30 September, 2010

FYP-I Extends

Finally, the Research Methodology Subject-I is going to end soon. And, we need to pass up the chapter 1 to chapter 4 complete version to the lecturer of this subject.

As original plan,we need to pass up this week too, same as other section. Due to too impossible or rush to complete the job,lecturer given 1 week again to ask us do. This is very lucky.The problem is the report is really a lot. If last minute, the sacrifice of sleep is must.Although the lecturer like to change the decision all time, and the criteria she needs. I am really trouble with this. This year more strict than last year.

Thus, this week plan is complete the chapter 1 to chapter 4 no matter what. Changes made as soon as possible, finish all assignments. Next week have to do an interview with whole group members.It can be said that this week is really busy. The coming weekend I agree to join D.O.T.A tournament held by university. This is my first time to join game tournament. I hope I am not giving any trouble to my teammates. Suddenly, I have feel that this week is full of meaningful activities.
Since I agree to join the tournament, the consequences like being blamed or else I was get mentally prepared.

As the deadline pass up the final year project (fyp) complete chapters 1 to 4, I have the chance to attend the dean award of my faculty. Maybe after bitter then get sweet result, I am glad.

Ganbatte ne! Work hard for this week, full of activities this week, be sweat :)


29 September, 2010

Sound/Song Recording

Do you ever listen your sound clearly from the computer or hand phone or etc? I bet not many people are dare to listen their voice at first time.

Of course a microphone is needed for recording

Actually, when I start do sound recording of my voice, I am kind of afraid and not dare to listen my voice. As they said, my voice is always no enough energy, that's why I was given the nickname of "ruan mian mian" (soft). Anyway, I have step out that step and listen my voice.

What is the feeling when listening my own voice? First, sure, "This voice is definitely not mine!" What we hear when we talk is different with the recorded sound.Think positively, the sound recording is always fun! (funny especially singing songs)

I used to record my sound using Nero Wave Editor, Nice editor :)

I got a weird hobby. (Do not laugh me >.<) When I at home, I will take a head phone with the microphone (quite high quality),then do the sound recording of mine when listening and singing songs from the laptop. I will record it down and make it as my references. First time hear my sound is "hmm, not bad.quite nice" after few times, "oh my gosh, the sound is totally no energy at all" after few months "there only little improvement, so sad :(" However, I still will keep going on with this hobby when I have feel want to listen my sounds.

I remembered last time I went shopping with my mom. Then, I want to buy a microphone, quite nice quality. Well, my mom "shoot" me. She said "Your sound are not nice, what for waste your money?" ...Then, I put back the microphone :(

Do you like to do sound recording especially for your own sound?? If you have not try yet, go for it and have fun! :)      

28 September, 2010

Album or Mix?

Do you prefer to listen songs which in album format or in mix format? I found out that most of the people like to listen mix songs.

Previously, I love to listen mix songs, mostly in CD format. I still remember when I was secondary school, I will buy a english or chinese song CD (pirate) when I was shopping at my hometown. At that time, I feel like if I do not buy any CD when I go shopping, I will feel not comfortable. At that time, I do not have behavior to download songs from internet. Buy music CD is much better and convenient, cheap.

When I try to listen album songs, I feel that the feeling is different. The mix songs all togther was filtered out and only play the hot songs or popular songs. While, the album songs is all sing by same artist, same voice. When listening album, I can feel that the artist singing style and the nice feeling, hard to descibe. Also, not every songs in album is nice to listen.

I collect a lot of albums, especially English artist, and well known. Kelly Clarkson, David Archuleta, Hilary Duff, Westlife, and etc. Somehow, I listen to mix songs also. When I love that artist, I will try collect his or her album.

It is hard to find a great album. Mostly, we will notice that only 2-4 songs are nice in one album. However, Lady Gaga album is surprising and almost whole the album is nice to listen! THE FAME - LADY GAGA album.

25 September, 2010

Cum or Come?

