27 August, 2010


An interesting topic to be discussed here...haha..."cincai" is too common to be used in our daily life when communicate with other people.

For those who do not know "cincai" (especially in chinese language), they are totally outdated. So, "cincai" is defined as casual, randomly, or undefined terms. Anyway, it brings the meaning of "suka-hati", or "whatever". First of all, I already  put this title in my incoming blog post title list. Then, 4 days before I was saw this topic on Facebook which printed on XXX newspaper. What a great coincidence here! (Believe attraction rule ^^)

Ok, there is a lot of people/friend/family ...who like to use "cincai" for agree with the people or friends, include me.(But I only used it sometimes) From the facebook sources, it said: (why everyone like to say whatever?)

In English translation:

1. When you are saying "cincai" (sui bian, whatever), it means that you are pass the authority right to the opposite party.
2. It is mean that you are respect the people's opinion.
3. It is mean that you are boring with the question or title, want to end the topic or selection fast.
4. No feel satisfaction, and there is not necessary to argue with the other side.
5. Lazy to use own brain, always let people make the choice.

For those who can understand Chinese word from the picture above, it can be said that as a result, people who like to use "cincai", this image is really not welcomed, no matter in working field or in daily life. 

In conclusion, what should I said? hmm......"cincai" lah...not need write conclusion also never mind~

When a black cat was saved the white cat who falls into the river, what words that the white cat replied to black cat?



  1. ermm..
    i used to be cincai as well..
    but when there is a determination, there is no more cincai.. ^^
    btw the answer for the quiz is in english or chinese??
    is it an logic answer??

  2. Ya, determination exist, no more cincai. It not related with language, and is sure, logic ^^ (The answer will be appear on next post*)

  3. nice post on cincai.. (:

    this topic even could be a thesis upon interdisciplinary study between linguistic, Chinese psychology and custom.. LOL

    thanks.. (:


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