30 April, 2010

Selected Musics

Everyone loves music! When I trouble, down, unhappy, happy, good feeling and etc…I will listen music to balance or boost my feeling. So, here is the playlist I introduce to everyone (not so old~). It can said this playlist is “Cappolong” music(English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)…hehe~ Anyway I feel this playlist really suit me and nice to listen ^_^

01. Blah Blah Blah – Ke$ha
02. Run Devil Run – Ke$ha
03. Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen
04. Life After You – Daughtry
05. Don’t Look Back – Ayumi Hamasaki
06. According To You – Orianthi
07. What’ya want from Me – Adam Lambert
08. All the Right Moves – One Republic
09. Ballad – Ayumi Hamasaki
10. Happy – Leona Lewis
11. If We Ever Meet Again – Timbaland ft. Katy
12. Baby – Justin Bieber
13. Microphone – Ayumi Hamasaki
14. Secret – One Republic
15. Fireflies – Owl City
16. SHERO – S.H.E
17. OH! – SNSD
18. Today was a Fairytales – Taylor Swift
19. One Time – Justin Bieber
20. 我爱雨夜花 – S.H.E
21. Music Again – Adam Lambert

Hmm~nice feeling…Get back to study lo!

P/S: If the music not nice, just listen more and more, it would become your playlist too ^.*

29 April, 2010

The "surprise" incident i accidentally heard

Recently, my new house mate was moved in our hostel. So, in public, another house mate ask me to move into their room, so totally that room have 4 people. So, i was agree with it. Before that, i was said that i will snoring at night, they reply never mind.

Ok, well, yesterday night was my second night at that room. Normally i was sleep early than each house mate even room mate.I was fall asleep. Suddenly i woke up by the next two room mate enter the room. So i continue pretend to sleep.

So i heard their chat:
no.1: "Wow, he really geng! So fast sleep already. "
no.2: "Ya lo, that is him!"
no.1: "See, he really sleep like a pig, we enter this room he also dun know."
no.2: "haha..."
no.1: "Do u know that yesterday night he snoring?"
no.2: "Don't know, i very fast asleep."
no.1: "I cannot sleep well, snoring loudly, i hard to sleep"
no.2: "Why u dun tell him directly yesterday? he has ask u what..?"
no.1: "Paiseh ma, this one how can i directly said to him? "
blah blah blah....

Next i dun wan to continue their chat. Keep saying the people's bad. So, i was beh tahan then i said "Ok, then every night i won't let u sleep well".
no.1: "Har? U haven sleep ah? Then just now our chat u got listen??"
i just quiet and went out to drink water...

I just felt sad that why no.1 dun wan tell me directly? I was ask him yesterday before. He was lie to me. Firstly our "term and condition apply" was approved, said that dun mind i'm snoring. If really dun wan me sleep there, just tell me, i will move back, and ask new house mate sleep with u! I'm dun like people said my bad at my "back". Just like my personality, said to me directly. And, no.1, i know u r the best!

Speechless + Disappointed.

27 April, 2010

Naked Marriage

Read from magazines…SO what is “naked marriage”? That is two new couples naked all the body in the wedding ceremony and let all people see. Good! right? Haha, that was not the true meaning. The meaning here is just married by register only, no big car, big sum of money, and no many luxury things to reach a marriage~ a simple couple life!

In my mind I think this is good. Why? If thinking positively, two persons just married with register, and then live happily, this basic of relationship was reached. Then, the couples not need to spent a lot of money on wedding ceremony, help to protect earth also (not need use up a lot of invitation letter, save resources of trees.) Two persons just live normal and try to happily ever after without telling everyone.

Of course, most of the people will against this. Said about this was against the traditional, and say is too “cincai”…Actually, if I got a chance (if…) I will try this >.< However, I know that the probability that I failed is high lo~ 

26 April, 2010

3 Minutes

I think most of us have this kind of attitude- 3 Minutes. What is 3 minutes? I will define it as do everything just only used for “3 minutes”, do one things just for suddenly interesting matters.

