30 October, 2014

Tower Of Saviors - 神魔之塔

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The recent popular mobile games - "Tower of Saviors" (“神魔之塔” - in Chinese words) getting more and more players recently!

At last year, I saw my friends playing this game. Badly, I did not find this game any attractive for me to play. All of sudden, this year- February 8th, 2014, I started play this game in Chinese version - "神魔之塔". “Let me try out this mobile game!”

It is totally attracting me! The design of the cards, colorful rune, and the way of playing makes me playing everyday. For my current work place, I noticed only one colleague playing this game in Chinese version. So I started to ask him many questions that moment. I think he should be feeling proud of it (or actually he feel annoyed lol).

Sooner or later, next colleague start to join this game too. After few days, another one joins too. After two weeks, total of five colleagues join this un-return road. Besides, I noticed my cousin playing long time ago! (I was late to join this game). University friends playing too, but all are in English version. A WhatsApp group chat also created by my friend for discussion. This is really serious…hehe 
Battle Mode

App-In Purchase
First of all, I strongly disagree to do any app-in purchase, it is just too waste of money. (Buying the thing that not physical, it is just virtual item, for normal people >_<). So I asked the same first colleague again, he told me that he will do it sometimes when comes to promotion. After think of half day, I also purchase the items just to get the promotion item. The moment of drawing cards, will feel extraordinary excited, especially get the platinum card. In addition, we, players - use money to buy “Diamonds” in the game.

Diamond function:
1.      Restore Stamina
2.      Pass the stage that you have game over, restore the life to continue battle
3.      Restore battle souls (recent feature)
4.      Draw monster card (the most important part!)

One day, I post a status to my Facebook wall,
“Tower of Saviors really nice, beautiful cards, game, and must be played daily!”.
My Form 6 friend gave a comment that asks me to join his guild, which created by another form 6 friend too, and he is my cousin too! In the meantime, I just realized that I not yet join any guild (So lame).  

Guild function:
1.      a social communication with other guild members
2.      giving bonus experience amount to up level and bonus gold
3.      instantly fight the stage to get the material that can evolve monster
4.      daily guild mission, complete a day can get 5 black keys, and experience card

At July 2014, my friends and I was giving support to my friend who participate the competition at Mid Valley. (In fact, my purpose was to get free 5 diamonds XD). Congratulation to him getting many diamonds after win 2 rounds (200 diamonds if I not mistaken). I have no courage to take part at that moment, so, anyway it was regret.

Mid Valley Competition TOS
As for now, most of the colleagues join the same guild as me. ^_^

The evolution for the cards is special too. Specific materials card have to hunt and collected for the evolution of main card.
Diamond Price List (expensive)

Recently has more revolution done to this game. For example, two cards can be hybrid when the both skills for the selected cards are ready. An exciting animation show up and the two cards turn into one card.
(Just like Ryu/Ken/Chun-Li casting ultimate power then an animation appears suddenly.)

Now, Tower of Saviors becomes part of my life. One day no playing will feel no comfortable. And maybe, I will quit this game someday.

          Platinum cards

        hybrid mode....