20 September, 2010

Don't You See?

Don’t you see? Haha…what is going to be focused about this content? DaDaDa…answer is simple----all happens in our simple-daily-life.

Do you see clearly? lol
I was know that I am quite idiot, of my behavior, especially when I working in Secret Recipe last few years. For example, when I want to chat with friends, I will start to chat with what he or she doing at that time. When she or he is eating, I will ask “wah, eating right now ah?” Normally, the friend will answer me with “ya”. Well then, a Malay girl staff who left a strong impression on me, what she answers is “No lah, I’m playing with rice.” Naturally, it makes me laugh and my face with the expression of -.-||  

I start to realize that many people like to do so, especially in my social life, surrounding. Many examples out there, I bet you are the one too. When see a friend is sweeping floor, then the another friend will ask “You sweeping floor ah?” (We can answer: “No, I just chase out the sand from this place”) Or when somebody is coming back, we will say “Oh, you back home already?” (We can answer: “No, I just step in my home”) Or when somebody is working, will ask “You working ah?” (We can answer: “No, I just make my body more tires.”) Very naturally, the subject will reply “Yes”. If thinking deeper, it might be able to give the reply of interesting answer (the pink color words).   
Don’t you see that what I am doing? Still need ask? Like these replies, I always get from that Malay girl staff. Somehow, I still purposely did to her. Sometimes, she did do the same thing to me, I will answer in what the way she reply. I am naughty actually.  

Forgive me if I do this because it is my habit :P

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