Example, suddenly I was loved to drawing. So, i was determined to draw a nice picture. Then after draw 1 picture, and feel not so nice, then no interest to continue. Ya, I am in 3 Minutes. Or, I decide to write blog from now on. Then after I write one or two, I feel that quite boring. As a result, I was stopping my work and ignoring my blog. 

I think the way for solving 3 minutes is strengthen the determination and mind thinking. Thinking clearly and the consequences of one thing before decide to do it. 

3 Minutes brings benefit? Maybe can think positive way, the one who always 3 minutes, he/she will know a little information on many field because they have tried. In another word, this kind of person will be hard to success in life due to lack of enough experiences.

P/S: I have no feel to continue write, just stop here lol 

25 April, 2010

Horror Movie

Last week, i was ‘jio’ my housemate to watch horror movie. But sadly, only few are willing to go to watch this movie. I wanna try out this kind of experiences 2nd times in cinema. Of course, what I mention is the “scary” scene in horror movie.

I still remember last few years my friends and I was together to watch movie – {The Eye 2}. That time around 12 people watch together in cinemas, cause wanna tried the experience of watch horror movie in cinema. This movie greatly “scare” me even my friend, the storyline was good after all.

So, that movie we watch was {Haunted Room}, made from Thailand. After the show, my review is Thailand horror movie’s story line is good. For this movie, storyline quite good, but no “ghost”, it was used the concept of “power of thinking”. (The storyline can read from the website). Then, the scary part in this movie was not so scary… 

Anyway, I had a little feeling that I am wasting my money on this movie (not worth) lol Story > effect.

21 April, 2010

Shark Killed & etc...

Last week I was saw the news about the shark was “killed”, sadly not the whole things killed, only the “hands and legs” was cut off. The main body was left in the sea. Oh my god, the humanity…

Shark fin was so delicious, most sales in the restaurant. Just from the newspaper information, the shark fin was delicious on its soup, not his body. I wonder shark fin might be able to substitute with…

I know this kind of humanity happen in another country also, from email, you tube and so on. They can eat baby (died), eat the “snake” lively, and lively fresh fish. They dare to eat raw…oh no, how pain on the animals…

20 April, 2010

Ear Candle

This Ear Candle technique was new to me, I never listen before, and it is used to extract the oil from the ears. They said it is always used in facial centre.

Last times, my big brother was bringing back some ear candle from KL, and introduce to my mum. My mum told me that the function of it, and I was tried it also. How to use it? Just lit the fire at the tail side and make it burn, and another end plug into the ear.

Burning until the line recommended, clear the fire, and slowly opens it to see how many oil contains inside the ears. Oh, I saw the small sponge also, but dun know the function of the sponge, maybe used for safety purpose?

Luckily my ears not extract any oil. Is it the experiment failed? Haha..however, my mum’s result contain some oil. Maybe use this way can strengthen the hearing system?   

19 April, 2010

Char Kuey Teow

Woo!! Love love love, dun know when, I was loved to eat Char Kuey Teow, looks it’s “oily” look, makes me feel it so delicious and eagerly to eat! No clam needed for me.

I got a “simple” small dream, that is I will order Char Kuey Teow when reach the new place, just want to try different flavours of Kuey Teow. Am I looks like an idiot?? haha

I went to Penang last year, try so many char kuey teow until my friends were feel boring on it. Ask me try others. Of course, I try others also, but just kuey teow was my priority. ^^

Well then, I love to eat but have not yet to learn to fried kuey teow. Maybe I can try it next few months? Then when I want to eat just fried for myself..haha, but I think not so delicious…training~

18 April, 2010


Do you believe ghost?

Well, I believe ghost. However, I am not that kind of simply believe. About Standard 1, I was listening many real ghost stories by my mom’s friends. I still remember first time listen that kind of ghost story really scary, in addition, I just a standard 1 students.

