31 October, 2010

Amazing Speech

Last Friday, a program of “Sesi Bersama Penasihat Akademik” was held at DTII in my university. A housemate was accompanying me for attend this program due to compulsory. Yet I know a lot of our friends are not attending this because it was held near the study week. The main motive come here is to listen the Penasihat Akademik advice and take some personal document from him or her.

Well, the most impression things are the amazing speech who given by Dr.Sazali bin Khalid. Previously, the speech was given by the dean faculty, Dr.Rosziati. “Someone told me before our new faculty name - FSKTM is hard to remember if compared to FTMM. Then, what I said to him is FSKTM is easy to remember, just remember KTM-KTM-KTM…then add FS in front of KTM, easy right?”

He is not Dr.Sazali..

Dr.Sazali amazing speech-

  • “I am very glad that our new faculty name – FSKTM is name because of me. FSKTM actually is stand for Father Sazali Khalid Tahu Mathematics (instead of Faculty Sains Komputer Teknologi Maklumat)”
  • “The problem statement of students: late for class, blaming the facilities like timetable lousy, submit assignment very late, appointment not punctual, quiz, tests, late, late return, no model answer, plagiarism…”
  • We are laughed and smiled at his speech. He is added “Please do not laugh when I talk, otherwise I will be called and going to have speech at next time.”
  • “There is no maaf (sorry)for all of us. We all are professional.” I like this statement J
  • “We did not care so much of our friend. Please, respect friend especially your roommate, housemate. ” Your friend want to have sleep, but you switch on the light and burn the midnight oil in same room, do not ask your friend and so on. (For my condition, a housemate of mine always fart, luckily do not have smell, well please respect lol)
  • “Can you erase me from your mind if you hate me?” I like this statement too J
  • “Gejala Sosial – want to have girlfriend or boyfriend.” “As a student, you are not required to worry this, you will have it at last. The exam not going to ask you-why you do not have girlfriend? Why you do not have boyfriend?”

There is a lot of Dr.Sazali speech. I just mention what I like here. Actually he is amazing. He is just like our father of love.

30 October, 2010


DEVIL movie was showing last month at other state in Malaysia. However, Batu Pahat here finally showing the movie - DEVIL. With no companion, I solo again for this movie this evening. Heard that this movie is quite scary…luckily is not so.

If compared to Buried, it is really cannot taken to be compared. So, if you like the DEVIL does not mean that you will like the movie BURIED too. This both movies have same common point that is happened at one location. The former happened around the lift, later happened inside the coffin.

Devil show in the human form in the lift, my guess on “who is the devil” always changes. It is hard to know who is real evil. From this scene, I could see all victims here are not responsible at all for their personal case. Devil comes to take their life due to their behavior.

From this movie, devil here not always is bad intention. The action of the Devil can be said is for punishment intention. I feel shocked for some part of the scene. 

Who is the devil?
Thus, who is the Devil in this movie? The young lady? The soldier? The old woman? The guard? The promoter? Who do you think? Watch the movie then you will know. For sure, who try to help these five victims will die too in alternative way.

The lesson learned? We need to responsible for what we did, understand what we did and do not choose to runaway. Otherwise, the devil will comes to take life away…

29 October, 2010

Good Friend -> Stranger

Do you ever feel this kind of feeling of a good friend in same gender or not, then suddenly become stranger because of an outstanding incident occurs? I can said this is my first time to feel this kind of feeling.

Since young, I do make some good friends in my life. All relationship, friendship are good and always maintain good status. Recently, I feel this kind of stranger feeling, I do not know I was thinking too much or my sense is sharp.Because of an incident, our friendship suddenly change back to the starting point when we knew each other.This kind of turning point really frustrated and not feeling well, hard to accept.

Flash back to the last time moment, we are always chat with each other, do some favorite activities.If now compare to last time, really change a lot.Many question marks in my head, and I want to find out the answer someday.

I want to have a good friendship with my friends. I do not want to have stranger feeling, being ignored and so on.Being ignored by someone especially in suddenly is really kersian.Is that my social skill always not good enough? Or I started hated by someone?

