30 June, 2010


I admit that i am the one who like to compare myself with others. So, what i get back is disappointed, loser, useless...especially in natural talent, gift...

In studies, i like to compare with others, in order to boost my study spirit, and boost my result. Some friends had told me before, even mother, ask me do not always compare with others. Maybe i was been train to like to compare when i was in secondary school...Same for video game skill, i lack of talent too :(

In the advantage of comparison, one can know their limitation, and improve the insufficient.Again, i always lose to the one who was fat than me. I too skinny, and sometimes i will jealous why they can so easy to be fat? My eyes so small, why others so big? I just greedy...It just related with "size does matter?"

Anyway, i try to reduce this kind of personality.It just did a lot of harmful to me if i continue with this...


Know this title? I was knew it after i playing DOTA (defense of the ancient).

In this game, tanker is help the team to tank the attack from the enemy team.While at this time, the attacker will responsible to do attack on enemy, and the supporter release magic, skill to protect the team members, or magic on the enemy. Then, the game combo will totally perfect!

The attribute of tanker is have long life, strong armor, and do more on attack. The weakness might be do not have many skills...focus more on self attack damage. The attacker more on attack speed, in the name of 'attacker'. This type of hero is medium attribute in life (HP) and mana (MP). Supporter focus more on skill, and the mana is the most, they need mana to cast skills. The weakness is in low HP, and less armor.

Actually this scene just like real life. Some people used to 'tank' all the things, some are support, some are only "attack"..hehe..

This DOTA game really special, the player can show his or her attribute naturally through this game. The playing style...

Being which role is good? i wonder...

27 June, 2010


Everyday a SMILE, keep the sunshine on!

Do you always smile? haha, i'm don't know is it i am the one who like to smile...cause sometimes my friend said my expression always serious...lol

Actually i like to smile. And, i love to watch people smile too. If a person intend to smile and bring along with "double meaning", that is not good.I seem like a pervert, love to watch people smiling >.<

Some people forced to smile everyday. The real feeling is sad.Conflict too, a person feeling sad choose to hide it.

Natural smile, bring joy to everyone.

P/S: Do not simply smile at not correct situation, the land mine might be there.

26 June, 2010

UTHM New Library!

Now, UTHM New library is currently open!

I very like the design~

Just like the Taiwan university style!

Enjoy the new study environment!

The center Park

The another building still in the process

A personal study room

The main gate (to First floor)

The Main Gate 2

Many many seats 

Information Searching Room

I like the placement of seat =D

The secret path (shortest path) to Library :P

Sex before Marriage

Just wonder that 

Few's year before

I listen to my friend who said that

It is better for sex after marriage


Follow the current trends

almost 90% couples have sex before marriage

What is the different? 

Why in long time ago 

Sex before marriage is not good

Now soon become more popular and common

Most couples step into marriage with baby in her tummy

Traditional way seems like have to be abandoned...

And to be a modern people?...

25 June, 2010


Suddenly come across this topic...because it might bring the horror feeling to me...scary X_X

Mannequin used at the clothing store. There are two types, man & women. The model just like real human. As we can see, some horror movie used the mannequin to create the horror atmosphere.If a mannequin can speak, is kinda scary----

So, yesterday i was watch the toy story 3. The story line is nice, and bring the theme that "forget the past, accept the new". Well, in this movie, Barbie doll and Ken were show up in this movie.

It just like mannequin...-.-'' What i feel is not cute, and what i feel is a little of horror!...a Barbie doll talking, is...let me flash back about the Toy Soldier...ha, nice movie after all.

I still remember that when i playing Silent Hill 3 last time, the scene that the main character(girl) enter the dark clothing store,inside a lot of mannequin.(horror atmosphere) Then, the one of the mannequin suddenly scream, i was shocked and scared! Plus that time i'm alone in house, and night time 11.00p.m. something... lol

Sometimes i even imagine that, if the mannequin will speak suddenly at the clothing store, i sure scream XD


23 June, 2010

Responsibility Again

I knew that i was post about this topic before - Responsibility. Recently, i feel this kind of personality is really really really really greatly reduced in this social life...

