14 August, 2010

Tekken Movie (2010)

Tekken, one of the favorite fighting games since I was young. This game focus on the martial art, fighting skill, and body combat. So, there is no magic power, or physics power like Street Fighter, King Of Fighter series. It just like so real fighting game.


This game was transferred to movie this year. I was eagerly want to watch this movie in cinema. Then, the month arrives, sadly here (Batu Pahat) no take this movie, due to unknown reason. I just feel disappointed. Actually, I plan to go KL with my friend and watch, but this is so spontaneous, time limited. Then, i was cancel the plan.


Never mind, I try the alternative ways. (I do not want to go JB and watch :P) That is download. I found a very clear version, just like DVD version, it satisfied me anyway. After that, I was spent about 2 days to download this movie, without shutdown my laptop. Again, my phone line was broken..swt....

Downloading 100%


Yeah, the movie was completely download. So, I decide to watch this movie with my roommate-Andy in the hostel. I do not wait for Jerry because I thought he watch already. Turn out at last he have no watch yet. (Sound's disappointed). Stick to the plan, we were finish watching this movie.

Marshall Law, fat (especially face), isn't it?

Here is my review.


This movie is not in my expected. About the story script, fighting skill, the characters. Some are satisfied. The main character, JIN, really handsome, but his fighting skill seems like not able to follow games exactly. (Human has limit). Christie Monteiro, the actor is american people, suppose she must a little black skin, then it will be more similar with the games. Her fighting style even not show up, the Capoeira fighting style. Well, the actor Christie Monteiro is beautiful. Eddy, is perfectly follow the games fighting style. Other characters I just not so interest. Oh yeah, Marshall Law is fat @@ Anna Williams no chance to show her fighting skills. Nina Williams can be said same as game. Raven is really look alike (I do not know much about his fighting skills). Kazuya, a perfectly bad character, Jin's father. Heihachi, wow, this really look alike, 10/10.
 Maybe we will see him on Tekken 2?

The story is easy to understand. If want to know more can search in google, or any Tekken movie review. This movie I will give 2/5 stars. I just hope that if can, most of the characters appear in this movie. My favourite character, Ning XiaoYu, no appear at all :(        


Luckily I did not go cinema watch this movie. If did, it really waste a lot of money. Anyway, I will keep this movie, since it is my favorite games.

Jin & Christie Monteiro

William Sisters...
In conclusion, most of the fighting games transferred to the movie, there are not so nice to watch. There will be a lot of low expectation review. The example like The Legend Of Chun-Li and Dead Or Alive. I feel that DOA is better than the Tekken. The coming up will be The King Of Fighter. I hope it will be a nice movie to watch in cinema. I do not know this time here cinema take this movie or not.

 Zhao Wei may can act as Ning XiaoYu :)

When the Bloody Roar famous fighting games will be made in movie? I want to watch this...   

Animal Transformation!


  1. TAN CHIN REN, LIM CHENG LING WANTS THE MOVIE!!! Can you please please save it in a pen drive and pass it to me on Monday? Got other new movies anot?

  2. yer...so fierce...okok- I only download this movie lor. hehe

  3. i agree that bloody roar have to be a movie. i also want to watch it

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