Their story something like ~ saw the white shirt shadows and passes through the girl’s toilet/ a line of people wearing white shirts across the road at KL big road/ saw the relatives who was passed away was come back to enjoy dish when Chinese July Ghost event and so many scary kind of stories…

Since young I was believe in it. Of course, they said me I’m superstitious. I am normal people, no “gift” to see extraordinary “things”. (dun want to see also). Ghost Whisperer is the drama which I loved to watch! The ghost story just like real story happened by people. “地狱老师”is the comic I loved. The story inside (some) is looks so real. (no courage to try, will die) Example, one group of friends was playing ghost games, so, they are 4 friends. They have to stand alone in the corner of that empty room. Then, everyone is going to run to next corner and hit the shoulder of the friend by take turn. Till the end, the last corner will be empty. Last person run to the next corner will going to touch a “human”. Do you want to try? X_X

I was met a supernatural incident when I was in secondary school. My friends and I was participated the scout camping in the school. When in midnight, around 3 a.m., I scare to go alone to the toilet, so I “jio” my friends. Around 5 people of us went into the toilet, (the toilet structure is separate to 20++ rooms) one of the room’s pipe’s water was flow out, then one of the friend went to close it. Next, another room’s water flow out, so close it also. Then come to next and next…(tat time look scary also). I still remember one of friend talking so loud and not care about what his said. Never mind, after we all done (W.C.), we went out together. Suddenly, the hand basin’s water flow out in big volume, all of us was surprised, dun know how to explain, that kind of atmosphere was more scary. One of my friends was fast went back to close it and run.         

Finally, I want to introduce another way, do you want to try this out?? That is when midnight 12.00 a.m., look in the mirror, and use the comb to comb your hair about twelve times. Then, I’ll definitely you will see “it”!! Scary right?? Is your dandruff, isn’t it?? So many right? Is time to watch hair lo! 

14 April, 2010

Upgrade My Desktop

1…2…3…getting down with 3P-----lol…it has been 3 years my desktop since I bought it last time. Suddenly, I got the idea and desire to upgrade my house desktop.

Remember last time, I was bought the CPU component to integrate it to a CPU. I was spent around RM600++, includes Processor, motherboard, Power supply, casing, RAM. Of course, all just reach standard level. So, when I integrate all the components, I was found out that my hard disk cannot be used anymore, now is in SATA mode, not any more the IDE. So I need to spend again on SATA hard disk, but only choose 80GB. So a C.P.U. was generated. The monitor used was CRT, cost RM250, and repair it at last year cost RM70 again. Lolz…I spend a lot of money on PC…

Due to the high technology in these years, I was feeling that I should do something “amazing” in my life, (boring), so I plan and was buy the NVDIA graphic card in order to play games which are “same standard” as PS3. So, I was enjoyed the fantasy of 3D games. Just for a moment, my CRT monitor turn into blue colour screen. The colour was not correct, lol, something wrong happen again. After thinking one day, “Ya, is time change to a LCD monitor”. This both things were cost so much money.

Now, my house desktop seem like change to gaming purpose. Just use the PC to play amazing games. In addition, I was applied the streamyx online, it has been 3 weeks already, any line still cannot install yet, due to my residential area problem, the line is disturb. The technician asks me to wait until the staffs were fixed the lines. Haiz…this might be not fate with the online at house lo~


What is the meaning of shoot? Please ~ mind think positively and dun go to the devil side…hehe. Here is referring to direct talking without thinking so much of other people feeling.

First, I introduce myself. Naturally, I am an obedient boys, and will listen everyone advices and orders, even dun know how to “attack” people. Now, I was evolving to a person who always “shoots” people. I was thinking before why I change into this? The possible reason might be I was live around with this style of friend in my environment, when secondary school. If I not wrong, when I step into form 4, I started to shoot people, friends, or enemy. Most of the time I win, when step into form 6, I was scare of some convent school girls. They are so fierce, and cleverer to shoot people, I was failed against them. That day start off, I was seldom shoot people. (just less 30%).

In addition, after I was read the drama of novel {蔷薇之恋}, I still remember the quote: “Use direct talking, is our family habit, advantage is people will direct understand what the people want to said or express, avoid misunderstanding. Disadvantage is most of the people will get hurt because cannot accept the words.”

