter this university. He has some common point as me. We are same tall, same skinny (I have little belly, well he flat tummy), every semester result a bit same, look same, wear glass, same black skin(wow, like 古天乐), same handsome, same cute, same quiet(I very long-winded)......

Well then, he is smart, I am stupid. He is fast learner.(I wish I can learn like him) He can face the laptop screen whole day long for his favorite games.So, he sure has no problem when work with IT field job.He is liberal guy (broaden heart). I was insult him last time(now no more) and he just ignored me, and looked me as crazy guy.I think he might not going to take revenge if he has enemy.(Or he do not have enemy in his life)

"Jibet Group XD" Look alike no? :P

Since last few semesters, I was joke with him and I called him "老公", then he called me back "老婆"...I know this is quite disgusting...(I played this when I form 6 moment too, I naughty). So, some girl course mate will joke with me and said "Where is your "ang"(hokkien for hubby)?" Sometimes I did argued with him over small matters too.

Last time, many course mate comes to visit my house (included him). Then, my small brother was saw him. After that, he called me "Kopi" too at house @@. He said "You both really look alike lar, haha"

Sometimes I make some new friends, some of them will said "Your face are look familiar, I saw you before at somewhere." I will replied "Is it? I have public face mar~haha..." 

Well, luckily he is not exactly same face as me (just look alike). Otherwise, I will feels like I talking to myself when I talk to him @@...haha :D


17 November, 2010


张芸京(Zhang Yun Jing), she is so handsome! (should be beautiful right? :D) She has amazing voice, sound, and I like her album, the latest album than the first album.

Boy or girl?? Beautiful or handsome?  
She is Taiwanese girl. However, she called herself handsome, as her new style, a little bit rock. Her first album, named [破天荒] (po tian huang) is famous, if you noticed her song, the famous song like [黑裙子](hei qun zi)[破天荒] and  [偏爱] (pian ai). I most like her song - [偏爱], especially after I watched the [仙剑奇侠传3] (xian jian qi xia zhuan 3)Taiwan drama. [偏爱] means the two people are cannot love together no matter what, but stubborn still need to love each other, insist to love the other one.

When she with long hair, in the mv [破天荒]
She was get injured...
Last few months, her new album [相反的我](xiang fan de wo), I like this album too. She was naked in her music video! (A little~haha) While, my favorite song for this album are [相反的我][你是唯一](ni shi wei yi) [坏了](huai le) and [爱情选项](ai qing xuan xiang). Her album is really worth to listen. However, it is hard to sing her song, just like no energy to sing Jay's song :(

She makes me feel like the [潘美辰](pan mei chen) is return to the stage! ~  

15 November, 2010


BTN – Biro Tatanegara. A program that held for every university student and as compulsory for every student else they are not able to graduate. Well, this happened at last year, and I was the one student who had joined the program with many friends. Now, this program was cancelled. The date was from 31/July/2009 to 3/August/2009 (Last Year).

Taken from google.image
What I learned from BTN?

In my memory, that was my first time topless in front of many friends (punishment). Since that moment, I started to have courage to topless at hostel and home. Last time, I very resist to topless because I very skinny, I scared my friends will afraid or not used to see my topless condition. That is one of the reason no matter what I will try put my clothes on especially in public. Now I was exercise at home and eat, try to fat and cover my bone shape, with supplement again. Thanks for BTN give me this chance to direct topless at public.

I remember my group counsellor was giving a lot of useful knowledge. I share it here:

Let’s say A = 1, B = 2, and ……until Z = 26. We see this word:
DISCIPLINE: 4+9+19+3+……5 => 100
Means what? If you have discipline, then you are 100% person! :D

WORK here defined as:
W = Wealth / Wages
O = Organization / Office
R = Recommendation (post)
K = Knowledge

So, as human, we need work in our life.

Taken from google.image
Sincerely, I do not like this kind of program. I like to enjoy at home, shopping, playing games or whatever. I do not why I always related myself with government activities especially from school, I do not like to overnight at there.

Facebook's Joke

Yesterday morning, I had opened my Facebook account, and show the message accidentally, which has tag my name too on my wall post. The picture below will explain everything.

I do not like this kind of joking. At first I thought is real incident, then I found out from him that he is just joking with the replied -- "We just playing around". Then, I was scold him do not playing around with my name. I know in another way round he was saying me I am girlish indirectly, as I know his personality. He was already 25 years old, and just make his new girlfriend recently. Is it he want to "lan xi" to me?

In conclusion, they really are so FREE.

14 November, 2010

Dream World

*!!This post is not going to focus on dream world.

[Dream World], a nice place to sing Karaoke, located near at Carrefour, Batu Pahat, Johor. Yesterday night, I was attending my old friends gathering at there. Each person just cost RM20++, the room is big, many songs can be selected (really updated, even lady gaga music, Ayumi Hamasaki, any language songs available to sing.), regular is 3 hours.

