02 December, 2009

­­PENANG 1 WEEK TRIP ^^ (16-11-09 ~ 24-11-09)

1st Day ~ 17/11/09 Tuesday.

This time was different, the KKKL bus express went to the George town bus station then turn back to Butterworth (from my Penang’s friend information). Then, we arrived at Butterworth bus station. 5.30a.m. arrived. ‘Lawyer’s’(‘lawyer’ = penang friend nickname =.=) father and 2nd sister was come to fetch us. Wau! Lawyer’s father face exactly same, so look alike! ~
Of course, we had taken away some breakfast. Pau, pork, and some little dish. Heavy rain again~~ Lawyer house like that ah, so big oh~ Surprise that we got a room to sleep! So nice, before that lawyer said that we gonna to sleep in living room, bed provided too. Lawyer’s mother just recovered and out from hospital, so face might not so happy, worrying!?...
I try not to call him “lawyer” at his house…but very difficult…since always used to be called him lawyer. Then, I try to call “Ah Hong” hehe….After some breakfast, we slept until 11.00a.m.
Next point was bring Andy to go back home, at Georgetown. Lunchtime! We chose to eat hokkien mee. (In Johor it might called curry mee…!?) Delicious! Spicy flavor and the meatball so nice! We went to Pranging Mall shopping. (Boys do shopping??) Here we saw many CD, Computer CD, and arcade machine. (Of course there’s a lot of Cloth shop, even Condom Shop! (seldom see this type of shop…swt) We all 3 people walk in the shop and come out very quickly due to curious. We saw a XXL condom, really extreme big size. (3 hamsap lou==------still got this kind??)
I saw Street Fighter 4 arcade machine. Is a new game! Only available in PS3, PC…then I played it. Andy was joined too. So much fun and amazing the games. It’s so cheap, cost RM0.50 = 1 token can play already.

Next, we went to Komtar shopping mall. It just walks to another ladder. Andy brought us to Komtar’s tall building. Now is not allowed to enter due to officer organization. Then, we planned to watch 3D movie for “Cloudy Meatball 3D”. So, we went to Gurney Plaza. After we check out the GSC cinema counter, the staff said this movie was close, temporary do not have the 3D movie. Haiz……Then, Andy suggest why not we watch the new movie “The fourth Kind”?? So we just agree it…(at that time really sienzz…)

After Andy meet his friend in Game Master, lawyer decide go to Gurney seaside. There is the photo I taken ---
Then, we went back to GSC. Before that I saw Secret Recipe shop also…Still have time…so ----Andy SHOWTIME!! Play the Dance Dance Paradise. This time I was see him dance 3rd times. Result is Rank No.1! Sugoi!! He types the name “UTHM”…hehe

This movie is based on true fact. Talk about the Alien abduction human on this earth. Here we saw many hypnotize technique. Opening quite sienzz…at the center was going to nice, of course there is disturbing content. From the movie I can understand that ----You know you see something that not normal thing, then you try to convince people—As a result, nobody will believe what you said or saw and said that you are crazy.

Movie finished then we walk to the Gurney Entrance. Oh my god! Heavy rain again! After some plan, we went to the Food court. I bought the Thai Style Fried Rice. The taste was just like the taste in Johor. In between, we 3 people saw a girl really look alike “Jelly Fish” oh~
After return broken umbrella by Andy, we went back lo…End of the first day.

2nd Day ~ 18/11/09 Wednesday.

Lawyer got prepare breakfast for me. So appreciate ^^ This time was Yun Tun Mee. Flavour ok, not so special, but nice to eat. 12.00 p.m. something, we went to outside eat “economic rice”, like 168 restaurant at Johor. After that, lawyer bring me to the biggest Chinese temple – 斗母宫。Then, we went to the Penang Bird Park. Really has some fun and new experience in the park through watch bird.
Next, lawyer and me went to the Yeong Chyang’s house. Suddenly, lawyer was “lost”. He said he had forgot the way to Chyang’s house…swt == Then, we call Chyang ask him to go Jusco fetch us. Still got some time, we went to the Aeon Jusco. After bought mineral water, Chyang had comes. …….When reach Chyang house, I borrow his toilet. After that, I went down to living room and have a cup of 100 PLUS, Chyang direct ask us to Mountain Climbing---but just walk around at there. Oh man! We saw a pair of monkey was fxxking. Then, we walk back to the car park, we saw another pair monkey fxxking too…is it breeding season!?? At the same time, we saw a “zombie” color dog was shit at there…walau~~~vomit.
More surprising, we saw a really fat monkey, asking Jambu from the people.