This question has wondering in my head last few months. Is that "cum" this word exist? Yeah, I bet most of the man know this word. Well, when I find it in dictionary, I did not find anything on Chinese translation. What I get? Explain in picture is better...

This is in Malay Translation

In Chinese translation (No meaning)

The website meaning (not clear, so Google search :P)

Few of my friends when SMS with me, mostly they like to type "cum" instead of "come". Cum has its own meaning. Don't you think is weird when see a message like "Do you want cum my house?" or "I cum now" or "u cum here"? Some facebook user would like to write "cum" instead of "come"... 


23 September, 2010


Inheritance, means the characteristics which inherit from the previous class. Just like the Object-oriented programming. I would like to say some characteristics I have inherited from my family. Some characteristics are not good.

First, I inherit my parent's hot temper. I just like them, when some thing shoot to me very seriously, I will direct give that person with my activation of hot temper. I just realize last week. Father and mother same type of hot temper.

Second, I inherit my parent's "release aeroplane". They like to say this today, and change the idea on next day, especially when make the decision. For example, my mother will tell me "today I do not want to set my hairstyle, is quite waste money and not worth". Then, at the night of same day, she will suddenly said "i think i better set the hairstyle for singing competition tonight." =.=

Third, I inherit my daddy's closeness.If you are friend with me, you could see that I am kinda closeness too especially friends want borrow things, or money. Even my brothers, they want to borrow I would thinking twice and do not want to borrow or temporary support them. (I have try change this start from the bad experiences this year)

What good characteristics I have inherited? I think that would be the open-minded thinking, inherit from my mother.Some more?? haha...let's stop here.

Actually today do not want to write blog. However, I have write this today.(Hand itchy) Start from today, a lot of assignments, test, projects and final year projects things comes together. Met a lecturer who like to change the words, the things wanted.Final year project chapter have to pass up 4 out of 6 by next week. It seems like the gantt chart for our project is just decoration only. This is the way to overcome the last minute behavior? I wonder...argh......


22 September, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Just finish watch the movie - The Ugly Truth.

The movie content is all about the truth that what is the real favorite from man to girl. It has stated that mans actually just like the girl expression, beautiful, and the look. The personality comes after. How about inner strength? Please...inner strength is just a lie, the most important is the look and body.Is that real?

I think that might be have case that some people only love the lover's inner strength than the outlook. Don't you prefer the body and look than the inner strength? To be truth...How about me? To be honest, me also prefer the look first.

The point is, I get a conclusion after watch this movie.The man or girl who guide the friend on how to woo a girl or a man, especially when the friend has their target.They will try everything to get the man or girl in his or her life. When the results turns out, the friend who has successful,he or she might feel sorry for the friend who guide him or her. Most of the actual fact, in the teaching process, they are start to love each other indirectly. Experiences the teaching process is more enjoy than achieving target.I have watch this kind of scene in few dramas or movie before.  

In conclusion, when one guide the friend on how to woo a girl or boy, the one might sparkling the light with the "student"~~~~~

21 September, 2010

Birthday Wishes

First of all, thanks to all the friends who wish me Happy Birthday.I am really appreciate it. Facebook has a lot of wishes for me from friends...:) And, "Happy birthday" to myself.

What are the birthday wishes for this year?---- I hope:

  • My studies will going well from time to time
  • No troubles always
  • Healthy everyday
  • Side-way grown up faster, more fat
  • Acne problems all gone
  • Friends will concern his/her health
  • Final Year Project will be no problem for me (really really hopes)
  • Happy Always
  • Do not think too much
  • A successful mind reader (*Your head, it will never be)
  • Birthday gift (I know it is no more happens, haha) 
  • Fat Fat Fat
  • Get myself improve in every field
  • Family, friends all are healthy and long life
  • Have a nice night sleeping time
Wow! I am so greedy! Wish many wishes...hope all comes true :) This is the last year birthday where happens in this university. 

Positive: Most of the people will enjoy the birthday, and feel happy.
Negative: The people will think it is 1 more closer step to the death. Or, do not want to accept own age is bigger than last year.

