05 August, 2010


I believe every one no matter you are girls or boys...sure wear underwear since young, right? Of course, some are not...

"8" on the center...

First of all, for girl's underwear...i do not know so much, so let's just skipped this section...(I'm not a girl what...)i guess it might be for period reason or..?


I will focus on man's underwear. There are two type of underwear, boxers and normal underwear ("triangle shape"..sexy one lol). Another special one, G-string. I was wear this two types of underwear before (in my life). Of course, boxers will feel comfortable a lot, just like not wearing any underwear. However, our testis sometimes will in "sleeping mode", it just like hang on the wall.


For sexy triangle shape underwear, it feel tight, and feel your "little brother" always be with you. The problem is, sometimes it will be itchy huh...? 

I hope I can be the one who not need to wear underwear and just walk around with my pants on.It feel really nice :P However, it is so dangerous. Some "hamsap" guy will take down your pants and let your "little brother" meet the public.Is really "guilty" after all...

Special for two!

In my mind, i think the guy need to wear underwear is it because of "erection" thing? or to protect the "little brother"? If really no wear underwear, when erection...is really obvious...and sweat maybe no more...lol



  1. wearing nothing under your pants is normal. just walk naturally, walk with confidence. who cares if you have erection? that show's that you are a man... haha

    drop by to say hi... ^^

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. lol...shy ma...hi, nice to meet you too. :)

  3. I dont wear undie to sleep...

  4. haha, just like "Naked" sleeping.


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