30 October, 2014

Tower Of Saviors - 神魔之塔

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The recent popular mobile games - "Tower of Saviors" (“神魔之塔” - in Chinese words) getting more and more players recently!

At last year, I saw my friends playing this game. Badly, I did not find this game any attractive for me to play. All of sudden, this year- February 8th, 2014, I started play this game in Chinese version - "神魔之塔". “Let me try out this mobile game!”

It is totally attracting me! The design of the cards, colorful rune, and the way of playing makes me playing everyday. For my current work place, I noticed only one colleague playing this game in Chinese version. So I started to ask him many questions that moment. I think he should be feeling proud of it (or actually he feel annoyed lol).

Sooner or later, next colleague start to join this game too. After few days, another one joins too. After two weeks, total of five colleagues join this un-return road. Besides, I noticed my cousin playing long time ago! (I was late to join this game). University friends playing too, but all are in English version. A WhatsApp group chat also created by my friend for discussion. This is really serious…hehe 
Battle Mode

App-In Purchase
First of all, I strongly disagree to do any app-in purchase, it is just too waste of money. (Buying the thing that not physical, it is just virtual item, for normal people >_<). So I asked the same first colleague again, he told me that he will do it sometimes when comes to promotion. After think of half day, I also purchase the items just to get the promotion item. The moment of drawing cards, will feel extraordinary excited, especially get the platinum card. In addition, we, players - use money to buy “Diamonds” in the game.

Diamond function:
1.      Restore Stamina
2.      Pass the stage that you have game over, restore the life to continue battle
3.      Restore battle souls (recent feature)
4.      Draw monster card (the most important part!)

One day, I post a status to my Facebook wall,
“Tower of Saviors really nice, beautiful cards, game, and must be played daily!”.
My Form 6 friend gave a comment that asks me to join his guild, which created by another form 6 friend too, and he is my cousin too! In the meantime, I just realized that I not yet join any guild (So lame).  

Guild function:
1.      a social communication with other guild members
2.      giving bonus experience amount to up level and bonus gold
3.      instantly fight the stage to get the material that can evolve monster
4.      daily guild mission, complete a day can get 5 black keys, and experience card

At July 2014, my friends and I was giving support to my friend who participate the competition at Mid Valley. (In fact, my purpose was to get free 5 diamonds XD). Congratulation to him getting many diamonds after win 2 rounds (200 diamonds if I not mistaken). I have no courage to take part at that moment, so, anyway it was regret.

Mid Valley Competition TOS
As for now, most of the colleagues join the same guild as me. ^_^

The evolution for the cards is special too. Specific materials card have to hunt and collected for the evolution of main card.
Diamond Price List (expensive)

Recently has more revolution done to this game. For example, two cards can be hybrid when the both skills for the selected cards are ready. An exciting animation show up and the two cards turn into one card.
(Just like Ryu/Ken/Chun-Li casting ultimate power then an animation appears suddenly.)

Now, Tower of Saviors becomes part of my life. One day no playing will feel no comfortable. And maybe, I will quit this game someday.

          Platinum cards

        hybrid mode....

23 September, 2014


是 胃胀风, 还是 肚腩 ? (假肚腩?) @@

最近 (或许时常)肚子都觉得较大,以为是肚腩。有时又认为是胀风。


如果肚子较辛苦,那就是胀风 ,轻轻敲一敲有点空气。反之,为肚腩。







希望能放多点无声与无味屁,那么胀风就会大幅度减少 XD

02 February, 2014

Being Scold - Seats

Last night, it was all family members watch the movie - [The Journey (一路有你)] together. This movie was really nice, and get high rating in Malaysia. Look at Guai Lou how he adapt himself in chinese culture, and the main characters' life story - touching & funny & hilarious.

Well after the movie, I suddenly been scold by my eldest brother.
"Why you so stupid? Bought so frontier seats, all watch with not so comfortable.
Luckily I sit in the first row from the back, so nice the view. ------
You always the same, the mind stubborn, never change, stubborn "dragon"."
(The rest 5 members sit together, only he sit with his friends at the back)

"I want all family members to sit together, that's why I choose the seats like this. Between it was the 5th row from the movie screen (after 5th rows were sold), else I already purchased 9.40 p.m. showtime, won't choose 11.40 p.m. showtime."

The rows purchased: H5 to H10
"All family members sit together or not is not important, the more important is all can watch with comfortable,
separate seats also doesn't matter. You are already used to watch movie, this kind of thing still need to remind." (This sentences makes me think about someone)

I want to say more but the rest members were asked us to stop. I was feeling hurt indirectly (not because asked us to stop).

