30 March, 2010


I believe many of human being is like kids, right?

For my experiences, as a babysitter, is not that easy,especially when u care for a child which is <4 years old. If he is an obedient boy or girl is good to take care, how about the naughty one? make u tire whole the day...

I always "forced" to be a "babysitter". Yeah, i like kids also, just like my friends.I can said that take care kids and like kids is different matters. Example for my cousin, only 3 years old, he not going to sit there obediently and watch TV ,play toys ah...his butt cannot "stick" to the chair or sofa, must run here run there...some more he is super like electronic tools (handphone charger, small fans, massage chair, plug...dangerous electric things for kids) he always take the plug or charger, and find a hole, try to plug in...(hole??...ha!something like a hole on a small chair)and want to see the result. Of course i just pretend that that things was broken, and keep away from him. Then, coming next electronic tools....(pek cek)However, i like to see he speaking, cox most of the time he will follow what i said, but seem like he is not so understand on "you, me, and him"...

I just hope that i can take care a kids who obedient, and not too naughty. That should be easier. Again, when u own the kids, u only will feel "troublesome" and "tire" (of course will like ur own kids), better watch other people's kid, right?

27 March, 2010

The "Hopes" come true?

After read the Secret that books, i always thinking what i going to face at next, and my hope...i consider it will come true in my life at the time coming...

First, i believe that i "was" success enter the local university. Then, after few month, a messages had sent to me, state that i was success enroll in UTHM. I was happy that my STPM result damn lousy, still can enter the university. really Lucky^_^ First hope come true..what the next?

Secondly, in the previous semester, i was believe that i was get the Dean award. At that time my result show not so good, the chance to get Dean is hard. Anyway, i have faith and believe i was get the dean award. Then, i was get Dean award last semester. So how now? continue for this semester? but it seem like so hard....argh~~~any miracle??

Thirdly, i was thinking before if one of my friend was a gay or lesbian... This kind of "hope" really weird, isn't it? I just want to have little "special" in my social life. Now, this "hopes" was come true. Damn surprising! Is it my thinking attract the idea come? And i made a conclusion here, there's nothing special if one of the friend was a gay or lesbian. They are just normal.

What i think now is above statement is "coincidence" or what? Or Secret Really Works? I know sound kind of rubbish and impossible things...well then, i will keep thinking and have faith on what i hope next, hopefully it will come true to me for my positive hopes! Faith on the hopes will comes true, i believe it forever. How about Never Had A Dream Come True by S Club 7? hehe~ 


See a lot of friend state that tonight is Earth Hour, so what i going to do? Switch off the light?

Tonight the plan might be Switch off the light for 1 hour. Then, watch drama from my laptop, hehe...

I think this year the number of people participate this event was increase. I still remember last year, i just switch off the light for half hour only...swt

Tonight i will give myself a enjoyment night! Enjoy drama & movie! Assignment, out of my area tonight ^_*

25 March, 2010


Well well well, 2012 warning, earth dangerous, most of local university was aroused with the green campaign, that was banned all Polystyrene.

Actually,i personally dun like the polystyrene when take away. When need to throw is very hard, need to squeeze it and compress it, i know most of the people just direct throw. The correct way is store it in ur house because it is not able to biodegradable. I prefer the paper pack then the polystyrene.

Of course, i know the best way is prepare the container by urself. I was lazy to bring a container and put in my bag.Instead of that, so i always try to having food outside. Second choice is take away only for the paper pack.

Is it will success for this campaign? So far, i see a lot of students still same, take away as usual and using polystyrene. Well, most of the people will think polystyrene everyone still use it, why i have to stop using it? That's might be shown the scenario like this lo.....

24 March, 2010

Chasing Car - Snow Patrol

Feel to sing this song for today >>>>

We'll do it all 


On our own 

We don't need 
Or anyone 

If I lay here 
If I just lay here 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world? 

I don't quite know 
How to say 
How I feel 

Those three words 
Are said too much 
They're not enough 

If I lay here 
If I just lay here 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world? 

Forget what we're told 
Before we get too old 
Show me a garden that's bursting into life 

Let's waste time 
Chasing cars 
Around our heads 

I need your grace 
To remind me 
To find my own 

If I lay here 
If I just lay here 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world? 

