14 April, 2013

Add oil, my brother!

Recently, my youngest brother just done the operation on brain tumour. Currently he is in the hospital slowly recover to normal body.

Flash back last 2 weeks, around that Ching Ming moment, he had started some weird condition. Example like blur, look thing hardly even with spectacle. We are not alert enough. Until my mom inform me he had detected-brain tumour by x-ray.

Passed through a lot of process on consultant in hospital private and government, decided in half private and government hospital at final. I had visited him before the operation. He seem like nothing to afraid, it was good for him.

Doctor had explained that the tumour size similar as orange size. The tumour cannot be removed completely, cover only 80%. Besides, his brain contain a lot of water. It will be extracted out by tube during and after operation. That afternoon I had keep praying on his operation will be successful. Thank god, he had pass through that process.

On next day after operation, I went to the hospital to pay a visit. He was in ICU room. It strictly not allowed many people go in to visit. I managed to enter at last. That moment, my mom and I went in the room together. I saw his body cannot move at all, opened eyes without moving the eyeball. Body stick with the breath tube. His tears keep coming out. I was crying when saw it. My mom even control her heartache feeling. We can understand her feeling.

After few days, he can breath on his own. So, he had been moved to normal ward. Now he is feed with the Ryle's Tube. Mostly he closed his eyes, though he is not sleeping. Even speaking also hard. All I can do is give support to him, to pass through these recover process.

Add oil, my lovely brother!