15 August, 2010

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper has many usage, as we know. We used it to wipe dirty things, nose fluid, wipe face, and many more. More importantly, most people use it to wipe their cute ass after toilet!

I just focus on the wipe-ass matter. Haha~

So, how do you treat your ass? Commonly, people just use the toilet paper direct wipe their ass, that's all. Well, if you are doing this, i think should change the way in treating the ass.

Since standard 3, my teacher had telling me that using toilet paper to clean your ass is not so complete process. It is better if using the water, just like Malay, do not use toilet paper. It is completely clean. After that, use towel or toilet paper to absorb the damp skin.  

Why say so? Example: Let's say you are playing sand. Do you prefer using toilet paper to wipe your hand or using water? Mostly people will choose water, isn't it?

In additional, the chances to have colon cancer is low!


  1. Use the toilet paper then clean with water in the shower :p

  2. better clean it immediately lo...haha

  3. agree with pikey here. though i limit myself with 2 petak each session. SAVE TREES!

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