13 August, 2010

Flash Mob

Last week i read from the newspaper, the theme is about Flash Mob. Do you know Flash Mob?

Well, flash mob is sounds new to me. When i first time see this noun, i just blur. So, flash mob means a lot of people, who are not known to each other, date and gather together at a specific place, time. Then, start doing the body motion at the same time and pause!

It can be very interesting and creative. Just like every one doing the same movement and pause together. The example like clap hand, jump, hold leg, and any body movement which allowed in the public. Besides, there can be a freedom movement for everyone, shows their special to the public, pause at the same time.   

How about all of us date and meet out together, and do the flash mob in the public? I bet it will be really fun, hehe =)


  1. nice topic to discuss together...
    mayb all of us can do flash mob together during our graduation day...=)

  2. Nice suggestion...i think u will be the leader =) Let's wait the day comes~

  3. hopefully no security guards to stop you la XD

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  4. I think security guard no right to stop us...not naked wat...haha


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