31 January, 2011

Long Life Rain

Since Friday (the CNY holidays starting), the raining non-stop, yet today(Monday). When the rain is going to stop?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, I could not see the sun. I miss the sun badly! Normally, raining for someday is nice,but keep raining is not nice. I really enjoy raining, but this time no. All member's shirt still damp, no place to wash shirt anymore.

By the way, I was try to clear my heart and mind, give up all the doubt things which happened around me and tend to more focus on my final year project.Gotta go my own way.

Sadly, I found out that I was lost in my final year project. I am doing a mobile application. Although I have source code, it seems like not really compatible with my current project development.Even the decompiler not help much, it is really hard to understand, and blur. It make me sick. Now, count for the month left...I only left two months more,I still do not have any progress. I really do not want to extend semester on next year. Who can help me? It seems like I always a failure T.T

I am still work hard on it, still finding solution to solve my project. I wish Secret rules will helps me out, get me out from the lost of track.It is not like last minute work, the coding is a lot.I already think about my future work on doing a system in a company, I just able to face the monitor screen without doing any things successfully. I want to beat this challenge actually.

Rain keep non-stop, my feeling keep down...my main target final year project...haiz.

My lovely rain, can you stop it? I hope you will listen my words.

I need the light to find my path!!!         

29 January, 2011



昨天,我又再陪另一位室友(最迟回的)。我们去了新开的LFS-Lotus Five Star电影院,位置在Summit Parade Batu Pahat.



Monk version of Andy Lau, Cute right?
I like this scene, especially after...
Bison (Street Fighter) appears!
Jackie Chan's humour!








看到最后,领悟了很多道理。(但我又不会拿来用,因为心还是存这很多杂念)。片尾曲很悲伤。不过很喜欢。比如说“放下”,“净土将会出现”。。。之前还参与过道教团体,里边的人还说我心很善良,跟我的大哥一样。还说道我前世是少林寺弟子 @@ 不过话说回来,感觉自己还蛮喜欢少林武功的说,哈哈!

27 January, 2011

How to forget someone you love?

"Remember that no one in this world is worth your tears, the only worth your tears that person, and never make you cry."


Had forgotten the best way a person is not looking for another person to replace, but in time turned to the future and learn to cherish themselves more properly.



24 January, 2011













23 January, 2011

Machi - Guy with Girl?

Machi - A two or above people relationship is very good, they have same hobby, same key, same favorites, and etc. One more, they could be in different gender, that is boy with girl. They are not couple anyway.

(*My own Machi definition)

Should a girl machi with a guy? or the other way round? If both have same favorites, can considered to be machi. If suitable maybe can developed to in a relationship. However, mostly cannot, a lot of problem will happens if machi developed into relationship.

In my opinion, this machi is doesn't matter. It is just like bromance, isn't it? As long as two people like to get along each other, there is nothing wrong with the gender.

Do you have machi right now? Quickly get one and make your life meaningful then ^^ 

22 January, 2011

Just Let Go

Do you ever let go something that you very care, love, or favourite? Sometimes we have to learn to let go, then we will feel better. (*Not Let's Go! = Jom!)

Normally, the something that we care mostly is our lover, or the person who very like. However, when condition goes wrong, or it is impossible to let two people together, all we need to do is "Let Go" (*Not LEGO toys). It is very simple, just let go!

Who said is very simple to let go!? Some people is not willing to let go the things/living things that he/she love.They rather to let themselves get hurt for their love. Well, determination is plays an important role here. Once the determination is strong, the success rate for you to let go is high.

We have to open-minded when we are forced to let go, for all the best condition.Romeo and Julie is a amazing love story, they cannot separated by the other. Well, this world is reality, we need to face it positively. A lot of thinking is needed.

Here, once we choose to let go, we have to face the next steps. Maybe we would meet the new things/target after that. There's no way to turn back. Maybe he/she is your future Mr.right/Miss right...For my situation, I let go a lot of things/love, just for reach the all best condition. Yeah, it is quite hurt when decide to let go. However, let go is better than keep yourself always in hurt.

Once get hurt and cannot bear with it anymore, we are going to let go willingly. The other way round, we are loving and protect ourselves.Isn't it?

(Is yours is yours. Not yours, not you. No matter how forced down, are unlikely to change.)

放手,放开所有。 (Let go, let go everything.) 

We have to open-minded.   

21 January, 2011


Recently, I was watch Doraemon's Speak foul words video in Cantonese through Facebook. When I saw the Doraemon and their friends talk with each other, they are speaking a lot of foul words!

For example, Doraemon will speak "收声啦" to Nobita. Nobita will speak "收皮啦". The other characters are speak "Sohai ah lei" Although I not understand completely what the video is talk about, I could catch the funny-scold-people-meaning.

