29 March, 2011

Sucker Punch

Finally, I was watching this movie - [Sucker Punch] with four house mates. I was attracted to this movie since I saw the movie poster in Kluang that moment.

Well, after watched, only me, like this movie. The other four house mates said that this movie really sucks! Do not have the good story line. Well, the graphic scene can be thumbs up only.

When start to watch this movie in cinema, I already bring myself in the condition that I am playing this "video game". You will feel this movie is just like gaming more than a movie. The story I do not quite understand anyway, quite abstract. Then, you could see the Baby Doll (Emily Browning) when start to dance, the whole screen is focus on her face, big eyes. Then, all of sudden, she is in another world (imagination). Well, what she did with the other girls, it is real in real world. It is just using the graphical scene to symbolize their action. I might conclude that Baby Doll has psycho, she was living in her fantasy world.

Baby Doll

The story line sucks. Maybe I do not understand the director want to express the deep meaning inside? Some of people said nice, some of people said suck to max, just like the movie name.

Sweet Pea
This movie nice in graphical, sexy girls, beautiful girls. I am really attracted to the Emily Browning (Baby Doll) at the moment she start to dance and her innocent expression. Besides, there are a lot of sweet girls there. Each girl own their specialty. Vanessa Hudgen might not so suit with the machine gun in her hand. Due to the image of High School Musical Series. I have question that, Baby Doll sister was killed by his step father, or accidentally killed by her? Then Baby Doll really have mental problem?

The movie review was giving 4.5/5 rating. Maybe the graphic conquer the whole movie.By the way, the music is amazing fantastic! So suit the movie scene.        
Girls, let's go!

26 March, 2011

The Love Cycle

When you love you get hurt

When you get hurt you hate
When you hate you try to forget

When you try to forget you start missing

 When you start missing then you fall in love again.

[That's what we call - LOVE] 


25 March, 2011

My3s result :P

The above images shows my result from doing the questionnaire in jpt.mohe.gov.my/my3s. I forced to do it due to university requires.

Well, totally have 200 questions I need to answer. So many right? Then the analysis result came out like this. I'm lack of Team Work and Entrepreneur level. This both I have to improve.

I realize that I seem like no teamwork enough. Mostly I help "cover" all the things, do not totally gives other members work on it. I have change it anyway.

In conclusion, mission complete.

23 March, 2011

Suck -- Sperm

First of all, do not worry, this is not a 18SX content ><

Yesterday before, my friends and I were watching the Discovery Channel in University Library. The channel shows very interesting program/activity, that was suck sperm!

What is that actually? :P

Actually it was the activity that the host visits the chicken farm factory.So, as we know, there are two gender of chicken, cock and hen. It shows the host tried to do the activity that involves reproduction of chicken.

The host was forced to use the tube and suck the tube in order to let the sperm which squeeze out from cock (is chicken cock) into another small tube.(The whole process the sperm did not reach the mouth.) The host was said :"Ouch, it feels so weird. This is my first time in my life!" Next, the host grabs the hen (the hen was fixed in a tool) and syringe into vagina. At the same time, the hen will splash the shit/urine, so quite dirty this process. Besides, just a small press, the tube will be shoot out the cock's sperm.Every guy have to be careful when doing this process.

When I watch that channel, my friends and I were laughed. I just do not know why I will laughed, maybe the host expression is funny? or the entire process makes me think in another way? >_<             

21 March, 2011

I Like You








When I like you (or very very like),

I will not going to step forward, 

and maintain a distance like friend relationship. 

When I can be with you, 

I feel happy. 

Then, that was enough for me.

18 March, 2011

Butterfly Making

Just RM4.00 to purchase

Shatter pieces of butterfly

Body of butterfly

The colourful wing of butterfly

15 March, 2011

So hard

This 23 years old....

Feel so hard to live on and keep moving...

Adapt myself as possible as I can. 

*Time not enough, Natural disaster keep comes...

12 March, 2011

About Birthday

Do you celebrate your birthday, by yourself, or a bunch of your friends will give you birthday surprises when your birthday? Some people not really care about the birthday, some people care. Yeah, I am care. From now on, I have to learn not to care about my birthday and just make myself happy on this day.

For my personal experience, I quite admire those friends who will have a bunch of friends will help him/her celebrate her/his birthday, even giving a birthday surprises. Some friends give the birthday wishes/gift without notice, or celebrate in cinema. The one who birthday will feel touching and even cried.(When I will have this kind of situation? Just forget it.)

I am the guy who has no fate with this kind of scene. Pardon me to say that, this is my real feeling for my long life. I know this kind of feeling is kind of selfish. A lot of people worse than me. I just do not understand that why when my birthday, I have to celebrate it with myself, go having a feast on that day personal only? All I will get is birthday messages. Never have a birthday surprise for me. I really do not know why. Is it I am ugly? Not friendly? Not popularity as they are? No one will care for my birthday, except Moms. Whenever I saw a birthday party or surprise somebody received, I will feel admire and jealous how popular they are.It feels like I am really not good enough in my friend group.

After my survey, some friends said their opinion like "Birthday is just nothing", "When birthday my mom will buy a small cake for me", "It just a birthday, doesn't mean anything". When birthday comes, I cannot tell my friends that "Hey, today is my birthday, what you will give me?" I not dare to do this.

In conclusion, I have to learn from my friends, treat birthday day as normal day.Whatever I done, I always lose in my popularity.That is who real I am.Maybe I was hated or disliked by most of the friends, just I don't know who they are.I only have a role in take part on friend's birthday.    


02 March, 2011

Gay Friend

This is undeniable that, we all are grown up and experience a lot of things through whole life. So, talk about gay friend, I start to own some gay friend after enter university. Mostly are the online friends.

Normally, a gay won't dispose their identity to public.A randomly thinking about gay, if they mixing with straight friend. Some straight friend always like to joke with gay things like said about "suck it" or "let's fuck" or any related issues. Remember, this is just jokes around straight friend. I wonder they either have to mix with them and joke around with gay things or just ignore it?

Let's say, a real gay mix with straight friend. His surrounding always have those gay jokes and etc.He will enjoy it? or act like them? It just like act the things that it is really happening in life.

Is it thought for them? I just think when play jokes about this, it is just like no pay respect to gay friends...

PS:Got to away from my blog few months. FYP more essential XD