Forget what we're told 
Before we get too old 
Show me a garden that's bursting into life 

All that I am 
All that I ever was 
Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see 

I don't know where 
Confused about how as well 
Just know that these things will never change for us at all 

If I lay here 
If I just lay here 
Would you lie with me and just forget the world? 

Yeah, performed by Snow Patrol, chasing car. 
The lyrics show my feeling...too love this song ^^ Enjoy the music.

23 March, 2010

25 Facts About Me

1. I was learn to write word neatly since kindergarten. Thx mom! ^^
2. When primary school period, I have too “natural” sound. When answer the phone, people will ask my mom “is that your daughter?” 
3. Of course, too many brothers, fighting cannot be avoided when secondary school although I am most “gentle” in this family.
4. Form 6 had a holiday in hospital, due to the urine contain blood. Until 6 days the holidays just finish. Hospital life…
5. A little late developer myself, when form 3 just “develop”. Then, sound change too.

6. My Sound soft soft, 中气不足 , called “ruan mian mian” since secondary school. Now also…swt
7. Learn to cook and make blended drinks after working at secret recipe since 2005.
8. Quite independent (just like normal people)
9. Underweight since form 2, due to want save pocket money, hungry just drink water…(people who want lose fat can use this way, but is hard!)
10. Phobia when in form 6, afraid teacher call me stand up and answer question X.X
11. Love to sing karaoke. Now sound so soft, not suit to sing anymore…but still sing, stubborn
12. Gamers since standard 6. Most of the PC games I was try to play…tomb raider, star craft, most of 3D adventure games(most like). Some were using cheat, want fast game :p
13. I am Final Fantasy Games series fan!
14. Buy PS2-Main objective was play final fantasy X, X-2 and XII. Now mission complete, other games were less to play now.
15. I’m loving anime Dragonball Z, Sailormoon (most like, so beautiful) and doraemon, digimon…child flavours. Doraemon is never boring one, now watch still has child feeling^^

16. Quite “hegemonist” when own Computers. When play PC games, never let my brother has chance to touch pc. Of course, now change le…
17. I am the one who was “top ranking” from my mom list. She always call me to do the household things, and seldom call other brothers do. Not fair! then I will direct said call others. Well, I will helping too.
18. Be “molest” by a guy since enter this university…swt =.=”
19. Now still do not have any relationship experience. I am book worm, not handsome, not a so  good guy. I know it was “lame”. I cannot focus on both at this circumstances. I being laughed too. Single also good what?? For temporary…haha. Some said I am gay, what a ridiculous assumption! No girlfriend = gay?? ..swt
20. Connection with taoism activities like attend to 佛堂. Now temporary skip this, scared…
21. Believe in supernatural things since young. I was met this kind of incident in my secondary school and make me cannot have an explaination. Too supernatural! But I am not the one who can simply believe related supernatural things, logic instead.
22. Accidentally have penpal by writing letters. 3 totally and all was girl. Just write the name details and send it to Young Express, then I was receive Letter. The feeling was nice >.<

23. Love to write. I was writing the Final Fantasy 8 novel chinese version, just finish Disk1. And write my PLKN story novel(www.xanga.com/chinren), and even a detective type novel. My friend give me a good review on Final Fantasy 8. Maybe can develop on this path, hehe.
24. I’m stupid since young, my mind cannot turn, thinking straight. Now achieve my target most was hardworking. Stupid, so just hardworking, isn’t it?
25. Love computers! “Research” on anything related with computer since form 2. Any software will go to try. A PC guy always update is compulsory. Now was slow le.

22 March, 2010

MOVIE Marathon Last Friday

A plan which plan to eat free burger at MacD, Watch movie <<越光宝盒>> and Alice in Wonderland in last Friday. The former plan was ruined due to the time was over.