Around 10 friends were attending the gathering yesterday night. Started at 10.30p.m and end at 1.30a.m.Actually, I seldom join their gathering, because the time is always not compatible with them.I want to let them listen my sexy voice meet them, we are so long time to meet each other since last time.

Yesterday night I was happy, with sing few songs.I am not sing well, enjoy is more important.I am more happy that I have chance to sing with a girl primary school classmate for ayumi's song, final fantasy's song, and even lady gaga - paparazzi.Like this can be called "知音"? lol This is my first time I sang English song at Karaoke place. Oh yeah, I am happy too when sing with other friends.Next time I would try to "shout"/"scream" at song lol

Anyway, this place is really worth to go if want to have nice sing K moment.New experience gained: 1000 EXP only lol       

13 November, 2010

Brother's Fight

Yesterday, because of a phone bill's fees, my third and fourth brothers were fighting! I was stopped them after that, my father came to stop them too. All I can said is they are really not behave enough, stubborn, violence and hot temper.

The third was 18 years old, well the fourth was 14 years old. As we know, 14-16 years old is rebellion period. How was the fight started? Let's see the dialog below:

3rd: Ah Hong (1st brother) already complaint that the house phone bill was cost RM60++, why so expensive?        Sure is you did!
4th: I only sms. Not going to cost so much. Of course is you.
3rd: Hng! Let's see lar, when the phone bill comes, you will know.
4th: I only use little.
3rd: Do not say too much, wait bill comes.
4th: I only use when 5 November. So, sure it is not me cost so expensive on phone bill.
3rd: You not need to lie, although is last month bill, you sure got used. You keep chat with your girls.
4th: See the bill...
Me: Shut up, wait the bill comes. Stop argue each other.
They both keep muttering. I keep yell to stop. Then----
4th: "You kao yao (哭饿,hokkien) xin mi (什么)lan?"
The third brother already cannot bear his anger, direct fight with fourth. Then the fight was began...

After they calm down, I was giving "lecture" to my 18 years old brother. I told him violence is not going to solve the problem, you and him are same behavior, that is the reason you both fight. Fight for what? He even tell me that "If you don't give him punishment, hit him, he never changed. I very "dulan" his face, keep show his that kind of expression, want to fight him until he die." "If subject change to you, you will be like that to me too, if I violence on you, you will be more violence to me." I said to him. That is the reason violence cannot solve the problem. "18 years old, try think clearly what you do. Do not just wreak out your angry feeling only. Is you make him speak foul language. Nothing you need to blame." "You always say foul language to me, especially at last time. What I did to you? Am I punch you or fight you?" "You need to think clearly, really."

It is just a small case, keep repeat the same thing might make someone feels uneasy and uncomfortable. In addition, that is the reason we are brothers for this life, because we are enemy at past life, as Buddha religion. We being together and learn to be nice to each other in this life. No fighting. I quite agree with this theory.

Fighting is really not worth. Anyway, talking or negotiate will be a better way to solve the problem. Who will like violence?  

12 November, 2010


Do you like to sleep with ------- Bolster?

This color is attractive
Since young, if I no remember wrong, I was very seldom sleep with bolster. I almost sleep with my blanket every night. I still remember I was using the blanket which made by grandmother. It was so comfortable and sadly it was last until my secondary school moment.Then, what I using blanket right now is totally new, a thick one.
Classic type design of bolster, like it? 
Bolster -
From my observation, some people need to have bolster then can sleep more sweet. In my hostel room, my 2 friends always sleep with their bolster. They hug bolster every night. I was interviewed one of my friend why you need bolster to sleep? He said very comfortable when hug with bolster and sleep.Well, what he said to me is real and right. Recently, at my home, i try to hug bolster and sleep. Guess what? It makes me fast asleep. Maybe it is the tool for insomnia people...(i am no insomnia...)

This is just like sausage...
Well then, I using blanket was enough for me when I sleep in my hostel.The bolster I can have or none for me to sleep.I feels like hug a bolster, just like hug someone that you love or miss.Maybe that is the reason bolster was invented~hehe

This seems like is good quality...
From Internet, I found out that some country did not use the bolster to sleep.I do not know the reason, maybe is the way their live.In house, I using bolster sometimes to sleep. When in hostel, I sure sleep with my blanket, because I lazy to bring back my blanket every weekend.

In conclusion, if cannot sleep well, try purchase a bolster and it might bring you to sweet dream moment.Sweet dream everyone ^_^  

11 November, 2010

Everyone Like That

Here is the picture I received from my friend, share it here :)

In conclusion, do you admit? 

10 November, 2010


Miss here refers to "I miss someone". Not I missing my things, I miss this part, and etc...Again not like Mr. or Miss stranger.