It seems like I started love to speak "收皮啦", especially to those who like "lan xi" to me. However, this sentences is foul word in Cantonese, not really politely. Maybe I would use it for jokes...lol

However, I quite enjoyed the Doraemon Speak foul words video. I would prefer Chinese or Hokkien version. I am not clever in speaking Cantonese.Speaking Cantonese seems like so fun ^0^

Whatever it is, do not simply use those words in normal conversation...

Have a nice weekend :) 

20 January, 2011

If everyone is good in this world

If everyone is good in this world, what phenomena we could see? Let's imagine about this.

1. The occupation like Security guard, Police, CID, and etc will be disappeared.
2. This world is not balance, all are goods, we don't know which is bad.
3. Everyone cares for others.
4. Selfish no more.
5. This world is always full with love, no hatred, revenge.
6. Win-win situation.
7. No more thefts, drugs, negative things appears.
8. Zero deep in scheming.
10. All positive values, moral values can be seen.
11. All people become vegetarian?
12. This world is no more pollution.
13. ......

Is it possible to let this happen? I wonder...This world is just slowly no more peace...

19 January, 2011

How to solve Heart Break?

Are you the one who always face the heart break? Well, I am one of this group too :( Although I always act myself in confidence, due to my underweight status, it will bring me down sometimes. Aside of that, my target on the person I like never success in my life. Sure, I met some girls before who like me and express to me, but I am rejected, due to I am not yet prepare, or not so like them. (Not I am arrogant. And I was surprised too, I am ugly and still have people will like me, really outstanding)......

Crap out the rubbish I said. What is heart break? In my opinion, it could be happened on 2 situation. For first situation, that is confession to the person who like, and then get rejected. Second situation is 2 people already in relationship, then break up after a period. In addition, the 3rd situation is where you haven't speak out, the girl already rejected you which is the worst case......So, heart break happens! (Ouch...so hurt T_T)

How to solve it? From internet resources, there is some solution we can use. First, try to get a new hobby, then sooner or later the heart break thing will be disappeared. This is what I saw and search from internet. For me, I think it would be better always keep yourself busy, then heart break will be recovered. Say is easier than do. As the time goes on, I believe the like feeling or love will be washed out, then can find the new target or meet the destiny.

Next, suicide is not suggested. Really. This is the stupid way to solve the heart break. As my friend suggested, speak out to the best friend and share with him/her, heart will be feel better. I believe when meet a new target, the old target will be forget soon. But still, some people that you love might leave trail in life, who is has most feeling one for yourself.

I quite admire (or can be said jealous) on the people who can easily success for their first confession. Why so easy to them? My first love happened when in primary school. Then comes to secondary school, and university. Why every phase I have love a lot? Am I always easy heart change? (Flowery heart) Then, every phase is fail. How comes? Whatever, I have decided not to love.  

Any other ways to solve the heart break? I believe there is a lot of ways to solve it. To become a monk/nun?


18 January, 2011

First time @ Beauty Salon

Few days before, my father win the consolation prize in his singing competition. Aside of that, he was win the RM150 voucher of BABOR lucky draw. My father pass to me and asked me go to this Salon wash face.

The company is Beau D' Fiona - BABOR.Anyone heard before that?

Next day, I went to there with my mom. The staff at there introduce me to wash the facial treatment. The total price was RM120. I could only use the voucher of RM50. Another RM100 voucher left for my mom's future use.

The facial room is in high class, and lighting atmosphere was comfortable. I lied down on the bed, with the quilt because of cold condition. Then, the facial treatment and wash started. My face was feeling the cold/ice all over my face and chin almost through the wash face process.

Of course, my face feel pain when she squeeze out my pimples, and blackheads. However, I am already used to it this kind of pain. She praised me that I am no shout at there lol The whole process taking 2 hours. After 1 hour, I am in emergency on "extinguish fire". I can't leave there, and have to wait all the process end. This is the hard part I think.

She even give many advices that I always heard from others. Example like "You have to sleep early, less facing laptop screen, stop eat fried foods, and so on..." Another girl advices me that do not buy counter brand facial product especially when face have problem. Another example was the pimple cream sold there, might extinguish the pimples on face, well it will reappears again if the product no use anymore. It is just hide it temporary. Medicine is not suggested to be taken.
By the way, she was telling me that guys in range of 20 years old above, the hormone imbalance will be started.I think I am one the guy.

The feeling of facial wash is nice and cold. However, my pocket will have a big hole if I continued. She asked to go there again after 2 weeks. Should I go there again?

15 January, 2011

My First Blog @ Friendster

This is my first blog when I entered this university. At that time, most of us were playing friendster @ 2008. So, I was directly wrote it on my profile page. 