Now, we reach St. Anne Church. Due to not a Christian, I just pay a visit at there and took some photo. After fetch Chyang to house, we went to butterworth station to fetch Kopi and his cousin. His cousin really got the mole like Kopi…hehe

At night, we accompany lawyer to see his sister’s son. For us, we called the baby as lawyer’s son…joking nia~~~Baby so cute ^^ Reach Andy house again……then to “Fort convodies” We had “man talk” at the playground and the seaside. Our shirt salty too….haha. We went back butterworth by ferry. It was the first time for me on the ferry ^^

3rd Day ~ 19/11/09 Thursday.

So, we had breakfast again ~ Now, more two people with me- Kopi and cousin. We had eaten the Kuey Teow Soup. For lunch, we ate chicken rice. Next, we went to the Andy’s house. Andy fetch Sam to his house. Today, Sam was joined with us to Kek Lok Si and Bukit Bendera.

Kek Lok Si, directed the way by Andy. Of course, we did take many beautiful photographs. After some “creative” photo, we went down the ladder to buy some souvenir. Andy wants to buy the Iron Ball at upstairs’ shop, but it was close due to 5.30p.m. The price was RM12.00. Andy very disappointed and plan to buy next time. When went down the ladder, we saw Iron Ball sold here too! Then, we asked the price and know that it cost RM30.00. Damn Expensive T_T…Andy canceled it. Then the boss asked Andy don’t go away... “Only RM28!----RM25!-----RM20!-----RM10!------RM6!---------” Andy sure very happy and went back to buy it. Lawyer bought it also.
Next, we arrived Bukit Bendera. Around 6.20p.m. at that time. Here can see all the scenery and maps of Penang! Amazing and spectacular~.

8.00p.m. something, we had dinner at the area that I don’t know (in Georgetown). First time I ate the Char Kuey Teow at Georgetown. It was not so surprised (because I thought that Kuey Teow In Penang Very special) By the way, it was so small plate…we ate the roasted chicken and fried chicken too.
Yeah! Heading to Gurney Plaza to watch 3D movie – A Christmas Carol. First time watch 3D movie…cost RM15 (expensive oh~) Due to have some time, Andy SHOWTIME again…Dance Dance Paradise…This time he was played two times (maybe addicted?? Hehe)
We wait him finished his show and watch movie together.

3D movie --- the 3D glass I wore “heavy”. When I hang on my glass, it slowly slides down on my face. (frustrated~~) Besides, this movie not so nice, just saying that the “adventure” of the old man. Plus, there was no subtitles. So, hard to know that the movie in details. (poor English standard is like that T_T)

4th Day ~ 20/11/09 Friday.

Lunch – having Yun Tun Mee and Prawn Mee.

Sienzz again~~ We went to Andy house. Suddenly I want to watch the movie DVD – STAY ALIVE. Nice movie after all! ^^ (You will die in the same way you die in the video games). After that we went to “padang” ate again. This time I ate Laksa. Penang’s laksa really different with Johor. Here got sour flavor, and the mee was different too.

We arrived at Youth Park. This is the park that let public exercise. Here got Gym tools, field, and the skater’s ground. After exercise in Youth Park, we run to the “waterfall” through road sides. Oh my god….suddenly the kopi’s cousin – Milo (Sam gave the name ==) lost his handphone! I tried to help him but didn’t saw any handphones…might be stole by the people.
Disappointed and walked back to the car.

Dinner time!! Andy brought us to Gurney Drive (lawyer drive the car). Here damn many stalls. Haha…I chose again Char Kuey Teow…(this time was better than last time the taste). The “fried chicken skin” was tasty too.

Andy was joined us and slept in lawyer’s house. Now, 12.00 a.m. ---Happy Birthday, Kopi!!

Whole UTHM's student team photo at Kek Lok Si

5th Day ~ 21/11/09 Saturday

Breakfast – “carrot cake”/菜头糕/果角 - (not so nice…and big pack)
Movie again – 叶问, watch at lawyer’s house.
“carrot cake” make us so full. So 2p.m. went out to eat.