This might happened on the love that was gone...
Why human have miss behavior?Someone is left in our life, we will miss him or her so much depends on how important the relationship have before.Miss is not just happened on relationship people, for family members, friendship, lover and so on.For example, someone that our love is not more in this world, we need to accept it.

If people can forget someone that he love before, he is very expert and spend a lot of hard work to forget someone. Is it possible to forget someone totally that left good memories in your life? My answer will be hard and not possible to forget completely. They always said time can wash away the miss and the feeling. Yes, it is. But for me, it might needs to use many years to forget someone.Despite I forget successfully, well, that person already stay inside my memory, just like Dr.Sazali said: "Can you erase me from your memory?"

Nice Song:I MISS YOU!
My memory is good for anything that was happened on me.My memory not so work well in my studies.(If work well on studies it will be perfectly...)To be truth, the person who I like or love is still living inside my mind, hard to erase. (Some people I was transfered it from my heart to my memory at last) One things sure is the feeling was not strong just like before.

Who going to miss me? lol
Why we will miss someone? Is it too long time no meet? Or fall in love? Or cared, concerned? If I can, I want to have ability to no miss anyone, then my life will be better and keep going on.Randomly miss still can acceptable.(I am totally weird, idiot...)

Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne really is a nice song!


09 November, 2010


Spaghetti, one of my favourite food, pasta type.

Well, Spaghetti can be easy full in my stomach.However, after 2 or 3 hours, I was hungry after all. Sometimes this is conflict, I love to eat spaghetti, but have to eat more after this.Especially when in shopping moment, I seldom having spaghetti moment. Spaghetti, can be home made also.

I learned to cook spaghetti after I worked in Secret Recipe. Actually, cook a plate of spaghetti is just like cook instant noodle. It is easy. A pack of Spaghetti is cost RM4.50 average, we need tomato sauce cost RM5.00 average. This is the basic things for spaghetti. Any additional foods can be added based on personal interest.

Recently, I was buy the the spaghetti and take it as my breakfast. I like to have it with a boiled egg or fried egg.With tomato sauce add on. Then my home made breakfast done.We can fried the spaghetti too after the spaghetti was cooked. It is can be called "Spaghetti Goreng"...

Tom Yum Spaghetti
So far, I love the Tom Yum Spaghetti at Secret Recipe. It is really special and delicious. Next time I will try buy Tom Yum Recipe and make it myself.hehe...

Heart Vacancy - The Wanted

I hear your heart cry for love,
But you won't let me make it right.
You were hurt, but I decided,
That you were worth the fight.
Every night, you lock up,
You won't let me come inside.
But the look in your eyes,
As I can turn the tide.

In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
I can tell you can fit one more.
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
I don't care who was there before.

I hear your heart call for love,
Then you act like there's no room.
Room for me, or anyone,
'Don't disturb' is all I see.
Close the door, turn the key,
On everything that we could be.
If loneliness would move out,
I'd fill the vacancy.
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart.

This ain't the Heartbreak Hotel,
Even though I know it well.
Those no shows, they sure tell,
In the way you hold yourself.
Don't you fret, should you get,
Another cancellation.
Give me a chance I'd make a,
Permanent reservation.

In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
I can tell you can fit one more.
Open up make a brand new start,
I don't care who's stayed before.

I hear your heart call for love,
Then you act like there's no room.
Room for me, or anyone,
'Don't disturb' is all I see.
Close the door, turn the key,
On everything that we could be.
If loneliness would move out,
I'd fill the vacancy.
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart.

When I, talk to you, on the phone,
Listen close.

I hear your heart call for love,
Then you act like there's no room.
Room for me, or anyone,
'Don't disturb' is all I see.
Close the door, turn the key,
On everything that we could be.
If loneliness would move out,
I'd fill the vacancy.
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart.

This song I was get it when I travel at KL. Love this song so much, the musics...

05 November, 2010

Blog abuse

I admit that I have abuse my blog post before. Like when I meet someone, case or incident that I unsatisfied with, and nobody to share, then I will directly "shoot" at my blog. This can be called emo-post too.

This is not a really "moral" things to do with. Especially my friends will noticed if I not behave like normal guy, they will check out my blog to see what happens, and look "This time who is going to be the "superstar" at Zidane's blog."

Really, when I meet unsatisfied things, or steps my tail, or unable to explain face to face, I will post it at my blog. It seems like so childish to me. Now thinking back.

Thus, I decide to not to post any unsatisfied thing and saying friends' bad things. If I can, I will write it at general. It is safer and is just like the good way.

Sometimes we did childish thing naturally without notice. It is hard to be said that "Already 22 years old still behave like this, try think clearly by yourself." I need to know that I keep going to more mature in mind day by day...

04 November, 2010


Still remember the young time, every saturday will stay tuned for channel 8 (singapore) for the Anime - SAILORMOON.