Last, if you are meet me on the street, especially stranger, you will not going to doubt me on I am telling you that I just only 18 years old :P 

P/S:Yesterday night really tire and feel sick of eyes. So, decide to sleep early. And, actually I am feel like insomnia since I come back to this hostel.Most hours I feel like I stay awake with the closed eyes lol

20 September, 2010

Don't You See?

Don’t you see? Haha…what is going to be focused about this content? DaDaDa…answer is simple----all happens in our simple-daily-life.

Do you see clearly? lol
I was know that I am quite idiot, of my behavior, especially when I working in Secret Recipe last few years. For example, when I want to chat with friends, I will start to chat with what he or she doing at that time. When she or he is eating, I will ask “wah, eating right now ah?” Normally, the friend will answer me with “ya”. Well then, a Malay girl staff who left a strong impression on me, what she answers is “No lah, I’m playing with rice.” Naturally, it makes me laugh and my face with the expression of -.-||  

I start to realize that many people like to do so, especially in my social life, surrounding. Many examples out there, I bet you are the one too. When see a friend is sweeping floor, then the another friend will ask “You sweeping floor ah?” (We can answer: “No, I just chase out the sand from this place”) Or when somebody is coming back, we will say “Oh, you back home already?” (We can answer: “No, I just step in my home”) Or when somebody is working, will ask “You working ah?” (We can answer: “No, I just make my body more tires.”) Very naturally, the subject will reply “Yes”. If thinking deeper, it might be able to give the reply of interesting answer (the pink color words).   
Don’t you see that what I am doing? Still need ask? Like these replies, I always get from that Malay girl staff. Somehow, I still purposely did to her. Sometimes, she did do the same thing to me, I will answer in what the way she reply. I am naughty actually.  

Forgive me if I do this because it is my habit :P

19 September, 2010


Seafood, I do not like it since young except fish. Seafood like prawn, crab, ink fish, jelly fish, and etc, neither have I liked to eat. I only know that I love to eat eggs since young till now.

Whenever I have been invited to having meal in seafood restaurant, it is really such a big waste to me, especially eat with family. Just like yesterday, celebrate the grandmother’s birthday (advance), my uncle suggest again having meal at Seafood restaurant. What we can do is follow their decision. Most of my family members like to eat seafood.

What I have eaten yesterday? Touch on vegetables, fish, eggs, bun, prawn curry (curry only), pig’s hand (blek…I do not like it). Prawn, crabs, and ink fish I did not touch at all. In addition, with my acne condition, I better not to eat seafood. They said seafood is “toxic” in some way.

Seafood is expensive. Since I do not like seafood, I think I will save a lot of money for seafood. Sometimes, the small prawn on the fried rice, or the clam with Char Kuey Teow, I will finish it but not all.    

18 September, 2010

Why I write Blog?

Last few days, this questions keep spinning in my head. I have a mind that I am going to stop write blog.I give up this idea finally.

Why I write blog? After clean up everything in my mind, I think the reasons are:

1. Learn the writing skill. I am not going to take a paper and learn writing with a pen everyday. The most convenient way is writing blog. It is just simply type the words or edit, delete the text which have type wrongly. Then, you could see I update my blog post every single day. In the mean time, I am practice writing everyday.

2. Improve my language skill. Mostly, I am writing in English. Somehow, it could called Manglish, that is not the standard English. Besides, I try to improve by reading other blogger post, some of them are really high standard in English, I have to check dictionary when read their post.

3. Sharing. Sharing is caring.I used to share the opinion on some topics that I interested. Or, if I found out new things, I will introduce it in my blog.Let any reader knows about that. Somehow, this is public post, thus I have to filter some contents.

4. Make new friends. Through blog, I make some new online friends, blogger. Maybe it is one of the way to expand my social life.My virtual world? Maybe after few years, I will meet these blogger/friends on the street and I might say "Hi! Are you ......Nice to meet you." (feels like is 80's/90's, haha)

5. Interest. I feel interest on writing blog. Blog is just my another space to write anything I want. Of course, I will thinking more clearly about the post I am going to post. I just like to write blog, well, it just used my 30 minutes to 1 hour to finish my blog post a day.Someday, I will stop writing on my space.

