26 August, 2010


Karma means what you do will get what you did.Since I was standard 6, I believe karma as well, maybe affected by reading the Buddha Books.

I still remember that kind of feeling when reading Buddha Books first time, at standard 6. It let me feel scare, and I do not dare to do bad things or incident.So, when I in primary school, I was totally well behavior and get fond of the teachers and friends. For now, that feeling can be said is greatly reduced.

In other words, I was timid.I scared of after I did the bad things, after I dead I going to get a very serious punishment. For this section, the example like when curse people, after going down (hell), the tongue will be pierce through by the spears.And a lot of example there...need to test the pain all "life"...(*I wonder life after death)

For the section of still in life, the example like today you have cheated somebody, then you will get cheated by somebody at last, and even more. My mom was laughing the Malay friend's child ear so small, cute when she was pregnant. At last, my second small brother's ear so small, until now...lol (I cannot laugh instead*)  

Do you believe karma? Yes, I do, but not 100%. However, I was "shoot" a lot of friends,no matter is in joking or serious. I wonder my mouth at last will gonna be swollen or what...Last, Karma covers a lot of section...

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