27 February, 2010

Haiz...disappointed on my current hostel

Current hostel really nice to me, house big, nice to sleep. However one thing that is never change----------The cleanliness of the house.-------

Since everyone sharing the same house, why most of the mate cannot spend their time to help clean the hostel?? Is it dirty doesn't matter? Or wait until the ant, cockroach show up, jux think a way to distinguish them??

Prevent is better than cure. Why everyone at here cannot spend some contribution? or little? is it so hard to them?? Directly tell them will make them not comfortable feeling, kinda hurt the feeling between the friendship. Most jux care for themselves, do their things more importantly. Said also not used, not going to change too.

Example, a rubbish bin. When the rubbish bin is full, there is no one will change the new plastic. They jux keep throw the rubbish to that "FULL" bin. So the surrounding is very ...Is it symbolic their personality? when self is full, still need to fill up anything and make self so greedy?? Please, change the plastic----empty condition----rubbish allowed to be throw. Obviously, people jux wait other to clean up the rubbish bin. Automatic do not happen.Toilet also, seems like nobody will see the "dirty" and "dust" shown up inside the toilet. I know wash them very hard,lose a lot of calories. Sometime wash them jux use up 5 minutes only...

Nothing else i can say, if i see so full, i will direct throw the rubbish plastic. A empty box also can throw to dustbin == Do u know the small dustbin function?

Fed Up.

26 February, 2010

After CNY, Good News + Bad News

Woohoo....A TIGER Year!

Finally, the CNY is going to finish. Flash back to CNY second day & following day, i was lost money in the bet with friends. Well then just bring the feeling to enjoy only, 1 year 1 times. Seems like i dun have so many luck, maybe i still "study book" = "du shu" (赌输). Maybe after study try some bet XD wakaka...Lose about RM20. Came back this hostel and bet again with housemate...lose again RM6 ...sienzzz >.<

Ahah...Good news coming! My course "Entrepreneur" no more doing any business in my uni due to Entrepreneur program delay to September, not related at all.In addition, this subject did not contain the final & test. So, our planning ice-cream & blended drinks business was canceled. I feel very happy that not need make so much trouble to this course. Now the simple thing is just make an interview with a successful company and do a full report. This assignment is better than the business doing in the uni. I'm feel happy ^^ but dun know what the other frenz thinking...maybe disappointed?...

Now coming the test. Database. So many SQL statement have to memorize. This might be tough & need use a lot of time. So far i still addicted to DOTA. Flash back first time din touch DOTA at all, cause dun feel so interesting this kind of game. After contact with it, i was addicted. Oh man! Come on, where's my study mood?? Come back to find me, i need you!!

Somehow DOTA really fun and strategy. I believe that playing DOTA use a lot of brain..some frenz might be using 'brain' or 'fingers' even 'toes'to play expert. In addition, thanks to the DOTA let me learn to think the strategy & make my brain 'spin' not 'straight'. Is a good news to me.

Now still have many movies & dramas in my external hard disk have not touch yet. If i keep playing DOTA dun know when can i finish my movies & dramas. The books also never finish...pressure pressure...

Seem like many bad news..one more important thing recently the weather is very hot now. A long time ago i do not sweat so easily in this kind of weather when afternoon.Recently really make me sweat. The EARTH is going to "BREAKDOWN"?? Oh my god! Come together to save the EARTH!

Wish to every friends ----- "GANBATTE Kudasai" ^_^

22 February, 2010

戴敏非 作品 + 新的一年2010



[杂菜饭] 中讲述无厘头,没主故事性的搞笑电影。我的评论为“很乱”。看得头晕晕的。不过搞笑卖点还是有的。比如说:其中一名演员是印度人会讲华语的,剧里他拿着雨伞,因怕热。有小姐跟他借,他说不行,你知道他说什么原因吗?---“不行,我怕晒黑!”=_=

