22 September, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Just finish watch the movie - The Ugly Truth.

The movie content is all about the truth that what is the real favorite from man to girl. It has stated that mans actually just like the girl expression, beautiful, and the look. The personality comes after. How about inner strength? Please...inner strength is just a lie, the most important is the look and body.Is that real?

I think that might be have case that some people only love the lover's inner strength than the outlook. Don't you prefer the body and look than the inner strength? To be truth...How about me? To be honest, me also prefer the look first.

The point is, I get a conclusion after watch this movie.The man or girl who guide the friend on how to woo a girl or a man, especially when the friend has their target.They will try everything to get the man or girl in his or her life. When the results turns out, the friend who has successful,he or she might feel sorry for the friend who guide him or her. Most of the actual fact, in the teaching process, they are start to love each other indirectly. Experiences the teaching process is more enjoy than achieving target.I have watch this kind of scene in few dramas or movie before.  

In conclusion, when one guide the friend on how to woo a girl or boy, the one might sparkling the light with the "student"~~~~~


  1. Fall to looks applied to younger people, but as he/she grows more matured, he/she will look into something more than looks. Maybe because experience had taught them before.
    p/s: Undeniable most of us attracted by looks but relationship only starts when either of you felt comfortable with each other company.

  2. ya...sometimes feels conflict too. You got the point.


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