In my real life, besides me, I was met an Indonesia staff who work in S.R, she is more powerful. Do you know what she said to me? “If you really want to angry that person, just directly angry on that person, direct tell him/her, do not keep inside your heart, is better.”

I was thinking before should I “close” this skill for my future and my live? If I close this skill, I sure be bullied “gao gao” by others, this seems like my defence skills. I am an “over-gentle” man, talking no energy…
1. If people shoot me first, I will shoot back with my ability as much of possible. (devil)
2. Try learning not to shoot people, a normal talking ways, and try funny with friends.(angel)
3. Remember that do not use people’s weakness as the funny jokes. >.<

Last, I want to say sorry for every friend who was accidentally or purposely “shoot” by me before. From now on, I will follow my 3 rules above. Cheers! >_<

12 April, 2010

The Look

Being look handsome or beautiful is important to any boys or any girls. Some people can spend their money willingly just for his/her look in order to handsome or beautiful.

Since young, I was not believe that handsome, beautiful is so important, have a sincere heart more important, drama affect also. Now, I was changing my thinking on this. Handsome, beautiful makes u more advantage at everywhere, because the impression and the look is important, especially for first time when meet people. For example, u face two people and u have a choice to select one people to talk with, one is look handsome/beautiful, another is look normal, who will u choose to talk with? I believe most of the people will choose handsome/beautiful. Why?? The natural of people?

I am not a handsome guy. Many friends had said to me before “You are so cute!” “You are not handsome, but cute!” “You cute like a cartoon!” =.= …many many cute cute word I had listen. One idioms created by my friend: “A guy had been said handsome, that is a compliment. While, a guy had been said cute, that is an insult.” Do you agree that? I was agree, ha!. If for girls, “beautiful” and “cute” really are compliment, sure. Anyway, I loved to be cute too! (better than nothing~(skinny people will look cute?? I wonder~))

For girls, the idiom “Ugly girls do not exist in this world, only exist lazy girls.” I wonder this idioms can be used on boys too?…Girl’s look might be more important than boys, even complicated the way? In addition, my “dear” told me that sincere, honest people will be bullied or taken advantage by the other people in this current society. No matter how normal I am, I will tell myself in front of the mirror in the morning, “Today I look handsome, courage to face everything!” Well that looks so shameless, but that’s my way to boost my confidence to face most of the things. Have a clean proper look is indeed when go out, better than the lazy people care for his look.  

<<<< IC photos changes from Form 3 to 21 years old, any changes?? To be truth, not handsome, but I have a feeling that I was change from “Harry Potter” look to “Vampire” look, isn’t it?? Nice? :p hehe~

My stupid journey to Pacific-PIKOM PC FAIR

At the same day of Ching Ming, about afternoon, don’t know why, I have a feeling that “Come Come, PC Fair Pacific is waiting u!...” Somebody was call me! @.@ (just my hallucination)

So, that whole day was cloudy + little rain days, I did not have courage to go Pacific with the motorcycle, scare that I will all wet. Then, I was choosing to drive the car. In fact, I not so like to drive car, when traffic jam, u know…in addition that day was Sunday, afraid might be will traffic jam. Last, I drive car with my most little brother to go there.

On the path to there, holy sh*t, there was stupid traffic Jam!! Nvm, I believe next one will be free. Next, traffic jam again?? Lolz..car din move at all, wait for traffic light turn green 3 times then I just allowed to pass…reach the Pacific-Shopping Mall (I think I was passed through around 6 traffic light, all was traffic jam! Damn it! Already used up 1 hours)..ok, nvm, searching for parking lot…full house, and exit the Pacific Mall and went in again, this time I was try the upstairs’ parking lots. No experiences on drive car to the upstairs’ parking lots- really scare to fall down! +.+ So, don’t care anymore, just went in. Next, the path is really slope, firstly my car slide down a little bit, a little bit almost crash the car behind (the stupid car so near my car’s ass..swt) Of course, my brother was shout and afraid too. (who ask u wan to follow?? Ha) Never mind again, I direct drive to the top, and find parking place. Sh*t, so many cars, no empty place, and many cars not follow the proper direction, actually I plan to find empty place again, dun know why, suddenly I was follow other cars and reach the exit. T_T walao…by the way I was in the condition of precipitant urination, my urine almost reach the full tank...help me!! I really want to extinguish fire! Unfortunately, the exit point where I reach was lead to the Parit Raja direction, and that is one way direction, suck! I need to make a U-Turn.