The feeling is sad...


28 October, 2010

Life without Sex

First of all, we are human, so we are not live for sex, is sex for life. However, if do not have partner,we going to settle for ourselves, isn't it?

Mostly, a man's mind always full of SEX. It is undeniable theory. If compared to women, their mind always full of admire, jealous, care, concern, just a little part percentage is sex. So far, I am keep myself as traditional men, that is only sex after marriage. How off beat is this right? Maybe my mind will change someday? I believe most of people will laugh me. "Please lah, dude, now is 22 century, not 90-an."

So without sex, what can we do in life? To think positively, we can do a lot of things to substitute the sex life. I checked a movie before, named "Life without sex". I have not watch the movie yet, but I do read the synopsis. The movie content is the family have no sex through out the year, so they do other activities like shopping, household and a lot of side entertainment. That can be enjoyable too.

Thus, we can do a lot of benefit things than sex. Like go for self hobby (if a person's hobby is sex then nothing to say) swimming, reading, chatting, gaming and so on. Plus, I watch a Taiwan drama before, named "18禁不禁". The guy was advice the other guy when have sex desire, try do something on other like go for jogging, exercise and etc. 

Most of people love sex topic. It seems like an adventurous topic...To be honest, if let you choose to read either a sex topic or money topic, which one you prefer to? And, as nun or monk, they need to clear out the sex mind in their life. Why? Is it means SEX is bad for us? 


27 October, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Thus,yesterday night, the birthday celebration at Pizza Hut, BP Mall was made for Beyond Kiat is successful. Glad to see him so happy :)(I could see him not able to go back KL for  celebration at his chosen date make him so dull :P) 

Counted for this birthday celebration, this is the 2nd time for this year group birthday celebration.First time is "Lawyer" birthday celebration.Due to some constraint and restriction, not all of the coursemate+housemate here can be celebrated.  

Think about birthday celebration, my course-mate of same gender group is not so popular on it.Not like other faculty, course like FPT, they always have a birthday celebration for the monthly birthday friends. Let's say they have 5 people birthday in February, then 5 of them will be celebrated together.

To have a birthday celebration, it is a really good things. Every year will going to have birthday celebration.I wonder when our 10 people Chinese group will like FPT, celebrate for every friend in the related month.However, it is mission impossible for us.

Do you like to have birthday celebration? Every year birthday will met and going through.Again, we going to leave the university soon.Luckily, yesterday a lots of things were settled, so we can have a surprise celebration for Beyond.Do we have a next celebration for Kopi during final exam period? hehe...

Oh my god...yesterday night had forget to take the handsome photos...

25 October, 2010


When have thoughts(心事),who you will going to find and release it? Or just keep it inside the heart?

Normally, when I have thoughts, if really serious, I will find my best friend to chat with, to let me feel more comfortable. What if a thoughts that none of friends can be selected to be chat or discuss with? Even my blog cannot be described at all?

I have thoughts recently. However, I cannot simply chat it with somebody. It is very hard to express from my heart.The only thing I can do is try to ignore it.    

More few days after I might more relax, free from presentation and all the group assignments. Then, it is time to prepare for study in 3 special study weeks...

24 October, 2010


Today, I was watch the movie Buried on this Sunday...Unexpected Sunday.

Why want to watch this movie? This is because I was left important impression from an uncle SGI campaign in university. He introduce my friend and I can try watch this new type movie. So, my curiosity was worked and desired want to watch this movie.

My plan today actually can be said is fail.Buried movie only available in MBO, while Pizza Hut at BP mall.The 6pm Pizza Hut plan failed.Online game restriction again from friends? Actually want to give a celebration...my time plan is not good. Anyway, my feeling today after watch the buried movie and during buried movie, is not quite constant and feeling so sensitive.(read mind again??)

This movie has what features? It is special, I will said this. Most of the people will say boring. There is only one place, inside the coffin. And, there is only one character, with the lighter, cell phone and some survive things. The director is smart, this kind of scene can hold until 1 hour 20 minutes something. When watch the movie, if watch seriously and try understand the victim feeling, it won't be good at all. I feel not so relax when watch this movie. Hopes appears and gone suddenly. There is a lot of hidden meaning there.