[白蚂蚁] 讲述白蚂蚁侵蚀学校作为故事的出发点,当然,搞笑的内容存在生活剧里。这部到看了很清楚,故事也不赖,也蛮感人的。其中本人觉得搞笑部分蛮多的,比如:佩蓉的爸爸是卖鸡饭的,拿着刀在切鸡肉。可是他身旁的墙壁却贴着佛的海报,写着“放下屠刀,立地成佛”。导演的想像力实在佩服呢。

[小胖流浪记] 讲述小胖因一些‘小事’而离家出走。小胖搞出了许多小孩子的笑话。这边的例子就。。。留着自己去看吧!^^

[印度神游] 讲述西游记的另类去西天取经的故事。我觉得到这部发挥得很妙,创意!这部可说是最好笑的电影。比如说唐僧酸人说中华子女取什么洋名,什么’monkey’ 啦, ‘handsome’啦,可是自己却跟众人说:“我的名叫唐僧,也可叫我‘Thomson’。”(真的是给他炸到啦!)

12 February, 2010



I was know AYUMI through the Singapore TV-The "My Story" studio album, from the song "Inspire"/"Carols"/"Walking Proud"/......well then i dun understand the Japanese, but the music i automatically start to love it, really! the musics was always compatible with my feeling, and really enjoy it. From that time, i borrow AYUMI album from my frenz and start to listen her song. Amazing all i can said.

Continue from that I started to collect her album (of cox in mp3 mode). Blue Bird, Startin, Part of Me……till latest Ballad/You Were. Oh man, almost every album was the best, different style, clear sound, nice + rock music too. In my opinion, Ayumi is suitable to sing sentimental song more than Rock song. Well, she performed rock song also not bad.

Wau, if ask me to say which song is nice? Then my answer would be “so many”. I listen back to her first debut album since 1999/2000 something. It is clearly to see that her’s sound was evolved! More powerful now. Last year, she performed “Rule/sparkle” was pretty amazing! My friend first time listen to her song and like both songs. Rule is so nice to hear and rock but the Dragonball Evolution Movie just so so……

I felt that I was “crazy” on her. Every song her performed I will try to sing and compare with the Japanese lyric. Everyday listen her song makes me can sing her lyric in pretty “good” way, sometime will be “perfected”. (my sound not so nice, I mention is Japanese lyric). Her live performance------pretty amazing again, look’s on the live record u will know how many efforts were done by her and her dance member.

Talk about her MTV, I most like the “Fairyland”. The stage based on Hawaii Island. Really beautiful scenery! Then is “Blue Bird”, whole MTV show everyone happy feeling, many feels on it! Part of Me MTV may be as symbolic of people reincarnation.

If I keep sharing ayumi hamasaki, I think I might need to write a novel >,,< Ok, then, Ayumi Hamasaki, was already walk through 10th years on singer life, top J-Pop singer, always support AYU!

09 February, 2010

My Latest Idol - David Archuleta

Oh! David Archuleta, i most like the "smiley" face from him! He is really sweety, always laughing (not laughing gor, ok? ==) So, his symbol really friendly, hope that can know him then ask him teach me singing XD

The old old song : CRUSH, really nice, first time i heard that song, i was imagine how the singer look alike. I imagine he is a person full of beard,singing such a best sentimental song! After few months then saw his photo-------------------really surprise! He is totally adorable!!^^

He jus 19 years old this year(if not mistaken),a very young american idol contestant, and 2nd 'prize' in the contest.Song - A little too Not over you, Zero Gravity, To be with you high in my rating. His history, he was participated singing competition since he was 9 years old, saw it on Youtube, "David Archuleta - Fallin" which performed from Alicia Keys. Amazing sound since young! But now mature so the sound might had changed.

All my "secret" hope is "cubit" his face, damn cute---"_" Although some web page comment review him sing the song style was same, never change. I feel is ok for him, own style is very important.

07 February, 2010

All About TAROT!

Well, since i was Form 5, i was getting interest on the Tarot card. Tarot card can give people a guide where u need to go, just a reminder. The Tarot Card would not give u the answer u want. It all depends on u.