6. Spill out my feeling. Sometimes, I writing post follow my feeling. That is meaning that the idea come from the feeling, and not like the title plan in a list. Not every single feeling can share on my blog, is public. (If it is privacy blog, I think there will be many "secret" things will be found...hehe)

7. Dissatisfied. When I dissatisfied on something, I will throw it to my blog post. It might be the one way to make me feel better. I seldom share my thinking with friends face to face, instead of tell them, writing is better. They are busy, and I believe no one likes to hear your story, or your trouble. Everyone has their trouble. 家家都有本难念的经。Moreover, this could call blog abuse.

8. Checkpoint.All the blog post I made before is just like my checkpoint in my life. I can check back how I not mature enough to post the not mature content. It  make me realize what should I do or not, and the correct things I should learn in my life. Sometimes, I will check back my old post to see my not mature enough behavior.Anyway, I feel that some personality and perception I have changed, not similar as last time.

9. Earn advertisement money. This is the fail things I do. It is just my side quest for my blog.I thought I can earn money through Nuffnang advertisement, but the result is really horrible. My blog traffic is very smooth (Not many people read my blog). For my last decision, Nuffnang used just as decoration for my blog.  

I think these are all the reasons that I could figure out so far.I will continue my interest if I still capable to do so.

17 September, 2010

Holiday End Soon

Today is Friday. It mean after 2 days, open-school and I going to friend again with assignment and the test.

Cloudy Mood
Suddenly feel that the assignment, projects met is more difficult than before. I still remember, last semester, I was suddenly learn myself to be last minute for few projects and assignments. Compare with last year, the assignment comes, I will direct settle it than waiting to be done near deadline. After this holiday, I hope I can change back, last minute is not suit me. I will feel more pressure if I doing at last minute (scare cannot did well).

Today, cloudy day at my place. Get a haircut for myself, clear up my mind. Tomorrow night will be the Farewell Party of manager of Secret Recipe. Although I already not working there anymore, the host still invite me. Do not know should happy or feel normal..haha. Next day, I have to attend the friend's wedding. Wow, so nice, 22 years old already married, he seems like he has prepared well. (Do not know this time is it 奉子承婚?again :P) It is normal for nowadays scene.

I prefer this kind of PSM
Suddenly feel like not able to do for my final year project(PSM). Develop a system...This holiday, there is no improvement on my final year project. I too moody. Why I always follow mood? Sometimes feel PSM is just stupid thing. Why need to do? Simply have a final exam like UniPM then okay already, isn't it? From my friend advise, I just take it as my challenge. Really need to spend a lot of time on this. This time university has holiday December, three weeks only. Why so few?

This holiday has it good and bad. Good is meet up with old dear friends and finish some offline games at home. Bad is no improvement of PSM, only done the report.Oh yeah, last week I drew a lot of pictures using Adobe Photoshop. Some are friends, some are brothers, by using layer technique.

Drawing is cheating...:P
Hope today whole day will be cloudy day. Increase my feeling mood. Smile for myself and do something for prepare my test :)

16 September, 2010

Adam & Eve

Just finish playing Assassin Creed 2, video game last week.Between, I found out there are secret things that like side quest.To be truth, I seldom focus on side quest,I have interest on main story. Well, this side quest quite interesting. If collect all of the pieces symbol on the wall, The Truth will be completed. The Truth here, is about the story of Adam & Eve, human creation story.

Here is the link to see the video The Truth - Assassin Creed 2.

Guess what? I did not play this side quest, until I finish the main story games.What I did was open the link and straight forward to watch that video.

This makes me remember the Chinese legend story - [女蜗补天].

15 September, 2010

Left Dish For Others

Indirectly, this title has link to the personality that think for other members when having a meal.