After watch this movie, we planed to watch ghost movie. Sure, one of my friend not watch this kind of movie. And, he was added and said to another friend: "Leh...I already ask you to watch RED movie, 3pm one..." "where got?" Another friend replied.This kind of sentences makes me feel like "you are not so standard at all, choose this low class movie to watch, boring. Watch RED better then."

In the end of movie, buried. My plan today, buried after Buried.


23 October, 2010

Motivation Talk today

"Kemahiran Insaniah" is today our motivation talk, specially compulsory for third year students who is going to graduate next year if "pass". This can be called Soft Skill too.

All students "have to" attend to this motivation talk. (if positively he will said "choose to" come for this talk)From my observation since I enter this university, I had found out that a lot of students not like to attend this kind of talk, feels like wasting time. (I agree too) So, when second session is start, a lot of students are going back already or "ponteng" to somewhere else. The only way the lecturer can said is "Those students who are not attend here anymore because they think they are smart, not need to attend this kind of motivation talk."

Motivation talk, appears a lot in my life especially when studies. I do not know why, we are giving a lot of motivation talk, it is good for us. However, a lot of people/student choose to skip this kind of talk.Isn't it everyone like the good things? Plus it is free...I can sincerely said, I never skip a motivation talk since my studies life start from primary school. So what I gained here? I feels like I was stupid, I should choose to skip this talk and do my favourite things.

If not said compulsory, i bet a lot of students not going to attend. Who will interest on this? Anyway, today talk is quite beneficial at last session, and I laugh from the start to the end.It shows us the interview session with correct way...(this can be found from internet also, isn't it?)

I more like to get motivation from reading motivation books. What I get is more beneficial and more impress in my mind. Then, if I can apply in my real life, I might become a successful person in this life.I hope this kind of motivation talk do not appear again.

Think too much P2

I thought

I'm the one who like to think too much


Recently I was found out that

Not only me will think too much

Many friends around me 

They sometimes like to think too much too

Why find trouble for yourself?

It is not necessary at all


Live happily and enjoy the life 

Appreciate life and keep it meaningful

Although there has a lot of obstacle

Smile a smile

Everything will be fine.

21 October, 2010


Like or dislike, this act happens on everyone. All of us are human being.

I am very sure a lot of people experience before on "I like you." "Sorry, but I don't like you." Mostly this will met. Seldom case will met "I like you." "I like you too." "Let's in a relationship" This is just like the basic intro for a relationship.

For first case, I like you you don't like me, what you should do? Is it start to learn to dislike the one you like? or continue to like? When the opposite site said "I do not like you, please away from me." Then what you gonna do? Suddenly turn out to be stranger? Even act like don't know each other?

For second case, it is happiness case. Both are destined to be together.Well, I feels like I do not have this happiness case. I always in "I like you but you don't like me" or "you like me but i don't like you".

Years ago, I got confession on one girl I like a lot when in form 6.Well, she replied me with "We just make good friends, okay?" So, sure heart pain and disappointed.

Is that what I suppose to do if the person said "I don't like you", then I should follow his/her order and away from them?......

20 October, 2010

Step on Sex Topic

Do you ever like to discuss sex topic among your friends? Especially same sex friends are together/gathering...

Last few days, I had discuss with 2 girl course mate. All my friends "ponteng" class, so left me at there. Then, I having lunch with the 2 girls (same majoring course mate). So, she said she was pain, stomach pain. Then I ask about "is it food poisoning or monthly?" She directly replied with "Monthly pain". "Oh I see."

I started to chat with them about their monthly pain.All I can said they are so noble, every month have to bear this pain. Additional news said they are not encourage to eat Panadol, it will left in their stomach for five years. Be a girl is not that easy, plus give birth process...

