31 August, 2010

Step Up 3D & Pua Chu Kang

Today was a fairytale. Nope, is national day! Malaysia Merdeka! I just has the only hope that our country can maintain the peaceful world, zero racism,co-operation with every citizens and so on...

Last Saturday, I was (again) going to watch movie alone. This time I do not want to date any friends, or house mate, want to have personal lonely "trip". Maybe I was eagerly want to watch dance movie and enjoy the music! That's it - Step Up 3D (not 3D). Pua Chua Kang in my list also.

Dance on the water! 3D effect...

No regret after all. Both movies were nice and suit my feeling! After watch Step Up 3D, what I feel is the movie stage same just like Step Up 2. Dance story movie. This movie shows the natural of dance. By dancing, you can relax yourself, to find your real me, and so be natural. People like to dance.

                         LUKE                             NATALIE

I really want to dance with them together when watching this movie lol Oh yeah, the main character Luke is so handsome, just like Ricky Martin.The Natalie, more beautiful when she is dancing, especially the tango part :) Robot dance inside there too! Funny, humor characters are all inside.Thus, this movie is not boring at all. They face the disaster together, and rescue it together, by motivation...Then, I was addicted to the song - This Girl - Laza. This song was played when Luke & Natalie play the bubbles above the "fan", red color mix with green color...wow...it is just so romantic!

I mean this scene!

Pua Chu Kang - The Movie. It was famous funny drama from Singapore, Gurmit Singh and Irene Ang. (Main characters) The movie was nice and funny! (Somehow has a feel like not worth to watch in cinema, should watch special effect movie in cinema only...haha) In this movie, I only smile instead of laugh from the starting. Until after 1 hour and more, I start to laugh ^0^ The funny background just like in Singapore & Malaysia, so familiar funny scene.

I feel that Rosie is so "colorful" at first, and want "vomit". After she said she has a lot of guys fall in love with her, and be demanded a kiss. I start to feel that actually Rosie is beautiful...gagagaga The most familiar sound "I tell you ah! Don't play play!" not going to miss in this movie. A little touching story at last oh >_<

Happy National Day! 
(Haiz, this public holiday I have to do projects and assignment, not whole day enjoying...anyway, keep smile :) )



30 August, 2010

Hot Temper

I though I was gentle all the time. The answer is not! Actually I am a hot temper person.

When somebody speaking or talking with me, or giving me some advice, if is not suit me, or conflict with me, i will "hot" directly and start off with say a lot of rude words to the others, serious one.

If saw me appear this 2nd state, that is not real me, my another self came out. I might have split personality...Yesterday night my 2nd state was appeared, just because of small things I was become "hot" and speak rude words (not foul language) to my friend.

It seems like my friends not so fuss with me at last. He is so generous! I feel guilt. Then, I need to control myself for my 2nd state. I still not mature in mind.I have to change and tolerate. What I hot temper for actually is just small things, I have to expand my scope...

29 August, 2010


I know i know...after next week, the two weeks holidays for us is coming. What a delightful holidays for Hari Raya Aidilfiltri.Well, a lot of plans has created and imagined in my mind...for video games, games, mix with old friends, watch new movies...and unwanted task-Final year project development initial stage, and study a lot of subject. After two weeks...continuous test is coming...so horror combo!

Argh!!!!When think about this I am very annoy...Take time to relax first! My friend introduce this game - Bloxorz which can play directly online. (Miniclip)

It is a puzzle games. Really use mind and strategy! I was attracted to it. However, I know how to control not to play too much...so far I only reach level 6. Noob right? hehe

Enjoy the picture below and here is the link to play -
(Do not worry about this link, it is not virus content, 100% guarantee ^_^)

Enjoy the games and take a "teh-o" break time for yourself! :)

28 August, 2010

Talk with Stranger

Actually what I want to express is - 搭讪 (da shan). I do not know that the "flirt" can be used as this mean or not...搭讪 means stranger on the road or any where who take initiative and chat with you. Do you ever feel this or face this? No matter is he or she...

(*flirt start below as the mean of 搭讪...)

From most of the TV show, if they are beautiful girls or handsome boys, the probability of be flirted is high. Unfortunately, I am less and less met this kind of situation. (not handsome what, but i still met) I believe there must be pros and cons.

When shopping in the shopping center, it might be face this type of case. Like when you are stand alone there, there might be have somebody go your direction and start talk with you. Example like "Wau, do you see that? There are so big discount there!" "Today weather not bad." "What are you doing here?"....

The good thing is you not going to feel boredom, have a person come chat with you freely. Otherwise, need to take initiative for find other stranger to chat with. I am not that 80% can do like that. I do not have many courage.

Sure. There is some special case. It might be like:
A: "Hi, you look quite good today."
B: "oh thanks. (^_^)"
A: "How about take a look on this paper?"
B: "oh. (cheh :( )(It was an insurance/Amway/Cosway...)"