Here is the link to my first blog page. It is about all roommates's comment-

Visit this page already? Do you want to know who are the no.1 to no.8 house mates/roommates? Maybe I can declare the answer here. T&C applied lol

The most memorial is the comments who given by beloved commenter. I was realized that when the time I give comments on other friends, they will return the review to me too. Well, I was sensitive and misunderstood. One of the house mate give me many good reviews as 1st comment. At that moment, what I think was he laughed at me on write a long essay on my blog. In addition, I thought his thinking = "lol...like this call write blog? It is not a blog at all! Essay instead" So, my response on the next comment a bit negative.

Next comment was given by another house mate, he was understood on what I am talked about at the sentences...The whole comments (commenter give) at there really inspired me something in this life.

This kind of feeling is so memorial. Well, I not able to reach back...(I am not Nerubian Weaver)Just swimming in my memory if I need. I was laughing on my childish action when I read back this blog post.And, I am omit one more roommate, he was second intake student. This year, a new cute "Tiger" is living with us...hehe. He is clever on cooking, I have a rush that want to call him "daddy" or "mommy" lol (Stop, do not give any comments! by Zidane No.2

Forgive me on no give any comments on other roommates ;P (*joking)

Hmm...I like the blogspot.com structure anyway :D

(*Before enter University, PLKN life, I'm using xanga.com. http://chinren.xanga.com here is the link if you have interest to browse for a while ;D)

*Only zidaneex.blogspot.com will be updated always. See you~

14 January, 2011

Segamat Trip

Last Saturday, Andy, Lawyer and me visit Sam's house at Segamat. No many people were participated in this one day trip. Lawyer drove car and we went together.

First, we dropped by at Yong Peng, [西刀鱼丸茶餐室] (Fish Ball). The fish ball is special, and different flavour with other type of fish ball. I was ordered a plate of dry noodle with fish ball, Andy was ordered soup based, well Sam was ordered normal noodle.Lawyer was ordered mix fish ball with other dish, no noodle. Things turned out his breakfast cost him RM10.00. He was surprised then. (It is just cost us RM5++, wahaha)

Next,we went to [Xiao Yang Bak Kut Teh] to eat delicious Bak Kut Teh. I love this flavour of Bak Kut Teh, at least more delicious than BP. Their review on Bak Kut Teh - Andy's review: "Just like in Penang". Lawyer's review: "Ok Ok lor".

China Book Store
Next point was book store of China collection.Mostly, the books are Chinese based.A lot of toys and DVDs were sale at here too. A lot of 3D posters can be found too. Price was reasonable. However, I did not buy any things due to many constraints this year. *Ptptn have not reach my account yet*  

Around 5 p.m., we went to Segamat Center to take the photos as our memorial photos.We had taken a lot of photos here and funny too. Sha Yan o.0

Twin Tower Segamat? 
I am holding a big ball!

Andy have a ball too!

Behind is big Durian. Lawyer - Me - Sam - Andy 

Let me press you, Lawyer...wahahaha

After that, we went to [魔力点子] to takeaway drinks. Then, we brought the takeaway drinks and walking at the roadside where opposite of the Sam's house.We had viewed the scenery, houses, and a lot of people flying kites. I am just so long time did not play the kites. 
The bungalow...if is my house then perfect! 

See? Very boring isn't it?

Sam and his Lucky! I love this dog :)

Around 7.00 p.m., we went to [Asam Pedas Restaurant]. After we ordered, we just wait the foods come. Around 7.50 p.m., the restaurant was full house. As she said, this restaurant very famous. Yeah, the foods were delicious, really, just like BP's restaurant I ate before.

 Guess what is this?  
Last, we went back around 8 p.m....reach hostel around 10 p.m. This trip was a memorial trip to me. Appreciate it so much. Although Segamat's Cinema, Shopping Mall not available, a lot of cafes' can be found, Yam Cha very suitable at here.

13 January, 2011

Today's Special News

This morning, my early lab 8 a.m. was suddenly canceled. In addition. yesterday whole night, I feel like I not able to sleep completely. haiz...Well, then we guys eat the breakfast at 168 restaurant, then I reads the newspaper.

Wow...today morning, the news is entitled with "A guy thief fall down on the floor with the girl's bra and girl's underwear." I was surprise when saw this news.

Taken from Sin Chew Daily
After read all the details, it stated that the Malay thief was believed that when wear the girl's bra and girl's underwear, he can become invisible. Thus, he try to do the criminal things. It was believe it is belongs to 1 kind of Black Magic. However, he has failed to do so, other people saw him too.

How come this can be true? There is more black magic out there, can try other method. If turned to me, I am not believe this kind of ridiculous action.