Suddenly comes one thing to me, they are so open-minded and discuss with me about monthly problem. I wonder they might ask me back about boy "problem", then I will choose to answer or not is...(I believe i will change topic fast)

I knew some cases like when some friends together, especially good friends, they might discuss their sex life, times of masturbate, virgin or not, the size of genital, porn materials and so on. To be honest, I am shy on saying this personal privacy, even with best friend. I feel like it is privacy, we have right to do so. Isn't it?

19 October, 2010

FYP-I Presentation

Today was my presentation day for my final year project- Part I. Huu...

My presentation time was delay around 1 hour. The timetable set my time was 9.00a.m. I woke up early at 7.00a.m. Reach the place at 8.30a.m. Then my presentation was delay until 10.00 a.m. If I know I not going to come early. What a bad timing is this.

There were 3 students include me in this morning. I am the last guy to present. The first student is Malay girl. She is being "shoot" so seriously, the whole process take a lot of times. Next, my Indonesia friend was complete whole project with a complete graphic aerial simulation system! How amazing was him! Then the way he present really can said is totally look alike "show off" his project.I believe him got full marks for his presentation except the thesis format, how admire him. My turn- The presentation I think was no problem, but the Chapter 4 some diagram I have to redraw, redesign. A lot of comments was given during presentation, suggestion. Thanks for each panel. I really have to find a good way to develop my project soon.

En.V ask me:"Do you know any mobile language programming?" I:"I still learning on it from the books, sources." En.V:" Are you sure you can finish this project?" I:... (After that, I given a smile to me, not think too much, just hurry for it.)

It feels like going for Malaysian Idol testing...haha...

18 October, 2010

Nervous For Tomorrow

Start to nervous today......

Tomorrow is the essential presentation for final year project-I (Projek Sarjana Muda-I). Why said is essential? Because if PSM-I failed, then I have to retake it on next semester. Then I have to study again and stay in this "Malaysia Top University" (NTV7, 2010).

Today, I need to pay full attention on my presentation, do a lot of preparation, prepared for being "shoot". Beautiful slides did attract a lot of attention from those panel. Oh yeah, this year so horror, total of 3 panels, feels like Malaysian Idol Trial...=='''Anyway, I need to act confidence to cheat my panel lol

After this, oh my god, all group works...

To Be Continue >>>>>>  

16 October, 2010

Secrets - The Vortex

Yesterday, I went to bookshop shopping. Accidentally that I found out a new book which continues from Secrets series - [The Vortex - Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships].Then, I had purchased it and purchased the Gidden(九把刀)new books...Luckily buy 2 free 1, so the lady boss introduce me the X Files novel..(All Chinese edition). Wow...the lady boss is really pretty, it was caught my attention...want to see her? Go Summit...haha (So far no time to study the novel yet...delay)

How you keeping your secrets? Everyone has secrets. Once secrets has been found out by somebody, what the action will be acted? To denied it? To admit it? Or just turn around and make a lie? ------

The Vortex book is telling that how attraction rules work on interaction between people and improve people relationship. I eagerly to read it but I still have time constraint for these following week.Sometimes, we need to read some encouragement books to make life more meaningful.

Hope that after I study this book, my social interaction and relationship boost a lot :)

Times to continue my courses' project :(


15 October, 2010

My Concept on Relationship

So, how do you guys/girls have relationship status before or never experienced the relationship? Well, I am never went into a relationship and want to be single so far. Knows the reason?

The reason is simple, I am skinny guy-Underweight. Nobody loves to be with underweight guys,girls also. It just like to hug, hold hands with skeleton =.= (my personal view)

That's the reason I keep try to add weight on my body.I think is success, but on the tummy part only.My BP's friend always laughed me and said :"Yeah...later u skinny skinny with the big tummy, just like pregnant!" Want 'slap' to him really 0.0 He is fat.

So my concept is let me be normal first, until i have a standard body, then I will consider to start in a relationship. My house mate said if i keep like this, destined to be single in whole life.

Actually, I am not that eager to go in a relationship.So far, single is good.I know, everyone need a partner at last. No one can live alone until whole life ends. We need support from each other.



The Studies truth in University

Focus on the studies of university. Local university not like primary, secondary school and high school. It is really unique in university.

