03 August, 2010

Expire Date

Most of the consumable things will expire.

Most of the time, i bought the food and keep it. Then, i was forget to consume it.When found it at last, i will finish in short of time. It was the bad habit.

When i buy new foods, drinks, rubbish food, i need to force myself remember to eat. If not, i will kept for half year or 1 year then. They were already not so fresh at that time~

I believe some people are willing to consume expire food. Like instant noodle, they were expired. Somehow people do not care about it. Anyway it was not the recommended way.When expire, just throw it. Do not consider it was so wasted...  

Friendship will expired too? I hope is not.

Last, do not forget to watch the expired date when buy something goods.

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