Flirt (here) is it a good/benefit case for a person? I feel sometimes the dangerous alarm appear in my mind...swt

*Quiz answer: So, what is the cat replied? The cat said: "Meow...Meow..."

27 August, 2010


An interesting topic to be discussed here...haha..."cincai" is too common to be used in our daily life when communicate with other people.

For those who do not know "cincai" (especially in chinese language), they are totally outdated. So, "cincai" is defined as casual, randomly, or undefined terms. Anyway, it brings the meaning of "suka-hati", or "whatever". First of all, I already  put this title in my incoming blog post title list. Then, 4 days before I was saw this topic on Facebook which printed on XXX newspaper. What a great coincidence here! (Believe attraction rule ^^)

Ok, there is a lot of people/friend/family ...who like to use "cincai" for agree with the people or friends, include me.(But I only used it sometimes) From the facebook sources, it said: (why everyone like to say whatever?)

In English translation:

1. When you are saying "cincai" (sui bian, whatever), it means that you are pass the authority right to the opposite party.
2. It is mean that you are respect the people's opinion.
3. It is mean that you are boring with the question or title, want to end the topic or selection fast.
4. No feel satisfaction, and there is not necessary to argue with the other side.
5. Lazy to use own brain, always let people make the choice.

For those who can understand Chinese word from the picture above, it can be said that as a result, people who like to use "cincai", this image is really not welcomed, no matter in working field or in daily life. 

In conclusion, what should I said? hmm......"cincai" lah...not need write conclusion also never mind~

When a black cat was saved the white cat who falls into the river, what words that the white cat replied to black cat?


26 August, 2010


Karma means what you do will get what you did.Since I was standard 6, I believe karma as well, maybe affected by reading the Buddha Books.

I still remember that kind of feeling when reading Buddha Books first time, at standard 6. It let me feel scare, and I do not dare to do bad things or incident.So, when I in primary school, I was totally well behavior and get fond of the teachers and friends. For now, that feeling can be said is greatly reduced.

In other words, I was timid.I scared of after I did the bad things, after I dead I going to get a very serious punishment. For this section, the example like when curse people, after going down (hell), the tongue will be pierce through by the spears.And a lot of example there...need to test the pain all "life"...(*I wonder life after death)

For the section of still in life, the example like today you have cheated somebody, then you will get cheated by somebody at last, and even more. My mom was laughing the Malay friend's child ear so small, cute when she was pregnant. At last, my second small brother's ear so small, until now...lol (I cannot laugh instead*)  

Do you believe karma? Yes, I do, but not 100%. However, I was "shoot" a lot of friends,no matter is in joking or serious. I wonder my mouth at last will gonna be swollen or what...Last, Karma covers a lot of section...

25 August, 2010

Fierce Face

I believe most of the people has look "fierce" face friend, right? From my analysis, my surrounding friends who are own "fierce" face is around 3 to 4.

How do you treat this type of "fierce" friend? Remember, the "fierce" here mention about the look, actually he is funny/gentle/talkative/small gas/blah blah blah...So, what I do is seldom act active to begin talk with this kind of friend. The reason is I feel scare.

While, they might look fierce, but actually they are easily to mix with. When I step into the social life, the "fierce" look will increase in my social life, and I need to adapt it and have courage to face it. I prefer friendly smiley face :) Easily to mix with.

As I know, the people who has fierce look, which can means strict look. Their preexistence is really a good kind, generous guys or girls. Thus, they are honor with the fierce look, in the mean time can protect themselves. As a result I need to learn to have courage...


24 August, 2010

Group Assignment

When I step into the university, there will be a lot of group assignment. So, when the group assignment comes, it is not able to follow favorite friends always, due to group member number constrains.

I think if really no choices, the other one left really have to go find other groups in order to do the group assignment. It might be feel upset if cannot mix with the group members desired.

For my case, for my hostel (our whole house is same course, 10 people). They are 4 people included me are majoring Software Engineering. The other 3 are majoring Networking, the other 2 are majoring Multimedia, and the last 1, who is very independent, brave, courage and find his personal own path on himself, majoring Information System!~

Our 4 people, 1 already always group with his girlfriend. So, left our 3 people. When facing the member chosen problem, like we need to find 5 members, or we need to work in pair or any incident which cannot be in 3 members. If stand on every members' mind to think, it is hard to make a decision. Thus, 1 have to "sacrifice", which have to mix in other group. When mix in other group, some members might throw complaints. However, I am seem like not the one who want to sacrifice...selfish I think.

Haiz...it seems like no choice. If really have to "sacrifice", then that person have to learn independent and learn to mix with new group.Thus, for that house mate who is solo, he sure do not have this problem ,seem he is so independent and brave...same as my another girl friend, solo, independent.     