What the unique here refers to? That is, what you learned in the those courses are not really help at all. All you need is hovering yourself on the internet. That is the university I experience right now.

I wonder why I not just taking all coding courses related IT, and not require to take sub subject. And those are basic, need to research by myself...

Sometimes is really want to do some cheat on those projects...hope I can have those skills and make it like real projects of our new research.

13 October, 2010

Think too much

Since I was young, I have the personality of - "Think too much".

Whenever there is accidents or incidents happen, my mind will auto expand and think a lot. For example, when my friend not talking to me in 1 or 2 days, I will doubt that he or she might dislike me, or another way round that is hate me...my negative thinking will work at this time.Then if I ask him or her, he or she might replied me: "No ah. You think too much."

Another example, my friend organized a trip for us. Then the trip have not reach yet, I will start thinking that what I am going to do at that moment? Is there any accidents will happen at that moment? When the thinking of car crash or something bad comes into my mind, I will push it off in my mind quickly, to avoid the mood spoiler for me and others. Then, I will try not to think so much, just go ahead.

I am 忌人忧天 (things haven't come already think too much) since young.Many friends had said me before, even my family. They always advice me "there is nothing to worry about, just go ahead carefully, everything will be fine" Well, I still will doubt that and try listen their advices.

If this keep going on, my white hair might appears and fasten the old period.I do not know why, every accidents I will think about the assumption, the consequences might happens, too much consideration. I am not like the one who can able to "just go ahead" when ask for do something. A lot of possible consequences and criteria I need to figure out.

In this hostel which called "shithole" by Beyond, (I believe now the condition of this shithole quality is improve a lot already than the Melewar, don't you agree? Maybe need to change to "messyhole" or whatever hole ;p) A friend who sit beside me (who is called Fart King) always say "Zidane, do not think about me." to me. It could be heard everyday.And, it reminds me that "do not think too much" in other way round lol    

Don't you think that actually I am not necessary to think too much? Just do whatever you like, happy go lucky, be yourself, real me??  

11 October, 2010


Recently, my house mate was attracted by the Pokemon games. Now the mobile Java game is available - MeBoy emulator which is operated on the Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone as Game Boy Emulator.

The memorable Pokemon games are Pokemon Yellow, Red, Gold, Crystal and etc version. The latest not available.Imagine that we use hand phone to play Pokemon games, it just like play with your virtual Gameboy!

Now he almost play that Pokemon games 24 hours (U r lying!-.-) Maybe is so memorable games for him.For me, I more love the Pokemon anime series starting, with Team Rocket, cute and the old Pokemon. New Pokemon I am still not used to it. It is cute and funny!~ I'm lovin it!  

Here is the attached link - http://search.4shared.com/q/1/meboy%20pokemon%20.jar 

Of course, there is a lot of Pokemon Gameboy version, try voyage yourself on this website. :)

10 October, 2010

My Horoscope & Element

My horoscope - VIRGO. Be a Virgo, that is mean the person will owns the personality of hardworking, mean, ai-mai-ai-mai, three-heart-two-mean(三心两意).Well, this sentences is not written by me, I get it from Internet. Then I explain it in my own way.VIRGO - 处女座。Most of the people will call this person as 处女,老处女。。。=.=

Last few weeks, I saw my friend post on Facebook, he said that "谁要我帮他算五行?给我生日号码就行!" (Who want to let me count his five elements? Just give me the birthday date!) So, I choose to trust him and give him my birthday date.Soon, he give me the result as below:

[original post]:
"proactive,but sometimes bad-tempered 火行…本身是好学有策划,但别心直口快。

From the above statement, I belongs to Fire element.Thus, it stated that I proactive (I think sometimes only), sometimes bad-tempered(I agree).Itself is easy to learn with the planning, but do not outspoken. Success can not be arrogant, sometimes timid. But have talent wise if you are right to not be afraid to dare.(Translated from Google)   

I quite agree what he has counted for me.Very accurate!! I still remember that when I in the secondary school, my friend said that I belongs to water element.(he said himself) Maybe I look so gentle so he gives me water element 0.0
Maybe I will keep this blog background...haha 

Do you believe this? And interested on which element you are belongs to? Then we can do the element power just like in the movie - AVATAR, fire element then cast a fire power! lol 


09 October, 2010


Mimic, is defined as imitate people, idol, sound, animal and etc. Do you like to mimic? I believe a lot of people love to do so!