After many many decision, we chose to eat at Pizza Hut. (celebrate kopi’s birthday too!)
Pizza Hut at Auto City.
Next, Andy suggest went to CC in Butterworth. First time I played DOTA in CC. The experience not bad…then our team was lose. In addition, I also not clever to play ==.

Dinner--- ate Belacan fried chicken. So delicious. Lawyer, Kopi, and Milo ate Bak Kut Teh. Then I ate again the Hot Plate Mee (don’t know why I so greedy ~ eat many). The Bak Kut Teh taste not so nice, washiness. Next, we went to lawyer’s big sister house to get Wii.

After setup, we played the Wii. So, new experiences again. I like to play “cooking mama” ~Special. The bed was so small cause I slept with Andy and kopi. 3 people can said no way to move around. (Andy, kopi I didn’t blame you ya ~ don’t think too much)

6th Day ~ 22/11/09 Sunday

4.30 a.m. we had wake up. Today we were going to Marathon – FUN RUN at Penang Bridge.

Car park full…so we parking at Taman’s road side. We walked to destination.

7.30 a.m. we had started to run the marathon. Sam still got the chance to take photo at penang bridge. Lawyer-Kopi-Milo-Andy-Sam-Me were join this marathon. Most people were walking. Lawyer-Kopi-Milo really run ==. Anyway, at the destination, we got the Certificate also. Hehe (I didn’t register also -.-)

Roadside, we ate mee again…Then, we ate curry mee at butterworth. Thanks to Andy’s father for helped me buy the Penang “淡文饼”. Really Tasty. 2 box cost RM16. Really tired and rest whole day at lawyer house after all.

Kopi Birthday! Watch what he said to us! ^^===>
7th Day ~ 23/11/09 Monday

Kopi and Milo was gone back to the Ipoh. Now, left lawyer and me. At lawyer’s house, I watch “绝代商娇”。At night, 11.30p.m., I was accompany Sam went back to Segamat.

At Segamat (24/11/09) Tuesday. We arrived at bus stop. Sam’s parents really cute…hehe..friendly also. So, I had some breakfast and lunch at Segamat. I ate the “点心”as my breakfast and Bak Kut Teh as my lunch. Both were nice especially the Bak Kut Teh, the taste 99, damn delicious! Yam yam….12.30p.m. bus gone back.

Woo~~~went back to the Batu Pahat lo!.....I miss my home ^^

Street Fighter 4! Arcade Machine--Like it so much!! ^^

04 November, 2009

Final exam....

Oh my god....final exam coming and now already passed 1 paper, Principal Management. There was a tough experiences when that exam. I was cough until the end of exam. Really disturb me when exam. Now still cough...@@...

haiz....hope there is no more cough after that exam. Well then, left two or three days to prepare one exam, suppose should prepare well for the exam. However i was use it in games...don't know why. Frustrated. Seem like i also start to addict to PC games again...ko...ko...ko..

Play games rest the mind. Is not good when play too many, is it?

15 September, 2009



From now on, i start to feel that so many people do not have responsible. Even the basic responsible. Why this thing happen? i keep asking myself...they just care for themselves and can be said "selfish".

I do not know why i will hate the people who do not have responsibility. Maybe it is my "gift" since i was born. The things i want to say is if you are student then u have to be a responsible student. My brother also same, do not care for their own studies even i was giving so many advices to them.

When in national service, i hate one of the friends who do not bring his bottle to drink water. He just asked us to give him water to drink and he just relax only. He does not have any load on him. I quite admire him. However, i cannot do that. Think about it if everyone's behavior like him then who gonna give you the water to drink?

Very simple, a student not need to earn money, their motive just easy. That is study well, do some benefit business, respect to parents, playing games, exercise....simple only. I don't know why my little brother has the mind that he has to earn money through selling his thing, studies just keep aside, and asking for a job. He just 14 years old. How he can work? So young and all his mind already full of money. When come to social, "open the leg" and earn the money as you like, that is more easy.

I think quite a long time about it (responsible of a student). Student should know their subject need to study, study what the lecturer asked and even own desire, face every exam nicely and seriously (don't too over, it will give you much more pressure and trouble), play some games for relax your mind, pay attention to every lecturer what he or she had said.