What is responsibility? It means "accepting that you and you alone are accountable for your life. Being responsible therefore comes with the realization that you are where you are, and what you are, because of your own conduct and behavior." I get this quote from a website, the definition of responsibility.Get the meaning here?

Normally, some people choose not to be responsible for their works, things and action. Even think that "why i need to responsible?" "don't be stupid, being a responsible just like foolish things" "better care for owns things" blah blah same type of selfish minded. I still wonder is that responsibility very important? If you are not responsible,it really doesn't matter. If think in morally, (moral?? don't be silly~) the people considered has zero responsibility.

In a team, a member was get the task, then he or she is required to complete by himself or herself.If cannot complete by owns, then how? 'throw' to other members to do it? or finish it no matter what before deadline?? I believe many people will choose "throw to other members", because that is the easiest way. Why cannot just complete the task that was given no matter what?

In normal life, if a man makes a girl pregnant, he need to responsible and married her as his wife. If not, it just simply ask the girls go to the Obstetrics and Gynecology (delete the baby). If the second way is chosen, that man really in a big SIN. Compared to the teamwork, the responsibility really is not a so much big deal...

If for me, i will choose to be responsible. I was given a mission, then i have to complete by myself no matter what, might asking help from friends, others, and so on. The important part is done by own.I was choose to pay my responsibility since in primary school. For now what i do, i do what should i do as a student, at least it is my current responsibility. Maybe my mother give me this Chinese name(劲任)(任=责任),just want me to become a person who responsible.

The advantage of responsibility, i believe that it will let one's feel satisfied, full of completeness. The feeling is good. ^_^ However, in the process of responsibility, it might feel hard :(

If a leader who do not have the responsibility, the team sure "die"...
If i offended anyone here, then i just feel sorry about that, this is what i feel..

Last sentences:

think wisely on 'is that really need to be a responsible man or women'? 

22 June, 2010

Tons of Works

Recently really busy, even no feel and time to write my blog...(so 'eat snake' at my blog)

For this last week of short semester, i believe every moment will pass soon. However, the problem is have to rush for the assignment, project, presentation, and the final report of mini-psm system.

This time, i take the part of create the system in php mode, web page based. Can imagine that all have to learn by own. Luckily, there's must have the senior's work as our references. So, the problem was greatly reduced. Create a system is not that easy.

I can feel my pressure is always with me. I want to play games, take a rest and so on!...but, i can't---so many things come this week. I just want to scope it well. And my team members, just fight for this last work, only one times...good luck every one!

All i can say is, i was in last minute automatically. If do it early, i don't know how to do it, and create it...so maybe i can understand some student why choose to last minute. However, the price is "No Sleep Tonight"...(by The Faders)

19 June, 2010

Soft Skill

Soft skill, defined as "presentation skill". Do you have a strong soft skill?

For my current status, soft skill is very important in this university. If owns a strong soft skill, the information would be expressed perfectly, people love to hears what you are presented. When steps into social life, there is more important to have strong soft skills.

I try to learn and improve my soft skill, just for my presentation motive. How to training? Always speak English with my near friends, make it fluent? By the way, there is a course that provide soft skill training, just like MDEC program.

To have a strong soft skill, the one must have strong confidence. For me, i can act myself in confidence mode, but i do not have any ideas to present the next content.So, with the confident and without content, the soft skill is just like equal to zero...

Maybe i need to gain more knowledge, and always thinking in mind to present the next content, so i not more "stammer"..

16 June, 2010

Hate Current Status?

Are you the one in the status of hating or dislike the own current condition that happens around you?

So being in this status, some people choose run away to solve their problem, some people try to face it or challenge it. In my mind, I rather choose to face my problem than just run away from it. This is because, run away cannot solve the problems, as old goes saying.

