18 January, 2012

New Year 2012!

This is my first post for year 2012.

Going to end the internship by this month. In working moment, I feels not so hardworking to write on my blog. Better just share on Facebook instead XD (The lazy person will say this)

I started to face many challenges in my life, especially already end the degree course of IT. Start to choose career carefully with many thinking. Work under boss in company is not encouraged, well as the starting point, I think I have to take those experiences. Then, I might change my job field after few years. In the mean time, I going to pay the PTPTN loan soon.

Year 2012, many english HITZ songs are good to listen! Moves like Jagger, Glad you came, Mr.Saxobeat, Pumped up kicks and so on. All those things might light up my feeling and feel good. For information, I quite often visit Viva Home at KL because the parking fee is free! haha

Happy Chinese new year!!

This year is my year!
2000 - Millennium Year (Millennium Bug)
2012 - End of the World (XD)