In real life, I love to mimic people too. The people’s speaking style, funny style and interesting style attract me a lot. I will mimic them just for fun intention. I could say that my mimic skill is not so perfect, due to I have a no-energy sound. So, just like the Transformer in Pokémon, not able to transform perfect at first. Then, after Team Rocket strict training, he is able to transform to other Pokémon perfectly!

Let’s say I mix with a group of friends, there have 10 people. Then, I will absorb their speaking style, the body language and so on daily. When the bar is full, I will cast my skill. Is not that surprise when I mimic people, more talented people are around me. My skill might be silenced by them.

Mimic addiction is not a good choice. It makes me lose my way of speaking style. When learned too many, I was lose my original speaking style, inherit from other people. Like my friends give me advice, try to have your own speaking style. ------Isn’t that I always have a no-energy sound and original speaking style? Hehe

Example, last time I mimic a Taiwanese, girl- guess who is she? -----慧慈。I speak to my friend: “嗯。。。你逊毙了!” in her style. My friends laughed me and said quite look alike. lol Guess what? My housemates are seems like love to mimic other housemate speaking style (maybe in the way of perli?) The word like “sohai-de” – “diao-ni” – “diu” – “bei-bei hou yi liao” (buy, buy till finish [in hokkien])- “guek cute” – “guek noob”……My hostel life is fun, isn’t it? Haha

When I mimic people, the other will said I guai-lan. But, it really is fun! And, I know people mimic me too. Chain Reaction.    

07 October, 2010


Recently, I can declare myself as half insomnia every night...

When in the hostel, I always go to sleep around 12a.m.++ or 1a.m. When I jump onto the bed, I can easily fall asleep. It is the good starting. Well, if the weather is hot at night, it is hard to sleep. I might close my eyes with my awakening mind, and keep persuade myself to sleep.

It works,but take a longer time to fall asleep.Record from last week, I have to lie on the bed around 15 minutes to fall asleep. Previously, or at home, I can directly sleep when I lie on the bed.

Few days ago, I saw a news from newspaper. It stated that "Human just sleep 5 hours a day will live longer." Do you believe it? Research before state that human have to sleep 6-8 hours a day. So, the time I stay awake is around 6a.m.++ It feels like the hand phone alarm can be deactivated already. These morning, I always wake up without my alarm ringing.

Counted...I just sleep average 5 hours!! It seems like I have to sleep in short duration every evening...Then, I have yawn frequently when in class...What if I stay awake? I learn from my roommate, leave the bed and start the fresh new day.

When I can wake up with my alarm ringing?      

06 October, 2010

Handle Stress

Everyone has stress. Psychological stress, relationship stress, work stress, studies stress......

Recently, the deadline of my Final Year Project part I is delay and delay. There is only one motive, delay the deadline and give us one or two chances to complete the project. Well then, it just a report, but a lot of things are focus on our proposed system, especially chapter 4 real interface design of the system.

There is a lot of stress around these month. Assignment + project + final year project...Why my courses belongs to last minute too? Near the end of studies, gives a lot of assignment work, presentation and so on...can't just give it earlier? Zzzz

My way of handle stress:

  • Listening musics
  • Playing games
  • Chatting
  • Watch movie
  • Shopping
  • House-chore
  • ......

Stress, handle well, with make yourself evolved to next level. Otherwise, it makes yourself tumble down.Some people choose to ignore stress. The ignore selection seems like not a good choice. It is making someone stay on the same stage, or stay at same level. Actually, a little stress can make one's life balance.

05 October, 2010

Admire or Jealous?

Admire or jealous, which you prefer to?

It is undeniable that we are human, and we have the both behaviors.Sometimes, we admire people on something, while, we might feel jealous. I am admire why he has sisters, why I am not? I am jealous on why he is so healthy and look so handsome, and even have standard body? I am admire and jealous on why he/she so rich? I am admire him/her studies so smart? I admire him/her why can focus on the games from time to time? I admire him.......