Details (Chinese) : http://www.guangming.com.my/node/92967

12 January, 2011

Paranormal Activity

Last few days, my friends and I were watch the movie - [Paranormal Activity 2].This is my first time to watch video tape type movie. Before enter the hall, I was excited and think about what scene I am going to be freak out! >_<

Wow! The movie was displayed in digital disc mode, not the film type. Then, the quality is damn clear and very high quality. And, it goes for the sound effect.Thumbs up for the sound effect, damn clear again! Totally to be freak out then...

The movie was starting. I bring my fear from start to the end. Automatically, I was prepared the mode that I am going to be scared or shocked. However, things turn out reversely. When I am feel nothing, it scare me suddenly! Especially, Christie sit in the kitchen scene around 3pm something. Then, all the closest door open suddenly with strong sound effect! Another scene I feel nervous when the Christie was snatched by the invisible demon down to the ladder. Christie was struggle and want to save his son - Hunter, but failed. The ending was Katie and Hunter whereabout remain unknown...I was headache after the movie.
*[Season of the witches], Nice movie too before Paranormal Activity 2 :)

The same night of the day, I was watch the movie [Paranormal Activity] from my laptop. Excited too for series 1. The ending part I was shocked also. When Micah was thrown to my direction, I shocked.

Paranormal activity really is a nice movie. It seems like not ghost, is devil within.I flash back to my grandmother's house, my big brother always go there overnight at the last room. He said already three times the door will be opened automatically even he is lock nicely when midnight. Do you believe this?

On the midnight (around 2a.m.), when I am going to sleep, I feel like someone using finger scratch my backside gently...but is not my roommate did...i feel paranormal too...(is real, this is not a lie.)  



11 January, 2011


First of all, today is 11/1/11 = 11111. Bravo! Normally, what would you do for this special day? Well, it is just nothing to me. So, stay in hostel doing normal activity.


Are you an automatic person?

What is automatic? What I want to express here is there is not need any instruction for the person to do something. When other people is sleeping, you are automatic and slow down the sound/music, or turn it off, especially when night. Many examples can be seen in our daily life.

It would be very troublesome for face the person who do not know automatic. Another example, a group of friends are going out together, then all the friends should be prepared earlier and get ready. It is not like for the other friends waiting for each other. Then, the time will be delayed and might be late for some appointment.

On the other hand, it would be nice for face the person who will in automatic mode. Sometimes, we are hard to talk in face to face for the person who are no automatic...

Automatic is indeed? It is just like moral issues...  

10 January, 2011

Daily Life Report

Normally, when we want to go out from house, we will tell mom or dad that where we are going like make a sound report: "Mom, I am going out, about 10pm I will reach home.Bye Bye~"

Due to this behavior, I seems like always make report when I want to go out or I reached somewhere. In hostel, sometimes, I will tell my house mate that I am going out for blah blah blah...or just tell them I am going out. Sometimes, I eat alone in restaurant when lunch time, I will think about should I call my house mate, and ask for anyone who want to take away foods. I did for this follow my feels.Sometimes, I will think about they might blame me if I did not tell them. This kind of thinking is extra, right?  

It sound's conflict to me. If I no tell others, it seems like sorry to them. For example, when they are eating with their gang, they might no tell you their whereabout.My friend tell me that "We all are adults, no need to report to anyone. They have leg and hand, they will do it for themselves." Besides, I will think about some friend will said:"Why you no tell me that where you are going? So selfish." Soon, this statement fall into this kind of sentences: "Who are you? Why I need to tell you where I go? It does matter to you? and etc......"

I think I should stop this kind of thinking. Where we want to go, we have our freedom. Why I so care about other people feeling? In another way, we have right to select favorite friends and go out. Do you notice that even you are always care for other people's feeling, you are not going to get back what you did to them?

In conclusion, both way communication is important. If that friend have tell me his/her whereabouts, then I might gonna to do the same thing to him/her......

09 January, 2011

My Primary School

Hmm...it is just so memorial to think back my primary school - S.J.K.(C) Yeong Chyang Chang at Sungai Suloh, Batu Pahat,Johor. Just need 5 minutes something to reach my primary school. Now, a lot of changes to the look of my favourite school.

The end of the last year, I was visited again my primary school. In fact, I just launch my mission on bring back my smallest brother from this school. Then, I was taken a lot of new photos from there. There is a lot of changes for this school and more impressive. For those (my) primary school friends, maybe you can try take a look and enjoy the renovation.

The Entrance

The corridor lead to library...I'm Librarian XD

The old office, now maybe left unused.

Badminton Court, I love to play with my friends here.

The corridor lead to my classroom. 

The new building of classroom

My classroom still preserved... 

Canteen Hall, now renovation again. 

Basketball court, the black shirt kid is my smallest brother in natural running >.< 
Primary school life, I'm really feel comfortable, and so enjoyable. Being kid is so nice! Now, I'm already adult, mature is indeed for current time. It is belongs to my beautiful memory in my life.