For example, I hate my current condition, being study at here, have to do the PSM (Projek Sarjana Muda), have to come hostel here, cannot back home play nice computer games, and so on…Thus, my decision is, I try to learn to love my current condition, even not so like at the start. When I start try to love here, my feeling is better. I will think in another positive way. The concept I hold is, focus well on my studies for these last few semesters, even this is not a very famous university, and after done this I will no more chance to study, will focus on working~

    Once has hardworking, that must be the colorful checkpoint of life.

15 June, 2010

Feels like Crying

I just want to cry recently...

Recently, after i flash back, a lot of surprise things and unhappy things happen on me. Well, surprise things doesn't affect me so much. The horrible is unhappy things are comes along with me.

Especially in my social life, i almost do not know how to create a best communicate way to my friends around me. Sometimes i feel like i being boycott, sometimes i feel i'm full a lot of passive, sometimes i split personality...wanna to be active, but? is hard for a passive guy...

I easily said wrong things to my friends, just like previous few post. Then, what i get response is "hatred" on me, "dislike" me...i am the one will automatically spread out the unsatisfied things if it happens. My feedback was bad.Seem like have to learn "accept for everything that around me, if all people reach the same agreement, even it is in negative way"

Nvm, i will try to happy in another way...i must never give up!

14 June, 2010

Can't Live without Computer

-----I am the one who hard to live without COMPUTER everyday-----

I still remember that when I was form 3- My desktop was suddenly broken, and then I will felt no mood at that week. Eagerly wants the desktop to be fixed then I can continue play. The problem is repair the desktop will be in expensive cost. So, the desktop will be abandoned for one or two months to be fixed.It is hard to live when in waiting time...


So, what I did is keep watching movie, drama from television. And, I will very miss my desktop…”when can fixed it?”

Now this kind of feeling has not strong as before, seems like I was grow up >.< However, I still keep in touch with computer every day. “Can’t live without a computer”…For another side is, my mother always will said: “always playing computer, try go outside and get fresh air, and join the social life with friends or others!”

Once got computer, my daily activities focused automatically on computer, internet, assignment, online games, games, music, video, drama…See? Life is full of fun ~ 

13 June, 2010


Hug – Friend hug, Lover hug, family hug, brother hug, sister hug, best friend hug…and blah blah blah…Do you love to hug people? Hehe

I seldom hug people like friends, family, brothers…I was learn to hug people (I mean when I grow up) in a Buddhism activities with the ‘strangers’. Well, the activities like gather all people to participate in activities, and boost each other relationship between people with people. In fact, I don’t like to participate in this kind of activities, (indoor freak), I was forced by my big brother, and he was joined too. Thanks to him, so I learn to hug many friends at that time. (I was skinny. Hug a skinny guy = hug the pole electric, sad…cannot contribute something XD)    

Then, I start to recognize the feeling of hug. Well, is nice! Get the warm feeling from others. If in winter, I think will more fantasy >.< (don’t dream in this country lo…ha). So, sometimes I will hug my friends randomly (T&C applied XD). Same gender always hug, however different gender is hard to try, girl will say “you are pervert!”   

The hugging time is increase with the time of “long time no see”. The friend that you more too long time never meet, you might hug longer than usual if meet him/her. Hug~hug boost the relationship! >.<

Haha, below shows the benefit of hug ^^

Have a nice day! 

12 June, 2010

Favourite Instant Noodle

Do you know instant noodle? Hehe…everyone sure familiar with this.

My favourite instant noodle is dried-based. So, the “MYOJO” is my top choice, and followed by the Mi-Sedap. This is because I was tired of consume soup-based instant noodle.

Just sharing here, when you want to cook instant noodle in soup-based, just remember the steps:

1. Boil the water with the instant noodle
2. When the instant noodle was soft and elastic, throw the water. (for throw the wax)
3. Pour new hot water into the bowl with the cooked instant noodle.

The history of recognize Mi-sedap:
When I enter this university, then the IT course gathering with senior, they present each a Mi-sedap instant noodle. After that, I was fall in love with it! >.< but, MYOJO, u are always my first choice! (quite expensive 0.o) And, don't always consume instant noodles, is bad for health...