Normally, a family consume same dish with the rice, as daily food.Maybe I have many brothers, so I was been teaching that left dish for the others who have not eat yet since young.

Just left one
Example, my mom cooks 14 piece nuggets.Then, we all have to eat it equally, like each only can consume 2 pieces as maximum number. If any members no follow the rules, we are going to argue with each other. Sometimes, I think the actions are childish. However, if not set this rule, the members who last having the meal will not able to enjoy the certain delicious dish.
Indian Style Dish
Sometimes, the dish just too delicious. The automatic hand will dig the dish and put it to the mouth. Accidentally, the dish is finish. And, sorry for the members who have not enjoy the meal yet. Is that suppose to be happened? If we left little dish for them, they might unfair to them.

My favourite Dish
I still remember a case which has happened in my home few years ago. My relatives always come to my house and enjoy the lunch. (My mom invited them to come my house eat when school days.) One day, her son, take the 2 fried nuggets with rice. After finish the rice, he has take again the nuggets. (Nuggets are delicious, isn't it?)--"Hey! Still have some people not having lunch yet. Left for them." My little brother was stopped him. Next day, they do not want to enjoy the lunch in our house anymore, willingly to take away from the hawker stall.I guess that his mother was thinking :"My son just want to have more pieces, not allow to eat more? My poor son is being bullied~" I do not how to comment this. Just can see this matter happened so serious for them.

Healthy dish

Hmm...is that always follow the first come first serve rule? Delicious dish sure will finished soon.In the end, we should eat the dish volume as we like? Or we have to think for others too?          

14 September, 2010

King Of Fighter Movie

After the Tekken Movie shadows, I cancel my desire to watch fighting movie in cinema. So, King Of Fighter I had downloaded and watch in home.This movie already release in 2009 in other country.


Iori, Mai, Kyo, Chizuru, Orochi, Vice, Rugal, Terry and Mature appear only. (If really want to demonstrate all fighters it will be happened in drama). Mai Shiranui, is my favourite character in King of Fighter series. Her attracting fire power skill, with fan throw, fire-knuckle,fire slam, all fire. Well, in the movie, she has performed by Maggie Q. Nice skill she show, disappointed that Mai in this movie have electric power (feel like Elle Bishop in Heroes).Iori no red hair. Rugal expression, the costume almost same in the king of fighter series.  


I feel like fighting movie, the way of he/she punch or kick, is like that, would not run away from that normal fighting style. They only have power when in another dimension of King of fighter tournament.  
Mai - Maggie Q

Mature - Rugal - Vice

Mai - Cosplay lol
In my point, King of Fighter is better than the Tekken movie. Maybe their power, story, fighting skill more interesting.However, I feel that not worth watch in cinema.  

13 September, 2010

Yam Cha & Resident Evil After Life

Today, I had gathered 3 good friends and go for Yam Cha session, then watch Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 too horror, so I date so many friends to watch together. (*joking) 

Normally Yam Cha happened at here
The Yam Cha session was launched at Moxi, which located near Moli. (The bubble tea café) Well, we shared a lot of what we had done recently and there are some funny things from them. The topic about direct sales from Elken, Amway…about friends who suddenly interest with you then start to promote their product, ask you to buy. Besides, another friend, seem like underweight too (but not like me), he has spent around RM400++ on weight gain. What he gets is 4.5 kg added on. My eyes were big big, bling* bling*…how I admire him so much! I spent a lot of money too, more than him. What I get was 2 kg add on. Maybe I get wrong concept, he advice me focus only weight gain product, do not buy whey protein or else. He said that some products are extract from plant, only have protein. Thus, I decide to focus on fast absorbing weight gain. (*Anyone knows 21st Century- Rapid Weight Gain with Colostrums?) Last, my friend was joking with another friend, said about “Wow!! I found out something! You change a lot! …Where is your neck? lol” It impressed me and make me laugh. (Sorry about that…haha XD- I added oil too (I am naughty) - Do not feel sad, ok?)