Well, if for no reasons, I chosen the frontier seats, you may scold me stupid or whatever, I don't care. However, this time was because of my own reasons then being scold like this, I feel so innocent, misunderstood.

Sometimes I just don't like my eldest brother. He always directly shout & scold at us (all members) if the way we did does not fit in his eyes. I knew that he was great success in his insurance career, try to change everything/person to his desired hopes with impatience.

What do you feel if a closed person always shouted/scold you in all time?
My Answer: I really wish to have power like Carrie then using telekinesis to revenge. 

21 January, 2014



The records made during whole year 2013~:

  1.  Hanzel & Gretel: Witch Hunter (JAN)(RM8, 6/10)
  2.  The Impossible (JAN) (RM8, 7/10)
  3. Taxi! Taxi! (FEB) (RM13, 7/10)
  4. A Good Day to Die Hard (FEB)(RM13, 8/10)
  5.  I Love HK 2013 (FEB)(RM13, 5/10)
  6. Journey to The West (FEB)(RM8, 7/10)
  7. Beautiful Creatures (FEB)(RM8, 6/10)
  8. Hotel Deluxe (FEB)(RM10, 7/10)
  9. Jack: The Giant Slayer (3D) (MAR)(RM21, 7/10)
  10. OZ: The Great and Powerful (MAR)(RM10, 7/10)
  11.  Django Unchained (MAR)(RM10, 7/10)
  12. G.I.JOE 2: Retaliation (MAR)(RM7, 6/10)
  13. Saving General Young (APRIL)(RM6, 6/10)
  14. Ironman 3 (MAY)(RM10, 7/10)
  15. EPIC (MAY)(RM10, 7/10)
  16. Fast & Furious 6 (MAY)(RM10, 8/10)
  17. Man of Steel (JUNE)(RM7, 8/10)
  18. World War Z (JUNE)(RM7, 7/10)
  19. Despicable Me 2 (3D) (JUNE)(RM23, 9/10)
  20. White House Down (JULY)(RM7, 7/10)
  21. Monster University (JULY)(RM10, 8/10)
  22. Pacific Rim (JULY)(RM10, 8/10)
  23. Red 2 (JULY)(RM7, 7/10)
  24. The Lone Ranger (JULY)(RM10, 7/10)
  25. The Conjuring (AUGUST)(RM7, 8/10)
  26. Percy Jackson – Sea Of Monster (AUG)(RM10, 6/10)
  27. Elysium (AUG)(RM7, 8/10)
  28. Unbeatable (AUG)(RM14, 8/10)
  29. The Purge (AUG)(RM10, 5/10)
  30. The Mortal Ins.: City Bones (AUG)(RM10, 7/10)
  31. Kick Ass 2 (SEPTEMBER)(RM13, 8/10)
  32. Riddick (SEPTEMBER)(RM10, 5/10)
  33. The Internships (SEPTEMBER)(FREE, 8/10)
  34. About Time (SEPTEMBER)(RM10, 7/10)
  35. Rush (SEPTEMBER)(RM10, 8/10)
  36. Prisoner (SEPTEMBER)(RM10, 9/10)
  37. Gravity (OCTOBER)(RM9, 8/10)
  38. Insidious: Chapter 2 (OCTOBER)(RM14, 8/10)
  39. THOR 2: The Dark World (NOVEMBER)(FREE, 8/10)
  40. Rigor Mortis (NOVEMBER)(FREE, 7/10)
  41. Carrie (NOVEMBER)(RM10, 7/10)
  42. Ender’s Game (NOVEMBER)(RM10, 7/10)
  43. Firefly (NOVEMBER)(RM10, 7/10)
  44. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (NOV)(RM10, 8/10)
  45.  The White Storm (DEC)(RM14, 8/10)
  46. 47 Ronin (DEC)(RM8, 7/10)
  47. The Hobbit: Des. of Smaug (DEC)(RM18, 8/10)
  48. Frozen (DEC)(RM10, 8/10)


05 January, 2014

Bone Ashes - RIP

*This content was for memorial purpose - dearest, youngest brother, Kang. 

My youngest brother, Kang was gone. His body was chosen to cremate. All cousins were attended the temple before cremate happens.

After three hours, we went back to temple to get the bone ashes from the person in charge. 

As explanation from person in charge, the bone ashes was really weak, they took those ashes with extra carefully. They thought the deceased was an old man. What can be concluded was the antibiotic given to him all this time was too heavy for him. After that, we had arranged and the bone ashes were put at the temple where nearby our home. 


Anyway he was leaving this world. We all family members still have to live the life. I feel proud that I had this youngest brother and he was a good guy, with courage & kind heart. Besides, as prophecy, he was supposed to left this world at the May 2013. However, God and doctor were helped to prolong his life and stay with  us another half years. We appreciated.