10 June, 2010



Talk whatever i want

"Shoot" people who around me

Always saying wrong things

Talking without pass through my mind

Always speaking directly

Only know say "sorry" after my mistakes

Not try to stand on the people side to think

 Always hide angry inside my heart

Easily feel sad

Have a feeling that this world is going to reach the end

Why not so realistic? 

People always misunderstood my meaning

Not thinking the consequences completely

And tell me. What should i do now? Right now, i don't have any idea on the technique to survive in this world especially with talking skills, and with this kind of personality. Being myself? ? 

When i will love myself for this kind of personality? Is time to change??...

Who can save me? (P/S: This world is reality, only me can save myself.)


08 June, 2010

Why people love to hear the good things?

In this world, there is no one like the people listen to the bad things on their own. Almost everyone likes to hear the good things. And so, this is one of the ways to improve social life.

Sometimes, people around me said about the good things, I will think that clearly is it what he or she said is sincere, or just makes me happy only. I am the one who rather listen to the truth than the “good things”. Although sometimes I might not be able to accept the truth, I will try to learn to tolerate and think positively in hard way. Thus, I might be able to improve myself in the related field.

It is hard to listen the bad things from others, especially bad things on owns. I quite hate people who always only know to make other happy by express or said a lot of good things on him; praise him or her to the heaven, and etc. However, the people in this world like this kind of person because listen to their words they can feel very happy and in seventh heaven. If not think too much, it will be in happy mood. If think too much, it will be in “prevention” mode. Prevention here refers to think about like “why he/she suddenly so good to me? Why said a lot of good things on me? Is it he or she has another purpose?”…this kind of behaviour almost can watch from the famous Taiwan TV drama shows. Example like “台湾龙卷风,爱,夜市人生,。。。。。

In this real world, the people who very honest and talk too straight, and don’t know speak it in a good way; they might be hard to survive in this real world, especially in social, business life. In a nutshell, what response you have when you are listening to the people talking and doing so well on you?   

06 June, 2010

Privacy Room

Since young, I dun have my privacy room. We all 5 brothers were sleep together in a one room. So there is nothing can talk about personal privacy in a room.

The first time I experienced in privacy room, when I live in my new hostel, Taman Waja at Parit Raja, Johor. Before that, I live in the former uni campus, Taman Melewar, share room with my roommate, almost all three people in 1 room. When I live in new hostel, my roommate going back, and I temporary owns a privacy room.

So, what can I do in my privacy room? Mastxxxxxx? Nope. I not used to it in room~. So for me, i just sleep like normal in my room. Oh yeah, if for study session, I believe it is the best way to focus, nobody disturb.

Suddenly, I was though that my friend had his own room. He told me that he will naked and sleeps at whole night. I wonder what is the feeling of naked sleep…hope I have a chance to feel it >.<   

At least, I know the privacy rules. The simplest form is the “privacy organ”. Next, it will all about the privacy things. However, there will be a person will disturb ur privacy…

As a result, it doesn’t matter I have my personal room. Anyway, I already used to it. However, just like last posts, I have snoring, might disturb other people when sleeping, haiz...

05 June, 2010

Good Or Bad?

I wonder when good meet bad…what suppose to be mean of that?

For example, (taken from an article), A girl chat with her friend. She said her dream last night to her friend. The dialog:

Girl1: Yesterday my dream was so weird, and realise something.
Girl2: What is that?
Girl1: So, I was dreaming about my housemate and I was sleep in our room. Then, a
group of man was break in our room and going to rape us.
Girl2: Wau!! Your dream really horror…
Girl1: Yes. Never mind, so each man choose each housemate to rape. Then, a man was
coming toward me, and going to rape me. Suddenly, he saw me, and said to me:“This one so ugly, I dun want, just let her go, I choose another.”
Girl2: Oh my god…and you should be happy what? You are safe.
Girl1: I know. However, when thinking another way, I just feel that I was
abandoned because of my look. All group was face the same things, except me.

Catch my idea? I don’t know need to categorize this to……
Maybe every incident got two sides, good and bad...