After back home and drive back to SquareOne, had a value lunch at MacD and hurry up for the movies with my housemate. So, our plan was watch 2 movie stated above. After watch<<越光宝盒>>, I felt that this movie damn a a lot of funny ideas. More importantly, this movie was not boring at all. I kinda scare about the movie which will bring very boring feeling to me like last last week “Edge of Darkness”. It could be said EOD has a wonderful and perfect trailer, when watch the show I can said in a half sleep state also know the story what is going on…

Actually I like to be a person who can humour to anyone. However, I always used the wrong way to be humour, that was I will take other people’s flaw and let it be my jokes. That was totally wrong. I know many friends were dislike me behave this way. I need time to change to a positive humour person. I like to watch other people laugh, when they laugh, I will happy (hopefully is not laugh at me).So any comedy movie I will going to watch. As a result, this movie was not let me down, really funny, wahahahaha ^0^ Especially mix with The Red Cliff story, Titanic, somemore Painted Skin….just like Scary Movie!

Next movie was Alice In Wonderland. One of the coursemate was tired, and leave our team and went back hostel. That’s kinda disappointed. Well, we continue our “journey”. Alice in Wonderland has many bad review, listen from my friends said this movie not nice. After the show, my opinion was not bad, a little humour fantasy “child” movie...Well then, the main idea of Alice was make a decision by herself. She has to chose her path. That’s might be the moral value? …hehe.Oh yeah, that why the "Gaga in wonderland" will exist, might be the cause of white queen make up in this movie...haha. Anyway, this movie was my favourite style after all.

18 March, 2010

"Ai Mai Ai Mai" (Half-hearted)

Do u have friends who around u are this kind of personality---"Ai Mai Ai Mai"(Hokkien)/half-hearted?? That mean they do not have their own main idea, or going to think about it so much, just follow people will or decision.First minute ask u to go together, second minute cancel off spontaneously...

So, is it going to be good? or bad for any situation? Maybe good is "cin-cai" (anything also can lar), the bad is (i no idea oh) especially u fall in the chosen category, choose 1 from 2 option. "Can i choose both?" u might bring a lot of unwanted result to u, another word-greedy.

I know it is hard to make a decision especially in a group. When u make a decision, other members do not like, then cancel is must. Just follow majority view. Since i was young, i'm not a good decision maker. I'm that kind of half-hearted person. When my friends accompany me to buy clothes, or desire things, they must be in "pain". I will said "this one better/ eh that one better too/former one is better/..." when i buy something. Myself feel head pain too why born in this kind of personality. Maybe this kind of personality is belongs to Virgo! hehe

When step to Uni life, i was happy because not only me just one of the half-hearted person.Some house mate/course mate same as me too. So, when facing this scene, how i going to react? When half-hearted meet half-hearted......  
Example: "let's go to the XXX shopping centre watch movie tomorrow." "Ok, deal!"
When tomorrow comes, that "host" said dun have feel want to go, just cancel it. Swt...everything had planned has to be canceled. Wasting time.Besides, if u making decision, they suddenly might said "dun wan la" "sienzz" but the one just said "cin-cai la" it makes me more sweat..=.=''''' (better keep quiet, isn't it?)

Learn to make a decision is important. No matter the decision is wrong or right, think clearly, u could make it. I still in the way of learn from it. ^_^

17 March, 2010

Approach to Gay Movie

So far i was watch two gay movie. Can said one was drama and another one was movie. What was the title? Ha, that was Brokeback Mountain movie and Queer As Folk Series.

First movie i watch was Brokeback Mountain.Why i interest on this movie? Many friends ask me why i watch this kind of movie? I just reply that this is director Lee An well known movie, by the way was about a gay love story. I never watch this kind of movie(curious curious), so i was bought that cd and watch at home. Conclusion is that love story was touching. So, gay has no difference in love matters, just like normal people.

After few years, i saw my course mate was watch a drama - Queer As Folk. All the content almost describe all homo love story. I was tried to watch that drama due to my curiosity. The drama's actor almost all was muscle guy, i wonder why gay movie must find a muscle guy to be an actor? Well, the story line was nice too, this drama contain 5 seasons. So far i just finish watch 3 Seasons. (maybe always play dota and lazy to watch drama). Of course, this was rated drama.

In that drama Queer As Folk, it could be said that queer will be looked down by normal people. This scene can said happen many time in this drama.In my mind, normal people should not do that way, there are people (folk) also.

14 March, 2010

SECRET-Just think what u want!

Believe that most of the people in this world know the book titled "SECRET". It's contain a lot of useful content especially in term of build up your positive mind.