23 August, 2010


Friends, in japanaese called : tomodachi :ともだち。In real life, we need friends. If do not have any boyfriend/girlfriend, at least get a normal friend. Somehow the best friend of your might be found.

What is friend? Friend is a human.(Not need explain...lol)-----In your term, why you need friends? In drama, even the best friend, will betray also. Sure, this happen in real life. Why need to lead the consequences like this?

Friends, can be very useful in your life. I still remember my secondary school girl class mate said loudly: "朋友就是拿来互相利用的。" which means friends is using between each other. If people launch this rule, this is too over for the friend.(I know that she is joking, she is nice person.) We need a win-win situation, right? (So, I using you, you using me. lol) Oh yeah, sometimes we need friends to remind us to do something. If always do, the friends might be feel frustrated...

When we have friend, we have friendship. The friendship is our right to choose. We can select friends which likes to be together. Some friends can in a beyond friendship status. I do not know if beyond friendship is until what degree...

No one is an island.We need friends, then life will have fun. Especially when you found the friends who have common interest with you.Subsequently, we need to treasure,maintain, or develop the friendship...  

22 August, 2010

Are you popular?

Do you ever think yourself that you are popular?

No wonder Popular Book-store business so good!

Recently, I was thinking about that am I popular in my friend world?...Sometimes, it is, but sometimes is not.I have a feeling that I easier mix in girl's group, means I like to talk to girls. (Is that sound of "hamsap"?) However, the topic we chat mostly is homework, assignment and so on. Seldom will be focus on private chat.

At this time, I start to think about the personality. The personality is determine the degree of popular. That is my opinion. Let's say you are a "happy go lucky" person, I bet that he or she will owns many friends and popular in the social world.

Popular is that very important in life? Just like when you go to everywhere, there will be someone calling your name, like superstar. Is this feeling nice? I wonder...

And yet, my personality will auto-change, but do know when it happens.No one likes to be lonely, isn't it?...


21 August, 2010

Being Late

That day, I was listening from my friend. He said that he is long time already do not going class on time. I can see him how desperate want to go class early or on time before the teacher or lecturer comes.

I believe that, our Chinese race is well known on being late. (Overall rating) We can see most of the Chinese wedding ceremony, it stated 7pm start. However, many guests will attend on more than 7pm. Mostly, the people who arrived before 7pm is 10% for that wedding ceremony. Do you agree?

My memory comes to me again. When in tuition center, I will try to attend half hour before the class start, or sometimes 15 minutes before. That time, I just feel that I need to go there early in order to get ready to class. After form 3, this scene not always happens. My big brother fetches me to go tuition centre. When I request I need to go early, he will replied “Why you go so early?” “Since 3pm start, 3pm I fetch you go.” I do not have the choices. Then I have to follow his order and of course, late in tuition class at last.

Now turn the sight to the class. Don’t you think that the moment of late enter the class? Friends or students in the class will know you and even the lecturer, all eyes on you. Should feel honor at this time?

I do not know why people like to be late. Is it the reason of lazy? Or it is not necessary to go there early, because lecturer late also? Why cannot go there early or on time? Many question marks on my head… 

20 August, 2010

Bloody Movie Day

Today, my friend and I was going to the cinema watch the thriller horror movie - {The Descent Part 2}.

Well, I was shouted, scared, shocked and etc when the movie played. The movie content is just so bloody(bloody hell~). The scene about cut the rescue team member's hand in order to rescue the other one. When the "hammer" is hit the hand, the hand is not easily cut off and cut it down successful by repeatedly. At that time what I feel is just so real and disgusting, so many blood flows out...(the man behind us keep "yawn" loudly and adds the scary atmosphere to us)

This movie is same feeling as {The Descent}. The ending is unexpected. {The Descent Part 2} is not bad at all, quite exciting movie, although the movie review rating 1.5/5 stars.

Due to "too early", so we continue watch next movie. {City under the Siege}, my partner do not like to watch it, then I planned to get it from my house mate.(*Ling, do not show up yourself, I scared :P, joking only) So, {The Expendables} seems like watch a lot of handsome muscle "old" guys in action movie, maybe feel that will watch them than the action scene, is that true? haha...What we watch the movie finally? ---{Repo Man}

Again, after watch this movie, I will rate this movie 3/5 stars. Recall when in the cinema, I was feel like disgusting too, the Repo Man's job is take back the human-creation organ like heart if the client do not pay the price in the certain given time. Thus, how he take out the organ? Oh no, he simply slice on the skin and hand in take out the organ, then the man or woman die.Blood flows again...the ending is unexpected again, all turn back...They simply attack the people by using any weapon to pierce through weak point, the head, neck and so on.... "Bloody hell", I bet maybe is the {The Inception Part 2}...lol  

Former movie today is bloody, thriller, excited and scary. Later movie today is bloody, violence, and feel like being "cheated".

