18 August, 2010


I am a totally superstitious person. So, I believe in ghost. Especially this chinese ghost month.

Even the number, I very dislike or try evade the number like "44", "24" and any number related with "4". It seems like unlucky number for me. (Today my post will be total number of "144"...oh my god~)

Here is the rule of this chinese ghost month: (I get it from SMS)
1. Do not pick up the things you see on the road
2. Do not response when somebody call your name at your back
3. Do not sing old songs at crossroads
4. Do not play any instrument after 6pm
5. Be extra careful when speaking
6. Do not stand near ditch and swimming (There say the water ghost might appears)

From the start of this chinese ghost month, I heard a lot of accidents happen, near my hometown. Mostly like car accidents, even happen in the KL.

Summary, be extra careful for this month...



  1. I'm still superstitious in a way.... like not cutting nails at night, not turning the radio volume to level 13 and 14 or... calling out names in the forest or pee at the roadside, etc

  2. Ya...me too. Not cutting nails at night. But I never think that volume cannot reach level 13 and 14...change it to the rotate button volume control, then there is no number showing...they said calling out name loudly will make the soul being take off...scary~

  3. nowadays, i thought youngster wont care about the '4'..
    apparently i have found someone like me..
    i even will see the time when going out from somewhere or reach somewhere.. NO 4,4.20,4.40,4.44,4.48am/pm are allowed !! @.@

  4. Ya...most of the time i will restricted on 4. But u so serious till time number have to be careful also :P...different perspective i think~

  5. cos sounds not nice ma.. =.=
    and ever heard about some accidents happened on those "time".. so.. very kam kei lo...


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