It can be said that this is an encouragement book. It is so fun to read and of course, inside has a lot of SECRET! People who interest on this type of book, my advice is do not miss this opportunity especially for book lover.If u are not interest on book, force urself to read this book, is very worth for ur life.

One of the most impression secret for me is "Think about what u want, it will come to find u". This concept is really important. First, u have to believe urself first and logically possible.Try to think about it and it will slowly find u. The problem just "time". So, if u r planning to do something just for ur interest, just think about it and have a faith on it, do it! It will come to u at last.

This book has given example: A man found out that he is rich now.He owns big car, house and so many luxury things in his life. Then, one day, he clean up his store room and found a notebook of the pass N years, all write about his life target. Now he had reach the target. By the way, he was forgot this pass N years notebook.

One more secret is "attraction rule". Do u know this kind of rule? That is attraction happen on our lives. U could see and observe that when u r inside a restaurant, a customer ask to pay bills. Next, another customer also ask to pay bills and follow by other customers. Just like the people  making one decision in a short time, people around there will automatically follow his/her decision especially for the group decision."People do wat, u will follow".
Read up the books, u will find more!Make ur life meaningful! ^_^    

13 March, 2010

Project Month 2010

Now left one half month more, this semester is going to finish. Well, at this time, every subject owns their group project to be completed. 

Oosh...Head pain...This time project is more hard than before semester. Everything have to refer internet to browse through and try to understand everything on that topic or issues. Well, i am a leader almost for every subject this semester. Why 'leader' always find me? Am i a good leader?? This one i don't know. Just try to learn to be a good leader since there is no other way and many of friends don't want to be a leader. Some people said there is not need leader in a group, then just simply do. Do u think that the project is going to produce a perfect work?? Learn lo~

Next, i was selected majoring course for third year. I am choosing Software Engineering course from selection of Networking, Information system, Multimedia. Networking was my second selection. They said Software Engineering very hard to learn and almost head pain. However, i don't care the myth because i am more interest on this majoring. Some people choose to take easier majoring. Maybe they just do not want to make their life complicated. 
In my mind, there is no easier, "u will feel easier when u got a lot of interest on this". Besides, i just want to complete my wish since i was form 5. 

This month is going to fight the projects. The project's difficulty was increased too. I know that i am not done well in every project. I do not know why i will automatically start to work alone especially in a group. Suddenly members asking about how the project was going on, i will reply was done. Then i will see a lot of "dislike" expression on their face. Now, i learn to distribute work to group members and remind myself not going to do work personally and selfish.  

Last, i do not know why i so dislike friends who like to "copy" assignment from other friends without thinking first. I know the reason "copy" is easier. However, try to think first and do it on ur own is better. Lazy almost happen on everyone even me. Try think about this, when u work so hard to that assignment, then u lend ur friends to copy(some said they will change answer but at last din't change much). Finally, the assignment mark is higher than ur, what will u feel??  ~~ If discussion is another way~ fairly competitive (when step into social life this will gonna be normally). 

11 March, 2010

My 5 Brothers ~

“How many brothers/sisters do u have?”
“5 brothers, include me.”
“Wau! So geng, all boys! Ur mom & dad expert oh!”
“Dun think too much la~~”

Every time when I reach a new environment, start to chat with new friends, this topic almost will be approached. First image is most of the friends think the good side of 5 brothers. Well then in my mind I will say is 50-50.

My big brother – 24 years old, me – 22 years old, next – 17 years old, next – 14 years old and the last – 11 years old. Wau! We can form a basketball team(Name: Lousy Team..ha!)
Every brothers own different personality. I am the one who most look alike GIRL behavior, so sometimes I will be called “sister” ah, “daughter” ah~~by my brother and mom. First time I hear really angry, but when used to it, I have no angry feel anymore. Since my mom so desire to have a daughter. That’s the reason why so many brothers in my family!

Whole house plus my dad, total 6 boys/men and 1 girl(my mom). My big brother now works as insurance company. I kinda afraid of him because he keeps non-stop negotiate me to enter insurance career and buy it also. I just listen and save in my left ear, and delete from my right ear. Really lolososo (just like me too XD). He is handsome and “sweet mouth”, so when secondary school he got a lot of gf and change many times. He dun like study. Well, but when the target comes, he won’t easily give up. For me, I’m just a “book worm” until now.

