12 August, 2011

Final Fantasy

I was knew Final Fantasy series by an amazing Music Video, that's the starting point of me to love the Final Fantasy series. My journey of Final Fantasy is started as below...

Still remember year 1999 or 2000? That moment many English hot music was out and the famous song like Vengaboys-We Liked to Party, Boom Boom Boom Boom, Kiss, and other featuring songs Drive Me Crazy, This is How We Do It and so on, many dance hit songs! My neighbor was borrowed the MTV album to me, VCD at that moment, then I started to enjoy the music videos. At first, I thought it was original music videos, but is not. The whole package is playing the 3D CG animation of beautiful characters, a girl with light blue shirt, a guy with a scar on his face, and the blade was danced with their action..and the scene of dance in the party, a girl teach a guy to dance with those dance musics.

Wow! It is pretty amazing that for me to watch this kind of video, I absolutely attracted by it! Yeah, that was Final Fantasy VIII, out on Playstation and PC version. My girl classmate told me it was Famous game Final Fantasy series, that is the latest one for that moment. Soon, I started related myself with Final Fantasy Stuff.

When I was Form 1, I started to play Final Fantasy IX. That moment I only have PC in my house. Final Fantasy IX is out on Playstation only. To be surprised, that moment an emulator out on PC- called Connectic Virtual Game Station (CVGS), which can play most Playstation games. So, I spent RM40 for the Final Fantasy IX PC version (which based on CVGS Emulator, 5 CDs). Then I was enjoyed the games. Sadly, when at Disk 2, the game was stuck! Black screen after a scene. I still remember is sandstorm scene. After that I cannot play at all! I even search the solution online, ask friends, there is no a solution for this. RM40 wasted! T_T Then, I temporary give up for FFIX.

After a year or something, I purchased FFVIII PC version to play in my PC. Wow! The starting CG Movie is pretty amazing, high graphic, so real! When it is high definition, it stuck in the beginning of the movie CG. I need to change setting in order to let the CG movie can run successfully and can play this game. This is my first time history. Guess what? When I played on CD-3, two school battles each other and suddenly a loud "Crack" sound I heard. What the hell is going on? Walao!! My CD-3 was break into 2 pieces inside CD-ROM 52X. I need to use screw driver to take out the CD-ROM and shake it until all the pieces of CD-3 was cleared out from the CD-ROM. Oh yeah, the price for the FFVIII same, RM40, 5 CDs. I almost break to half after all. My friend had borrowed me the FFVIII PS version Japanese version. I manage to play finish Disk1. After that, the CVGS cannot continue Disk2. That's the reason I buy the PC version.

After two years, I was found out the new Playstation Emulator, called ePSXe to play any PS game, even more 3D graphic! So I do some research on it then I borrowed the FFIX PS Version from friend and burn as my copy. Then I started to play it. Yup, this time I was success to finish the FFIX games on my PC. The FFIX game is quite tough to play actually. Next, I borrowed FFVIII PS Version from another friend as my copy, and same thing I finish the games. Oh yeah, I was complete this game 3 times. I thought I was crazy. This year, I was asking one of the house mate about FFVIII, I thought I was win, but I lose. He was complete it 8 times. So scary movie!

When I was Form 6, I started to collect fund and buy the Playstation 2. Yeah, it is for the purpose to play FFX, FFX-2, and FFXII. I was completing the games finally. The FFX ending is sad, with the sad music. I was touching. FFX-2 the ending depends on player. It has pretty ending if player reach the criteria to show pretty ending. The FFXII is normal. But the battle system is turn out to be special, movable when fighting.

When in university, I was played back the Final Fantasy VII PS version. The download version has problem, so I invest again on FFVII, 3CDs. Then using ePSXe Emulator to play. Then, the last few years we sure had notice the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children movie, that shows how famous of Final Fantasy. The previous Final Fantasy movie, I do not like it at all, sucks. FFVII-Dierge of Cerberus the movie available also. Recently just finish playing the FFVII-Dierge of Cerberus PS2. I think Final Fantasy series is better keep follow its famous RPG style. 

In conclusion, I like most of the Final Fantasy series, the stories, the characters, guardian forces, chocobos and the kupo! The most big attraction is when play the games, the CG animation will be played in order to continue the story. This is the specialty of FF. In the future, I think I will get a PS3 in order to play Final Fantasy XIII, though I was finish watching the gameplay of FFXIII. Then, I hope Square Enix will develop movie of FFVIII, FFIX or either series. Do not just focus on Final Fantasy VII. Boring already....