30 August, 2010

Hot Temper

I though I was gentle all the time. The answer is not! Actually I am a hot temper person.

When somebody speaking or talking with me, or giving me some advice, if is not suit me, or conflict with me, i will "hot" directly and start off with say a lot of rude words to the others, serious one.

If saw me appear this 2nd state, that is not real me, my another self came out. I might have split personality...Yesterday night my 2nd state was appeared, just because of small things I was become "hot" and speak rude words (not foul language) to my friend.

It seems like my friends not so fuss with me at last. He is so generous! I feel guilt. Then, I need to control myself for my 2nd state. I still not mature in mind.I have to change and tolerate. What I hot temper for actually is just small things, I have to expand my scope...


  1. so i shouldnt take it to my heart when you use vulgarities? i see i see

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. yeah, that's another person lol
    Sorry about that~


Your bullet is gonna boost me :)