04 August, 2010


I feel kinda upset...why snoring will make friend with me? It makes me trouble and hard feeling. 

My snoring was makes my current roommate cannot sleep well, fall into sleep. For his own good, i need to move to other room temporary. I know it was not a good choice, because i will disturbing other roommate in the mean time.(i cannot help myself to solve this problem). I do not want him cannot sleep well because of me. Although he had said to me before that he does not mind my snoring. 

Of course, if have 1 "VIP" room, it will be my choice. I just do not want to disturb others when sleeping. 

Yesterday night i was spent my time to search and read a lot of snoring article. Most are the causes, remedies and operation. 

1. Too tired
2. Nose not clean
3. Sore throat problem
4. Nose structure 
5. Overweight (but i underweight)
and etc

1. Breadth Right
2. Sleep aside (i was try it and feel my ear was pain in the morning)
3. Do not drink dairy food or milk before sleep
4. Do not tired yourself
and etc

The operation on nose. Somehow, it stated that the operation successful rate is not high, and the snoring might be cured for few months only. It was suggested that try all those alternative way first. Operation is really a last choice. 

After my finding, i was surprised that even an operation cannot make sure it works perfectly. I thought i just do an operation then my problem was solved. But the answer seems like not. The answer was clear, i need to try those alternative ways. I hope i can sleep back to the room because the room is cold. 4 people in a room and 3 people in a room is different.

Snoring + Acne problem really makes me suck! Acne problem started when my town water sources was changed.    Why this next half year of 2010 makes me a lot of trouble?? Is it my karma? ...


  1. I have snoring problem too.. so far the solution is to let the person sleep first before I do... or wake me up if I snore in the middle of the night

  2. hmm..nice suggestion...but the problem is most of the time i will sleep first than others. I was asking them to slap me if i snoring when sleeping...but they seem like rejected...


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