A lot of things we can admire and jealous. It is depend on the way of thinking. Since is human, no one is able to escape from either one of the both behavior.Admire and jealous is just different perspective.Admire is a good behavior, and can create the chance to make yourself improve in your way. Well, jealous, just like admire, but it is more devil within. Jealous can make people feel hatred, feel psychological imbalance and no logic thinking.

If can, we are choosing to admire people than jealous people.If really is high level like monk, we can escape from admire and jealous.People have what is their business, I just live happily and myself in this world is enough already.

Well, sometimes, I feel jealous more than admire. Then, all I need to do is turn the jealous to admire behavior at first. After that, I need to work hard on conversion from admire to nothing really.When feel jealous, it is really no have nice feeling, feels like want have a fight. Admire sometimes can motivate me to try have the same thing as him/her. However, the natural things or born with that we cannot change at all.            

04 October, 2010

Travel Constrain

Standard 3-6: Your hobby is? --- Travel.

This is the answer which I used to.Travel to another country is one of my ambition.Of course, a lot of constraint to block me to travel, especially outside of this country.

The first constrain is MONEY. Without money, anywhere cannot be traveled.So, when is prepared to travel, the money need to be saved first.No money, no travel. Aeroplane ticket is not that cheap...Well, if the background is rich, then no problem with this.

The second constrain is TIME. A lot of people said that we need to appreciate our time especially studying time. They said when working in social life, no more time to travel. Well, I still saw some guys still have time to travel. I believe this is not the main excuse. If really want to travel when working time, time can be arranged.

The third constrain is COMPANION. When travel with friends, partner or family, the feeling is different. The activities is not quite same too. Again, solo is considered very adventurous. The danger level is high too.    

Travel should follow the guide book or explore yourself?...Explore yourself is really fun, but dangerous and quite waste time though...

03 October, 2010

GTA Feeling

Today is my second times drive back to my hostel with my car. Eventually, I was used to drive for a little long distance road.

Remember when I drive back to the hostel, on the way of the road. The sunset was shine to my face. Wow...so warm the feeling. *Nice Feeling- I was suddenly remember the Grand Theft Auto PC games sunset feeling when driving the car on the GTA city.

Maybe I think too much. I even imagine that I just look alike the character in the Grand Theft Auto. Driving car in a little long distances road.The different is, I cannot simply jump down from car and snatch a nice car, and drive away. Even use weapon to hit people or doing bad things...

Times pass so fast. I have to continue to do my final year project-1 Chapter Part I. If not, how am I going to pass this subject at the main prerequisite subject?

Sunset Feeling Within...


02 October, 2010

1st Time DOTA Tournament

This is my first time to join the DOTA game. Well, I am still fresh on the DOTA game.Thanks to my DOTA group leader for pick me as one of the contestant.After that, I have gained the experience on my first time game competition.

Start from last year, my house mate and I start to learn play DOTA. DOTA is really a good, strategy and excited games. There are a lot of hero can be used. So, the play style is changing always, not fixed one.When in game, I'm just a little nervous. Maybe game competition is more interesting...

First of all, we won at the first round after remake the game with same hero.With the unsatisfied computer specification, lag, freeze and hang of the game.Well, the next round, we had lose. A lot of reasons were listed out, like team members doing mistakes, connection lag, and so on. Is it hero problem? I do not know, only leader know.The computer lag make the attacker cannot farm quickly and lose accuracy.I believe that the technical problem is the main reason of game lose.And, the player each year is more professional if compare with last few years.

Still remember last year all friends and I went to campus for support them. They were experiences blue-screen problem about 3 times. The strategy which has been used that the opponent already know. Again, that opponent is outsider.After lose the game, the team leader is totally sad and sleep whole day after competition.I can understand his feeling.I still keep the team leader "gloomy face" photo last year...want to see? SECRET SECRET* (This year no more~)

Although we had lose in game, the experiences which has gained is worth :) The game is exciting after all!