The Claire In the Resident Evil Game - Ali Larter

After watch the Resident Evil 4, it was really a nice movie! With so many strong cast. First, some characters are taken from games Resident Evil 5 that are Chris, the butcher, the red shining spider tool, the sunglass boss-Wesker, and the zombie with flower on the mouth. Sure, the story has a bit different from games, but the characteristic are same. I fell that I start to fall in love with Claire, by Ali Larter. She so amazing, from split personality of Niki to the Claire. She has pretty martial art and so cool! The Chris, (Michael Scottfield from Prison Break series) make me feel that Michael Scottfield was fall into Resident Evil, continue to lead the escape way, and same thing, he was closed in the prison at first lol (maybe he is so famous on how to escape from the prison)

Jill Valentine - Appear at the end of the movie?
Jill and Wesker
The Butcher. Is hard to kill it in games...run!
Chris - Michael Scottfield 
Claire, Chris, Wesker, Alice

The last character who appears in the battle plane, I guess is Jill. (who has under controlled by the Umbrella Company, with the red shining spider tool). Is that true? When Resident Evil series going to end?       

12 September, 2010

Split Personality

I have notice that some people (or friends) has split personality. I doubt myself too. Just like the old post - Hot Temper. When I am Hot Temper, that is another me XD

Split personality, the person who has two types of personality. Positive and negative/positive and positive/negative and negative. This inspire come from my friend.

For example, I wake up a good friend by telling him some small things. He is open his eyes and ask me what happen or what thing. Then I started to tell him. What he response is he nodded and say "ok". After that, he continue to sleep. When afternoon, I asked him whether he know or not I disturb him when morning. He give me the reply: "Huh? I don't know. When I wake up? That is another me I think..." In his theory, that is another him at that moment. Interesting theory...hehe

Example again, another friend treat you very good normally. Suddenly he can change expression faster and ignore you all the time. Well, it happens on me also. However, ignore is the thing that I frequently do :P

To be truth, if one really has split personality, he or she does not know that has split personality on themselves. Just like Niki Sander in Heroes series (Ali Larter!) , her another personality is strong, direct, and fierce. Amazing power!

P/S: This one week holiday was ended. It is so fast! Next week have to manage some studies thing...Hope my study mood will comes to me soon...

11 September, 2010

Listen Order

The scope of this listen order will be on family members and friends. 

What does the mean of listen order? It is just like somebody asks you to do a favor and help him or her done the things that he or she could not do.  This always happen in my family members, especially between brothers.
Example: My big brother always sits on the sofa, and asks us serve him a cup of water because he need to drink water, especially when he watching TV. Even open the big gates of our home, he need to ask his brother to help him open. We can help, the problem is he is free to do so, why need ask us to do?? No wonder he is added fat, especially on his tummy :P
Sometimes, I will give order too. Like throw the rubbish of the kitchen, I will ask my little brother to open the gates. Otherwise, he is going to throw by himself. I am lazy though, isn’t it? Also, for my first little brother too, always ask the smallest brother to open the gate, if he need to go out. My little brother always asking “Why always need to ask me help you all do the things? Cannot do by you ah?” Mother is the main role to order us to do household.
I figure out the main reason – Lazy. Of course, there is limit to order brother to do some matters. When keep being asked to do, he will obey the order, and ask you do on your own. That is the good response to remind that is time to move their own.  Somehow, I feel like my smallest brother quite “pity”, when he said like that, my big brother will going to reply: “You help me do, I buy you a KFC or MacD. Want? “……My brothers cannot skip this challenge…gagagaga 
In friend session, I think it is better not order friend to do something. It might break down the relationship. Nobody likes to follow order.  Change the way of order to “Can you help me to ……”. I always did to my house mate, who sit beside me, ask him help me switch on my laptop plug, and added “Thank you very much, I love you”. He just gives the response: “Please do not love me. Please.” If I keep doing this, he might dislike me more and more…haha
Last, I will try not to give order to my friend, family members and try to do by myself. Well, if he does not mind, I not going to hesitate and will ask friend help me do the small things lol