When I said to my friend, my favourite Anime is SAILORMOON. Their first response sure is "Yer~~~u watch girl cartoon..." "yer~u so tiko"...No matter what, I just like to see the scene where when they are transforming to their specialty.

Now, the main five characters transforming scene still carved in my memory. I like their transform. When the "小兔" is transforming, she will said "月光仙子,赐给我力量,变身!" "让我代表爱的月亮来惩罚你!"

When they transform, they are really beautiful. From blue color, gold color, green color, red color and so on...the shining, the power.This is so beautiful...

03 November, 2010

Clean Shirt

Damn tire yesterday night. What I did? Clean a ton of shirts in my room (with all brothers) and filter the unwanted shirts, make donation to 慈济 center in my hometown.

Too many shirts I have to filter it out due to space constraints. As our traditional, the shirts will pass to next "generation" every "decade". So, that is the reason why our shirts are always put inside the cupboard and did not touch at all. There are all in good conditions. However, we have a lot of shirts, especially new shirts. Sorry to old shirts.

Every new year we will buy new clothes for make a fresh brand new of self-image.Thus, the shirts will never decreased, keep accumulate until it has broken.After I filter out the shirts and put into to 4 big plastic bags. My mom saw it and opened one of the bag, and said "This shirt still in nice condition, still can wear." "You already said this every year, that is the reason the shirt is left in un-touch and just like antique, store in the cupboard.Why dun just give it to donation? " I replied. "Not need to worry other brothers that no enough shirts to wear, I keep a lots already."

Actually we are not need so many of shirts and pants. If we have 5 or 6 sets, it is very enough already for one like me. I bet other brothers are not need too many shirts at all.Again, they are not like to clean and manage their shirts,so messy.Reduce the clothes, make it look cleaner. lol        

02 November, 2010


Do you smoking? In my family, my father is the only member who has smoking, only when he is doing big business inside the toilet. We have advice him not to smoke.Well, he only promise only he will do when he is toilet-ing.

Below is my opinion, no offense to anyone who has smoke.

Let's see the smoking pros:

1. Release pressure. Based on my observation,people who smoking tend to release their pressure in their life, obstacles and so on.

2. Comfortable. I always see people who smoke, their expression is just like "Shiok...what a nice feeling, just like in heaven."

3. ...Is there other benefit for smoking? I cannot figure out other than this.Help me fill in this blank if you wish.Thanks.

In additional, we have to know that people who smoking does not mean that he or she is a bad person. I do not know why still have uncle told me like "Do not worry about this, here all is good guys, they all are not smoking, fighting, drink beer and so on." No smoking does not meant that the person is good.

Let's see the smoking cons:

1. Waste money. If you are not so rich like me, it is better not to smoke.The cigarette price will be increase by every year. It is really worth to spend on other things than cigarette.

2. Hurt lungs. If smoking a few years, then the lungs will be slowly damaged. It does not matter, but when have a severe cough in myself, I will feel suffer. To avoid this suffer in life later, I better get off with it.Lung cancer might be friend with me at last if I smoke.

3. Air pollution. Indirectly smoker already make air pollution in the environment.Besides, it is stink anyway.

4. Is there any other negative effect? Help me fill in the blank if you wish.Thanks.

Cigarette packing with cancer picture
Smoking is an addicted activity. When you have first smoke, then you will have the second, and so on. For me, I not going to choose smoking as my way of release stress. My heart are not so healthy perfectly. If I smoke, it will add more severe on my heart condition.In my environment, there always have at least one friend will smoke, sometimes I will breath in a little second hand smoke. The only thing I can do is try not to breath at that moment.

Enjoy the good taste!
As we can see, every cigarette pack was packed with the cancer picture in this country.This might be  effective at first, slowly we will see it as normal, nothing to be scared off. Some people choose to smoke might be the reason of pessimistic. They might be felt that they cannot live any longer.In my opinion, if add a cigarette, the life will be shorter than expected. However, some people have smoking, they can live until 70's or 80's above. So amazing isn't it?

I wonder what he feel...
They said if one want to stop smoking, they might successful with his or her strong determination.My cousin used to smoke in 1 year. After that, he realize that it is not worth at all, so he try to stop smoking by eat sweet. When feel addicted, he eat sweet. Finally, he is no more smoking. I feels like I am stupid when think about last few years I work in Secret Recipe, knew some Nepal friend. Most of them are smoking.I so naive and treat them eat sweet in order to ask them stop smoking. Moreover, Secret Recipe is not allow staff to smoke. I thought I can help, but there is no way. They are not need my help if they really want to stop smoking.

You've come a long way, baby!
In conclusion, I not going to smoke in my life.It is really not worth at all- spent money to destroy my healthy life.Drink little beer still can be acceptable.