06 August, 2010

Say 'Thank You'

This morning seems like my plan was failed...my final project things...have to wait next week.


Suddenly my idea was spinning in my head. What is that? A form 6 girl friend told me her personal idioms-Do you say thank you for everything that you used everyday? Start today you have to say thank you for the things which accompany you everyday.

First time i heard, i feel they are just joking and so lame. Later on, i feel that her suggestion seems like make senses. Why say so? I was said thank you to my motorcycle which let me ride, and completely in good condition. I was said thank you to the laptop which always let me "molest" everyday. I was said thank you to.......(too much)

After a long time, i noticed that the virtual good relationship seems like was created accidentally. I was love them and take care them nicely as much as possible.  They are just like my partner...haha

I believe "they" will automatically more compatible with owner.In addition, there will always in good condition to be used.    

Start say "Thank You" to everything that used in your life. You are the one makes life interesting. ^^

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