20 August, 2010

Bloody Movie Day

Today, my friend and I was going to the cinema watch the thriller horror movie - {The Descent Part 2}.

Well, I was shouted, scared, shocked and etc when the movie played. The movie content is just so bloody(bloody hell~). The scene about cut the rescue team member's hand in order to rescue the other one. When the "hammer" is hit the hand, the hand is not easily cut off and cut it down successful by repeatedly. At that time what I feel is just so real and disgusting, so many blood flows out...(the man behind us keep "yawn" loudly and adds the scary atmosphere to us)

This movie is same feeling as {The Descent}. The ending is unexpected. {The Descent Part 2} is not bad at all, quite exciting movie, although the movie review rating 1.5/5 stars.

Due to "too early", so we continue watch next movie. {City under the Siege}, my partner do not like to watch it, then I planned to get it from my house mate.(*Ling, do not show up yourself, I scared :P, joking only) So, {The Expendables} seems like watch a lot of handsome muscle "old" guys in action movie, maybe feel that will watch them than the action scene, is that true? haha...What we watch the movie finally? ---{Repo Man}

Again, after watch this movie, I will rate this movie 3/5 stars. Recall when in the cinema, I was feel like disgusting too, the Repo Man's job is take back the human-creation organ like heart if the client do not pay the price in the certain given time. Thus, how he take out the organ? Oh no, he simply slice on the skin and hand in take out the organ, then the man or woman die.Blood flows again...the ending is unexpected again, all turn back...They simply attack the people by using any weapon to pierce through weak point, the head, neck and so on.... "Bloody hell", I bet maybe is the {The Inception Part 2}...lol  

Former movie today is bloody, thriller, excited and scary. Later movie today is bloody, violence, and feel like being "cheated".

In conclusion, bloody today and feel like want to vomit at the end and middle of the movie. If you like blood so much, just go watch {The Descent Part 2} and {Repo Man}, I guarantee you have an exciting wonderful bloody feeling day.    

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