17 June, 2018

I'm Great Eastern’s Agent!

Generally, people hate insurance or insurance agent. 

Why hate insurance agent? The reasons include being cheated last time; no responsible; agent want to earn money; failed to claim experience and other reasons. Also, people also no trust on insurance as heard it is cheating. Are you going to find out the reason and causes for those “rumors”?

However, undeniable that insurance is IMPORTANT in everyone’s life. 

As an insurance agent, I need find people to talk insurance initiative; try to help people if they do not have insurance or no trust on insurance.  I need share the helpful information. At least, I will not feel guilty if unseen bad things occur. 

Insurance helps you transfer risks that you might be faced. Just like accident, death, illness, all these incidents happened are sad, but it needs money to cover. If you are very rich and comfortable by spend own money on those unseen matter, then you can skip to have insurance.

For my surrounding, friends & family members already bought insurance. I am happy that they are responsible on their family and their own. Insurance covers life, medical, income protection, debt cancellation, retirement and education. As a human, we have risks to face. We can’t see the future, hence the insurance provide the service to those unseen thing.

Policy Review:

Policy review is important. The moment you purchase the insurance might lesser coverage for now if compare to last time. For example, NOKIA 3310 still can use, isn’t it? However, it is not suitable for current generation as it is not a smartphone. Everything need an update, isn’t it?

After I join Insurance field, I realize that it is important to know what you have purchased. It is not just an excuse; I already have insurance (in fact also not so sure the coverage) then close case. Even I check back my own policy that bought from my brother previously, mostly are covered and the amount is enough too.

If you need policy review or any related assistance, you can drop me an email. My email address is zidaneexx@gmail.com.

Is time to be protected for your life :)

31 May, 2016

歡歌 獨家伴奏曲 上傳步驟

1. 必須是安卓系統,蘋果最新系統(8.0以上)已被加護,所以無法介入歡歌路徑。
2.  準備一台電腦,數據線,需要連接你的手機/移動設備。
3.  已有電腦的基本知識會讓你更明白是如何操作。

1.  先準備自己要的伴奏曲。舉例:“When You Say Nothing At All – Ronan Keating”
可上網找尋相關的伴奏曲,也可去Youtube.com找許多伴奏曲。然後自己下載成 .mp3格式。(這個方法會在這忽略,請谷歌查詢)

2.  在自己的歡歌裡,下載一首類似歌名的歌/或無相關也可,然後發個合唱曲。

3.  連接你的手機與電腦,然後找尋電話路徑: X:\本機名\hsing\song\mySong\

4.  裡頭會看到很多號碼的檔案,比如:
8892323451515”以及 "8892323451515.hsing" 
前者是歌詞檔(萬萬刪不得),後者是歌曲 (要換成.mp3格式才能聽)

5.  把“8892323451515.hsing”刪除,然後上傳自己的伴奏曲進同一個路徑     

6.  回到歡歌程式,試看播放已錄歌曲,你會發現播的是你的伴奏曲喲。

7.  恭喜!您已成功地在歡歌發佈第一首伴奏曲,可以開始合唱了喲! J