As for now, I believe he is living in better place, maybe become God? He was gone before year 2014 arrived. 

The strange thing was none of us dreamed about him after he was gone...

Rest in peace, my dearest youngest brother. You always live inside my heart. Be happy after life. 

The Leaving - (Part II)

*This content was for memorial purpose - dearest, youngest brother, Kang. 

On Monday morning, I helped to look after brother and asked my mother back home for rest. His condition was looks fine, the red eye can be open a bit and look at me. When I hold tight his hand, his hand will hold back my hand, but with no much energy. He cannot talk since last time. I did talk a lot to him and asked him gave me response with hand signal. This time, I noticed his conscious seem like better than yesterday, and spirit as well.

Afternoon, my mother was back to ward here with another brother. After lunch, I went back to ward, Kang was in heart beat very fast, around "155". Mother was very worried because after Kang spilled out all the phlegm and water from mouth and nose, his heart beat start to get fast. Doctor and nurse were not able to do anything for him. The only thing was wait and see him in suffer way. Around 6 p.m., ICU's nurse came to rescue him. After changed the plasters, I had request nurse to do something on him. The nurse said she will give sleeping liquid for him to rest and let him feel stable. Soon after, the medicine was given and the heartbeat really start to slow a bit - around " 147". I was worried anyway. Mother was back as she would like to take care him at midnight shift. The night my father was came and helps to take care.

Tuesday morning was turned to my shift. Before I went to hospital, I heard from father about Kang was going to leave this world at today (31-12-13), as he knew from somewhere else. I was no spirit at all and went to hospital as usual. My mother definitely would not leave hospital at today. The feeling to leave from this brother was really painful, hurt. Anyway, I had tried to think in positive way.

For the day, doctor can tried to save his life by using Antibiotic again to prolong his life. As doctor mentioned before, his lungs were totally infected, hard to be rescued. As all family knew that, brother was injected too many antibiotic this year. Thus, leaving seem like the only way for him and release from pain whole this year. With the God helps, his body/look was totally recovered included the scar that operation did on his head. As he wish to go back home, we arranged for him immediately.

When he reached home, all tubes were took out from his body. Doctor mentioned before on if all the tube were took out he will stop breathing. The moment of those tubes took out was really pain at one moment for him. After that, his heartbeat was getting low, and what he tried to do was throw out all the phlegm from his lungs. I heard that people are get ready to go, their own body will be recovered and cleaned from any bacteria/virus, to be gone with healthy and clean. All of sudden I was understood that the sentences was right. All his friends, family, brothers, and others were around him.
>> He was leaving at night.

Immediately soon after, we had arranged all those things need for him after life...


The Leaving - (Part I)

*This content was for memorial purpose - dearest, youngest brother, Kang. 

Last Saturday, I reached home and noticed his look was different if compare with last time. My mother told me that he had many phlegm when the cough generated since last two weeks. In addition, he has no spirit at all, head also not able to pull up. The left eye was red, and hard to open, the right eye was closed, unable to opened.

At Sunday, I passed the Bena medicine to my mother for him to drink (through Ryles' Tube) for his serious cough. In the mean time, I was talking to him as well, but no response I got from him. I believe he was too tired, and need a long rest after exit from local ward last two weeks. Every time he will be given Antibiotic if he stayed in ward. Antibiotic is harmful as well too. After that, I was departed for hair cut. At last, I had failed in hair cut plan due to too many people, and suddenly I received a call from my mother.

"After I gave him the medicine that you given, his nails are turn to purple color now! Right now will send to hospital."
"Sorry, then I go to hospital now too. He should be fine."

At hospital emergency entrance, the doctor let us know that his life is dangerous, anytime he can be gone. She asked my mother to sign whether CPR need to be given to him as if he was gone. My mother was signed to not agree to give CPR, because he was living with pain, as we know. Still, I did not understand that if he want to continue live then just let him. Every person was feeling annoyed and sad, tears from everyone waiting at that area. Half an hour was passed, Kang was arranged to live in ward 4 at level 1.

Kang's mouth stuck with the "mouth open" tool, with oxygen cups, and Ryles's tube as usual. His both eyes were opened and without blinked. Soon after, we had discussed with doctor on what action will be taken for him as he was hard in breath that moment. The "throat-hole" was not able to be done in this place due to no much experiences. The only way was to put the oxygen tube in his body through the mouth. It seem like there was no other choices for him as urgent too.

His body was replaced with the big long tube inserted into his mouth, the "mouth open" tool was removed as well. That moment was quite late and my parents asked me to back home and ready to look after him at next day. From the call at home I knew that his eyes were closed and sleep already. Phlegm was removed a lot too.