So i buy a set of tarot card (just RM6, cause is not so real one.). When PLKN 2006 times, i got a friend from JB told me that the Real Tarot Card is really Amazing, it all made from the tree's skin, and the owner have to feed one drop of blood to the tarot card in order to increase compatible between owner and the tarot card, then the "reminder" u find out will more accurate. Well then, i believe what he said, cause Tarot card just a Fortune Count since in history. Many of frenz dun believe the Tarot card, they just said it such a cheating things.

Ok, all i have to say that if u need to play Tarot Card, u need to believe tarot card, but not addicted to it, just like u face to the god, any not normal things, keep reminds that just believe but not going to addict it.

Tarot card really help me a lot when i going to chose my decision, especially when i confuse. Last time, i using tarot card(well it is not really real, but now the price cost RM11.00 something) help a malay girl to choose her partner, she is confusing about the partner she was going to choose. After i help her, i surprise that she said the tarot card really accurate and let her know the thing what goes around her. She thanks me and know what she going to do. Now, she was married with that partner which was "suggested" by Tarot card.I dun believe myself can give the result like that...cause i still the way on learning it.

To be expert, i hope i can hardworking to memorize every tarot card meaning. It really helps me to translate the meaning when i divine.:)

04 February, 2010

Secret Recipe ! New Cake Release: Black Forest Cheese

Haha…just went to the Bank save deposit, get ready to drive motor to Summit Parade BP, then the “Sun rain” is slowly drop down on my body. Oh my god! Just hurry rush to the Secret Recipe to avoid rain and wait the rain stops.

Reach secret recipe, surprise see that the new cake is release! BLACK FOREST CHEESE!
My friend working there keep ask me to try this flavor of cake, cause it is really nice! Then I agree and take the Tea-set. (it is very cheap at 3pm-5pm having the cake there, plus free one coffee or tea, total RM8.00 below) Wau! Damn nice! Sour and sweet! I prefer that more than the Black Forest Cream Cake. I drink the Flat White Coffee, it is creamy too…

Look at the black shirt guys…(manager) is it really look alike the celebrities in Korea? >.<

Rain is stop, what else? Go to summit lo ^^

Sleeping in class moment~ 2010


I wonder why the lecture in universities is feeling sleepy…especially at afternoon. Can be said that it is very tire and the lecturer juz normally give the lecture. Why they din give the way of lecture in kind of humor? That might be not feel sleepy in class.

Maybe due to the reason “lecturer given the lecture, not less if I study by myself at hostel, isn’t it?” Some students will go to sleep in the class. Sometimes I sleep also due to very tire. Additional afternoon is very hot. Sleeping in class about 5-10minutes is recommended, not more than that >.<

03 February, 2010


Haiz…This is the problem I facing so far. (more importantly than singing) I juz 50kg, and 170cm height. (BMI just below the 18, means not standard) –Standard BMI :18-24. So how about your BMI? So far I saw many people are fat or BMI sure standard one. I very admire them why can own this standard body? Then I’m not.

So I start to settle my problem by enter the GNC club, purchase my first Weight Gainer (worth RM137 at that time, add Member discount 20%). Just hope I can really add weight to my body. (I think my body is no more problem anymore, like health status.) My health status is ok. Before that I jus know my heart is weak, so was having the Chinese traditional medicine worth RM60.00. I had ate few times so far. (< 10) I’m not going to consider that anymore than just trust my senior said that Weight Gainer will help u gain a lot of weight.

I finished the Chocolate Weight Gainer 1850 in 2 weeks. I was follow the order of advisor to consume the supplement in the right way. U know wat?? I just receive 2kg only. Then I delighted ^^ After few days, my weight drop down to 50kg back…swt….(really hard to fat). So I dun give up and purchase the next Weight Gainer 1850 again. This time is vanilla flavor.
Also I finished it in two weeks. Then guess what? My weight is stay on 50KG. Nothing Changes. I started realize that I not suitable to use weight gainer, maybe the reason I so high metabolism?? I wonder why not used, at that time I worked out in my home like pumping, sit up and jumping.