I saw the U-turn after few seconds, wanna drive to it but so many cars, I afraid(haiz) so I hopes for next U-turn point. Waliu, so far and reach the U-turn point, this time went back again and search parking space. See? I have so much of patience. (lolz…if not my “emergency” I will direct drive back to my home) Finally, this time was found the empty space----we “fly” into the Pacific to “extinguish fire”. ……After another half hour, browse through all IT products, I was help my another brother to buy the stereo speaker. Then, my stupid journey was ended @_@ 

About Ching Ming

Last + Last Sunday, I was “participate” the Ching Ming activities, so early in the morning, whole family was get ready to the destination. The “mountain” is placed between the Sri Gading and Batu Pahat…

So same as last year, clean the grandfather’s grave surrounding. I feel that now I frequent “show up” to clean the grave with family. If compare to last few years, that was my secondary school times, the probability I will attend is zero. Due to the reason “kawat kaki Pengakap” la, training…My mom said that I seem like more free when I grown up…

This time same as usual, I saw other people play banger at there. Some family was taken the whole family photograph at there(how come will take photo at this place?), some are sit on the grave…Is it all traditional belief was passed away?? That must be some rules and need to be respect, careful at there…Luckily this year the weather is average, not sunny day, just cloudy days, bring along with little rain.

Oh my god, what the…My shoes!! All was stuck with full of clay…aiya I wear wrong slippers, the slipper has many holes at the downside. I need to use toothpick to throw out all the clay, by the way my residential area was facing the water shortage at that day…just use the stored rain water lo~ 

07 April, 2010


Do u ever dulan ur friend? Ur family? Or anyone who close with u? Hey, let share this.

I am a kind of person that so easy dulan since enter this campus. If I not wrong, I was not easy dulan  before this. Now, I was try to change this behavior to minimum, try to turn it to another positive way. Dulan people means u r angry on ones and makes urself carry the “disturbance”.  

This year, my few housemate still said me I so easy dulan. In fact, I was seldom to do like that(from now on dulan à that). I dun understand why they still said like that. Again, after I watch my friend’s post video about “try to stand at their side and think”, means try to understand people I faced. Yes, before that, I do like that when #/my friend frequently asking me to give the blank paper to him when class needed (because I hate friends who do not responsible, empty handed enter the class, when something needed, just asking from friends. 1 times, 2 times is ok, is not about the price!)/ #Empty handed (again) and ask for water to drink, self lazy to bring, the excuse he give. How about me? Always full of bag and water bottle?? (think another way I kind of “small gas”) and the list goes on…lazy to said. If now still facing this problem, i just change my mind and just let it be, seem they are not going to “update” themselves. One more, think about what do u feel when friend ask u about the same question? U have to answer the same question and answer like “who is the lecturer for this subject~~blah blah” I think finish the semester he is not going to rmb anymore X.X. But, this kind of situation has gradually decrease. This should be a happy matters.
Recently we playing online games, like "DOTA", if speaking not carefully to friends, that things will be aroused.Now, I was not going to do that anymore on friends, housemates, coursemates…I was accept them, and think on their way if possible(seems like they accept me too?). I also have many weakness need to repair and change, others might be do that on me also, just I dun know~

06 April, 2010

Water Shortage

Oh still have 1 month to go, the water shortage will be overcomed.