The next 3 brothers are really lazy. Haiz…Currently, I live in the hostel near my campus. Then most of the time I will go back to my home when weekend. When reach home, u know what I am going to do to my house? I need to clean my table, my room, all shirt folded were spread to anywhere, dust, and so on. I tell them so many times but nobody will take the action. If not clean I cannot sleep. I just take a free part-time job as “钟点女佣”every weekend. Some punishment i did too like take their shirt put inside a big black plastic, keep inside the store. Conclusion: No use since their shirt so many, big black plastic not enough..lol.  They have their own good too. Lazy to describe~

My second little brother, I admit he is really brilliant. He is going to cyber café and train level ID for online games. Then sell the account ID to friends through online and get the phone reload card, earn money based on the level he trained. He just form2, my mom and dad keep scolding him everyday live in cyber café, house just like motel. No study at all. Now I wondering is it study still so important? Most of the person not study well at last they can earn big sum of money too! Study is not everything. I have no choice, without study I have no other skill.

10 March, 2010


TRUST---When we need to trust people? Should I trust my friend?? Sometimes ‘enemy’ can be trusted too??

Do u ever notice that TRUST is really challenging? It just likes to take an adventure in our life. Living this kind of world, sure got people or friends can be trusted, somehow betrayed might be happened. When u have been cheated by a trusted person, what u going to do? Slap/Scold/Ignore him/her? If me I will add that person in my black name list and never trust him/her anymore.

When start to select TRUST friends, anyone or stranger, then prepare anything consequences have to take on. The ADVENTURE just starts! TRUST a people after u knows him/her so well. Simply trust just let u take more risk especially in this kind of living life.

In facts, a person who are honest to face everyone and everything in social life, it might bring any bad consequences. Is it unreasonable?? A people who did good things will get good things back. ~TRUST very important in any relationship- Family, Lover, Friends, and so on.

No TRUST, WAR will happen. Without trust, there is nothing more can talk with each other or just simply talk without issue.

Conclusion, TRUST if u thinks u r feeling right.  

08 March, 2010

Study Way

“Can u teach me how to study effectively?”
When student reach a new study year, sure this kind of question will be asked from students. Study-A process that is no one can skip since young. Even poor, study also cannot be neglected.

In fact, I know many ways to study perfectly. However, I cannot follow the way they teach. Actually, I am stupid since young. Since standard 1 to standard 6, I was scolded ‘Stupid’ almost every month. Maybe scared of the teachers’ punishment, I suddenly become so hardworking to study (especially when primary school).

Many people said I so hardworking, but I dun think so, I just complete my task only (with feeling of forcing). Maybe they haven see the real student hardworking way. Of course, I was cheated by some friends too. Those the friends will praise u at the front and said ur bad at ur back!

Sharing Study way that I know: (PS: it doesn't mean that i so understanding)

1. Focus on what teacher or lecturers teach when he/she is spoken. Do not make the   quick notes. Understanding is more important.
2. Everyday ‘touches’ the books. (~hard for me) 
3. Make a timetable to enjoy study and entertainment, even exercise.
4. Exercise everyday to let blood circulation run smoothly, refresh the brain. Drink more water (make sure is boiled)
5. Playing games is important too, release pressure. But, do not addict ^.^
6. Some students select smoking to release pressure, but remember the bad consequences.
7. Some people can study with listening music. (in my mind listening music is good,especially the not understanding languages or instrumental songs).
8. If you are brilliant and 99, no need study so much, just browse through is enough already. I have a friend who called “god” really expert, he everyday play games only 2 hours. Study also. Both fields were conquered by him.Geng!
9. Do not day dreaming too much @.@ 

Wedding Ceremony

Hoo~ My relative’s wedding ceremony came again, well I didn’t attend due to the place and my assignment. It doesn’t matter to me…hehe

Just flash back when receive the wedding ceremony invitation, our whole family sure not going to attend all, due to so many brothers. If all go then will ‘snatch’ one whole table. Total number of family members <= 4 then opportunity more big to attend all. So, we have to choose one of the brothers in order to behalf on son of this family.