Then I changed the supplement. I try consume the supplement which help stronger my heart. After ask the staff at GNC there, she introduce me the COQ-10 Enzymes. Well I just purchase it at price of RM110 something. (so heart pain…I ate so many money T_T). At that 2 months I consumed the COQ-10 enzymes, I really feel more energy, my snoring even cured! (is surprise thing!^^) But my main problem doesn’t cured or repaired.

Next, I try the next supplement- Fish Oil Body which helps keeps your heart stronger and even stronger the brain. What DHA or some kind …AA…really helps the body tissue. I purchase it when my birthday offer, RM70 something, is cheap. Now I still haven’t finish it because it contains 180 capsules, one day one capsules, have to keep refrigerate. It helps stop my snoring too.

Last December I just purchase the Whey Protein Shake. This time I planned to work out more hard like pumping more seriously. After that, immediately consume the whey protein. I was read the information somewhere on internet said that the body will build the muscle when in resting mode.

Now I still try to gain weight in many ways (sometimes I forget to do it). I even consume the chocolate every day (as possible). I heard that quality chocolate can makes one fat. (low quality might be not used for me)

Just wishes that I can success in this planning as 2010 hopes. “””,,…..,,”””

Feng-Shui 2010

Just reach my home, then my mother told me that our kitchen is very dangerous. She said the “Feng Shui” master said that the kitchen place have to change. He was advice my mom better not use the gas to cook or fried the food, easily flammable. Ask my mom to use electric board. All the idea I can get is the “SWT”…. More seriously, the master added that I (dragon in Chinese horoscope) not suitable to use gas to cook. My mom ask me better dun cook again using the gas. Asked me use electric board. What the hell was that?? Then all the dragon Chinese horoscope people cannot use gas to cook foods???!!??

Oh…Luckily, my dad & mom went to the Chinese temple asked “Guan Yin Niang Niang”. After the checking of “Guan Yin Niang Niang”, she ask my mom and dad not need to change place in the house, the house is very ok already. Changes not need to do.

So happy heard about that ^^ Appreciate and thanks the Guan Yin Niang Niang help. I wonder who is that Feng Shui Master?? Before that, my mom keep forget to close the gas (damn dangerous) since the Master told my mom…it might be scared by the Feng Shui Master?? Who knows…

02 February, 2010


Ok, I can said that the square one Cinema- MBO is really best comfortable and high class cinema in BP. So, I always go to there to watch movie with my friends.

Besides, the arcade center – Tekken 6 always in FULL HOUSE condition. One machine is available only. (the other place too, summit got ones, bp mall I dun know…) I always no chance to play the games (I just wanna challenge AI so far)

The graphics is really damn 3D! Exactly like real people in fighting. Plus a plasma TV, show more real. I wonder when I can own a PS3?? Hehe…

Sometimes my housemate and I will go there to watch movie. Below is my “naughty” housemate…(cute too >_<)

01 February, 2010


Firstly, I listen their song – GEE who play by my small brother, I was hate that music and said not nice at all, why play it so loud!? Then I will ask him to change other songs.

After come back this Uni, I just curious and download the YouTube video MTV of SNSD. Then I watch at my hostel. Wau! Really beautiful girls and group! All dancing are very cute and sweet, most of them are beauty! After watch their MTV, I realize that GEE song is nice! This song is greatly performed by them. Another song - Genie is nice to hear too. Now ah, my brother was “shoot” me said “dun know is who said this song is not nice at that time.”

I like this girl as the picture below:

This group was release the new song. The name is . Whole group members are dancing in this new music video. Just suddenly so like them ^^ Then, many housemate was affected too when saw their Music Video. They started asking the mp3 and music video…See? SNSD bring so many attractions to young guy ^^

I want to share this video for everyone who I saw it on the YouTube: (GEE-Wonder Boys!)