My hostel area there, water is available only from 10a.m. to 10p.m. This kind of water shortage most of us was prefer, daily activities around here, right? By the way, now BP water so salty, have a feel that I am drinking sea water~~blek +.+

Unfortunately, my house here experiences water shortage for 1 days to days, that means 1 days has water supply, 1 day shortage and take turn. Oh my god, I dun like this, do u know how hard if one whole day like this?

More unfortunately, I listen my cousin said Carre4 there residential area, experience water shortage from 10a.m. to 10p.m. Only 10p.m. start to have water supply until 10a.m. Seem like this more suitable for those who like to burn the midnight oil~or Nightstalker-Balanar.

Anyway, I hope this month fast end and the water comes clean. Do u ever listen the song Come Clean, performed by the Hilary Duff? Is really a nice song, especially the music. May water comes clean soon.

05 April, 2010

Movie: Clash Of Titans

That day, my friend and I was watch the movie {Clash of the Titans}. Actually, I dun know anything about this movie, even the trailer I din saw it too…if yes, only the end of the trailer. While, listen from my friend said that was a great, nice movie! So, I was know nothing about this movie and start to watch.

The background let me (I think not only me) think about the movie-{Percy Jackson-The Lightning Thief}. This movie was said about Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and many of the gods history and story. PJ talk about the Poseidon’s son, Percy. COT talk about the Zeus’s son, Perseus. All start from demigods as the story beginning.

PJ movie is a standard for all “U” rate people, no horror, funny, adventure action movie. While, COT is a standard movie for mainly said about the Zeus, Hades, Medusa, and so on. Most all characters’s look makes me a little “afraid” in COT…due to the expression of the actors, so real. What I most remember was the Gorgon, Medusa, really amazing, “cool” and take the “bow” to shoot…Stone Gaze…hoo~~~Medusa’s head seems very useful for both movies…

The effect of the COT was amazing (already normal with this kind of technique and effect, since so many of this type movies appears). Maybe someday I will read about the history of the gods around Zeus, Hades, Medusa…??

Percy Jackson à evolve à Clash Of The Titans. Anyway, best movie after all.

PTPTN not enough?

Well, last Friday my friend and I was met my P.A. (Penasihat Academic) to sign my semester registration paper.

Well, he was “change” his office to main campus, so this time I gonna have to meet him in main campus (so admire who’s lecturers’ office at city campus, cause near my hostel). After meet and signed by him, suddenly he asked us “How your PTPTN money? Enough for you?”
I straight forward said: “Yes, I enough.” He said: “Enough??” “Are you sure? My son study at INTI college not enough, one day at least need RM12++ spend the living life fees.”

I very impressed that, that area sure cost much more money than here. Think about this, i live near my campus (my hometown at batu pahat, Campus at Parit Raja, not too far) Somemore, I always go back my hometown when weekend—Ya, I am PBSM! ( Pelajar Balik Setiap Minggu). So I was saved my money on “eat” for 2 days half and having at home.

Anyway, I just want to say that no matter how many money (PTPTN is sure enough for me la) was loan, try the best to learn to control it. I know some students sure not enough money due to some constraint in their life~ And the one question is – Can I increase the loan with the same term & condition applied??

01 April, 2010

Times to UPDATE!

I think recently i really need to UPDATE myself for different section, especially my main course - Information Technology. (Hoo...final project was done ^_^)

I found out that my IT knowledge is decreasing from year to year...if few n years ago, i can said i almost handle most of the IT knowledge on hardware, software, little coding, products and etc. Now if u ask me again this things, i can only reply "NOT SURE" "I DON'T KNOW" or any same level of this kind of reply.

Since i was selected to be single in my campus life (more freedom), i should focus on my study (as main point) the side part might be games, create something, sing a good song? haha...(enjoy the life's richness)

Is time to update myself, especially IT students. Well then, i try to focus on IT knowledge from now on. I must "insist" and "hardworking" to reach my target.I was a "katak in tempurung", if not update again, i will even worse than that. However, enjoy movie or others is needed since i precious a lot on my course mate or house mate, the feeling of TOGETHER is not going to exist anymore after few years. (So sad T_T...) 天下没有不散的筵席嘛。。。feel on "brother's".