01 September, 2010

Online Games

When I first touch the online games? hmm...if I'm no wrong, I think it is when I was enter this university. So outdated, isn't it?

My online game here refers to the "big" online games. Example like 乱,剑侠,诛仙,counter strike, Dota, World of warcraft, final fantasy online, atlantica online and so on. For the miniclip, flash game which available on website, I was played it when I was form 5.If not wrong,my friend at that time had introduce me to play Gunbound, online game. He said very fun. Well, I was rejected, scared I will addicted to it. At that time, online services still seldom appear at my house area.To be truth, I am bookworm.

When enter this university, after moved out from my college. I can said I was trying many online games, with streamyx services. (Streamyx so nice!). What the online games I have try? Dadadadadadada-----There are 诛仙2,Dota, Steps,SDO,Loco,MAT, counter strike, left 4 dead...i think is that all. So far for what I gain, I not feel so addicted on it, but I more addicted to offline complete story, RPG, adventure, fighting games. Maybe due to anti-social gene. haha...

Why online games so fun? My answer is can play with friends, online friends, family members and etc. Play in same games and strike together for same motive.Nakama! The fast end online games is Dota.The other is just like endless games.I do not know who can complete an online games like 诛仙。。。most are endless, right?

If I focus on online games, I will lose a lot of my interest, especially those offline story games. I have interest to play more on offline games. To know its story, levels and so on, and not need online. I saw my friends who play an online games, can addicted on it whole day, everyday. As well as my brother, can focus on chinese online games everyday, well then is not whole day. (if he silently play whole day, who will know? hehe)I wonder is that worth to spend on it with full throttle?

I always like to play offline games more. For example, when I complete tomb raider 5, i will aim for next series, tomb raider 6, 7, 8...Prince of persia series, silent hill series...and blah blah blah...anyway I will try to balance my time for games and studies. So how about my social? I can say it was very bad section for me...

So, I do not want to addicted with online games so much. It feels like not worth and no gain anything at last.(oh yeah, got the experience) Play offline games at least I can get to see the ending lol

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