Listen my brother said this wedding ceremony was special, not ‘normally’. Why said so? Cause the special program was added in the wedding ceremony, like Lion Dance, “Transform Faces”, ”Transform shirts”, and other performances shown on the stages. I think this kind of wedding ceremony really not boring, can eat luxury food and enjoy the program! Then, there was no more “Karaoke” session for the wedding ceremony.  

So far my 2 primary school friends were married. One of the friends just married few days ago. Wow! Time turn so fast, classmate already married, but I still stuck inside the “book career”. Plus one more 2012 maybe will end, and then maybe I just finish my studies and my life end???? X_X, hopes that 2012 not going to come true, many people still have many dreams!

04 March, 2010

Funniest Jokes i ever heard ^_^

Now coming to the relaxing session! I am going to share funny jokes here~(maybe not so funny)

(Happen on me):
1. I still remember when i standard 5, we had been asked to do oral test. In Chinese oral test, we had been asked to do preparation for the oral test, that is read many news, newspaper and etc. I had do preparation also. On that day, the teacher asked me a question: “Tell me the reason why XXX Prime Minister went into the jail for 5 years?? Then I said “I dun know” She gave me the hint:"He is commit crime。。。。贪什么?" Then I think very long time,then I answer: “贪小便宜!” ------All classmate was laugh loudly even teacher also......she scolding me so stupid n punish me and say me just like “Katak in Tempurung” After that, many classmate at that time “shoot” me about “You cannot贪小便宜,otherwise u will enter the jail for 5 years!”lol

(Read from newspaper at n years)
2. This one quite funny too, maybe u had listened before. One day, a guy found that his one of the testis become green color. Then, he go to the clinic and asked for help from doctor. The doctor tell him this is one kind of disease, dangerous. So, need to cut off the green color testis. The guy think such a long time and agree with doctor. So, his one of the testis was cut off (oh no!)

After one week, his last testis become green color again. He go to the clinic again and met the same doctor. The doctor said:"oh no! this is the disease spreading! So, this one has to cut off too." The guy no way and agree with doctor again.

After one week again, his penis also turn to green color. He is going to meet the doctor again. He said:"Doctor, do I need to cut off this also at this time?" Doctor:"Oh, I know the reason, this is because your underwear was discoloration! So no need cut off, thanks for the god."

3. This is the jokes no.1 at China list--- A pair of old husband and wife go to the restaurant where they always having there. They select a seat beside the window, and this is the morning. Next, the old wife said:"We are so long no enjoy this happiness just at the past, at past, we both naked to having breakfast. Shall we do it again?" Old husband agree with her and both start to naked.

Now, they both were naked. Old wife:"oh my dear, I still have the same feeling just like before! My chest feeling same hot just like before!" Old husband:”Of course, dear, your one of the nipple was drowned into your hot coffee!" 

03 March, 2010

The IMAGE of 22 years Old

Yesterday just chat with my house mate when having dinner together. Suddenly talk about the topic of 22 years old.

I realize that my image look's like stop at the age of 18...that not meaning i still look younger, special. The real mean is i hard to grown up! 
Should the 22 years old image jus like the Bob in tekken 6?? 

This year i already 21 years old, cox haven reach my birthday yet. Since young when i heard adults who 20 years above, my mind will automatically think about the 20 years old above man was really "meat meat", very mature 1. Now flash back seems like my mind was passed away. I can see a lot of friend around me still young like 18 years old, especially the skinner one, not look alike 22 years old. Maybe people devolution ? hehe

When i grow up.....The pussycat dolls, nice dance song! ~~~~~ Before that i go shopping or go travel somewhere, there must be the staff said me i not look alike 20 years old, just like form4 & form5 boys. WOW! i was so happy! But that not a good news, a 20 years old man should have 20 years old image. I think the most reason i not look alike cox i underweight. Underweight can let a person flew by the strong wind! and feel not stable...

This years same again, keep word hard to gain weight on my body to let my image look alike 20++ years old. It must be process in long time. How admire the man who body has meat meat, contribution to me if u dun wan the meat on ur body XD Then i no need work so hard~   

Conclusion is when people said u look alike so young, not like 20 years above, dun be so happy for the man. If girl sure definitely happy, forever young! We are man! More old, more mature, more charming! ~