In conclusion, bloody today and feel like want to vomit at the end and middle of the movie. If you like blood so much, just go watch {The Descent Part 2} and {Repo Man}, I guarantee you have an exciting wonderful bloody feeling day.    

19 August, 2010

Game Master

Are you a game master? Tell you a SECRET, my hostel has many game masters...

What is the role of game master? In my explanation is teaching new player to play the video games, computer games and any other games.

For example, when I play the new game, I do not know how to play or not expert on it. ATTENTION!!! Game master at this time will appears and rescue me. Standing behind my back and give proper instruction and strategy. I quite "ok" with the master guide. If always given the guide I will feel boring and I will cast my "TOXIC MOUTH" skill.

From my observation, I feel that not many people like listen to the game master.Especially the game master is comes to give help by willingly without the player request.  Maybe they feel that they are too or professional in most of the game, so the new player should follow his or her guide. Somehow, the people who given the guide, that guide not always helps player win the game, sometimes it helps new player to lose the game. At this time, game master is really shameful, isn't it? (See, the sacrifice part of the Game Master)

The game master might think all he did is most logic and proper way to win the game. In reality, different people has different thinking. Although is playing a game or video game.I believe there is a lot of different technique to win the games, isn't it?

For the best result, the game master should only give proper guide on the new player. The later game should let the player to think on themselves, develop then. Furthermore,if the player already know how to play and like to play in his way. The game master will interrupt and said that the player technique is not right and should follow his strategy. Well, not many people like to listen unless he has request the game master to do so.

Anyway, if want to play a new game, do not worry about too much the knowledge on new game. There will be at least a game master around you and given the proper guide to play.

Enjoy the excitement of the game, all players :)  


18 August, 2010


I am a totally superstitious person. So, I believe in ghost. Especially this chinese ghost month.

Even the number, I very dislike or try evade the number like "44", "24" and any number related with "4". It seems like unlucky number for me. (Today my post will be total number of "144"...oh my god~)

Here is the rule of this chinese ghost month: (I get it from SMS)
1. Do not pick up the things you see on the road
2. Do not response when somebody call your name at your back
3. Do not sing old songs at crossroads
4. Do not play any instrument after 6pm
5. Be extra careful when speaking
6. Do not stand near ditch and swimming (There say the water ghost might appears)

From the start of this chinese ghost month, I heard a lot of accidents happen, near my hometown. Mostly like car accidents, even happen in the KL.

Summary, be extra careful for this month...


17 August, 2010


Anti-social is just like anti-virus. Kill all viruses with no mercy. So, anti-social will be kill all social with no mercy?

Mostly, I am anti-social. I like to stay at home, playing computer games, Playstation 2 video games, eat, drink, play and etc. If ask me to join some activities, I reluctant to join that activities.

For few years ago, my big brother asks me to join the Taoism activity. He said can play with a lot of new friends in the activities. Then, I was no interest at all. I reject his offer. However, I seem like do not have the choice. I have been pulled by him to go that activity. Well, the activity was fun, but most of the time, I am silencer in every game they hold. Of course, there is a lot of Taoism knowledge applied to our mind through our activity. Looks like brainwash huh…

Recently, I was invited by my university friend to join the SGM narration in UTHM. About SGM, I was listening before since in secondary school. I do not have any interest at all. At last, I reject her offer. Well, that is volunteer activity. Not because of the study matter, it just like I do not want to participate the public activity. I am not like others, like to join many activities out there, can know a lot of friend. Thus, my friend was not many.

Again, if i mix with new social circle, i will seldom speak or chat with them. I just take out my hand phone, and type sms, or games...

How to solve my anti-social attitude? I really do not know, I willingly to do what I like more than these activities…

16 August, 2010





结论: 大家要好好珍惜自己所爱的人。分离是一件很难受的事,尤其是特别相爱的。

15 August, 2010

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper has many usage, as we know. We used it to wipe dirty things, nose fluid, wipe face, and many more. More importantly, most people use it to wipe their cute ass after toilet!

I just focus on the wipe-ass matter. Haha~

So, how do you treat your ass? Commonly, people just use the toilet paper direct wipe their ass, that's all. Well, if you are doing this, i think should change the way in treating the ass.

Since standard 3, my teacher had telling me that using toilet paper to clean your ass is not so complete process. It is better if using the water, just like Malay, do not use toilet paper. It is completely clean. After that, use towel or toilet paper to absorb the damp skin.  

Why say so? Example: Let's say you are playing sand. Do you prefer using toilet paper to wipe your hand or using water? Mostly people will choose water, isn't it?

In additional, the chances to have colon cancer is low!